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Saturday, January 19th 2019. | Invoice

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Hope Robertson said she was a SunPass chump for about five years and never had a botheration — until aftermost summer back the SunPass advancement created two and a half-month backlog of tolls.

Robertson said she annulled the auto pay action on her SunPass annual to accumulate the deluge of tolls from overdrafting her coffer account, but she anticipation she had paid her annual in full.

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SunPass user Hope Robertson says she begin abstruseness tolls on her account.

“I arrested all my accounts and they said all of my payments were done,” Robertson said.

In December, she went to put money appear her SunPass account, alone to ascertain she had a abrogating antithesis of about $100.

“My affection started racing,” Robertson said. “I’m like either my admirer is activity about I don’t apperceive about, or somebody has baseborn my SunPass.”

When Robertson took a afterpiece look, she apparent several assessment accuse for anchorage she and her admirer never alike use.

“Definitely not me,” she said. “Definitely addition activity to assignment and back in the Orlando area.”

But Robertson does not alive or assignment in Orlando. She lives in St. Cloud and works in Kissimmee.

“If you attending at all my antecedent tolls, I alone go Kissimmee Park to Osceola Parkway every day,” Robertson said. “I usually alone use about $80 a ages in tolls, and they answerable me about $120.”

She said she asked SunPass and was given a spreadsheet, which showed her assessment accuse up and bottomward accompaniment roads 417 and 408 — about 20, 30, alike 40 afar abroad from her home.


SunPass user says she begin abstruseness tolls on her account.

That’s back Robertson said she asked SunPass to accelerate her pictures to prove she collection all those assessment roads, but she said they refused.

“The alone affair they would acquaint me is, ‘It’s from your transponder. It’s your problem,'” Robertson said.

News 6 stepped in and asked the Florida Department of Transportation for an escalated analysis of her account.

Hope said FDOT bent all of the abstruseness accuse were somehow not advancing from her transponder, but from a SunPass mini sticker assigned to her account. But she said they could not explain all the far abroad assessment charges and concluded up crediting her annual for all of them.

“I anticipate that they messed up their backlog and they answerable me for somebody else’s tolls,” Robertson said.

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Robertson said she aboriginal encountered the botheration with SunPass aftermost summer, back a aliment advancement to the SunPass computer announcement arrangement bootless and created a chump account daydream for hundreds of bags of drivers.

The affair acquired added than two months of excess of tolls and nearly 330 actor affairs to all be answerable to barter over the amount of a few weeks. News 6 baldheaded several problems in the aftermath, including computer glitches, ambiguous tolls and continued delay times for drivers gluttonous advice both on the buzz and in person.

Last summer, the Central Florida Expressway (E-Pass) appear there were added than 2 actor SunPass tolls that had the amiss date and time stamps on them.

Just aftermost week, SunPass acquaint on its website about a accessible e-mail arrangement to aggravating to aggregate on accomplished due tolls.

Now, Toll-By-Plate barter are about to get hit with seven months worth of tolls at once.

The Florida Department of Transportation accepted to News 6 that the aboriginal beachcomber of invoices were beatific by mail aftermost week. The bureau had originally appear that Toll-By-Plate invoices would be beatific out in October, but in backward November, officials confirmed they still had not beatific out the invoices because they could not agreement the accurateness of the tolls.

SunPass is giving drivers until March 31 to appraise and pay their invoices, and is also waiving penalties and fees. SunPass has also created a area on its website that provides advice on how to verify and altercation charges, and includes a sample of what the balance looks like.

News 6 created the SunPass Checkup to actualize a convenient spreadsheet you can use to input and evaluate your assessment accuse and data.


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