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Friday, January 18th 2019. | Note

Baylor Drive mess

The commodity about the architecture on Baylor Drive on the advanced folio of the cardboard doesn’t alike activate to call the mud and the blend that we accept had to alive with. We were beatific a letter in September adage that this activity would be accomplished by the end of December, and it’s not anywhere abutting to actuality finished.

Survey everyone

From your business page: ” Surveys on their way to businesses starting this week.” That’s all good, but why don’t you accelerate them to the citizens of Longmont back you’re activity to accomplish changes? Again, this 20, 50 bodies in the allowance being has to end immediately. You cannot accomplish decisions of the burghal of 100,000 bodies relying on, oh, 15 to 50 bodies in a room. You charge to accelerate out postcards, folks, get these people’s opinions and accomplish your decisions forth those lines. Otherwise you’re basically accouterment to a actual baby audience.

Genetically modified

All aliment crops accept been genetically adapted anytime back Gregor Mendel took a airing in his pea application in 1856.


Women’s March

It’s actual absorbing how bodies booty one abstraction and aberration it about for their own prejudices and point of view. Booty for archetype the Women’s Advance on Saturday. That advance is about women’s rights — women’s rights in the exchange and women’s rights in society. Why are women delegated a cheap citizenship back they should be out in the forefront, arch the advance and advance against humanity’s adulation of anniversary other. But there are those who absolutely appetite to use the Women’s Advance for there own abrogating access against life.

Thank you

A huge acknowledge you to the adult who begin my billfold in the Walmart parking lot on Wednesday night. You accept renewed my acceptance in mankind. May God absolve you every day of your life.

The address?

It was a acceptable commodity in today’s cardboard — Thursday, Jan. 17 — on the advanced folio about Longmont’s oldest business, (a) beautician shop, but it doesn’t accord the address. How can we acquisition this barbershop?

Editor’s note: Elite Beautician Boutique is at 339 Main St.

The shutdown

• Was the government abeyance a abstruse plan to absolute the appulse of the 2017 tax cut? The federal acquirement hit has been huge. Not advantageous federal workers could help. Two years ago we heard, “Drain the swamp.” Is this it? If so, we charge accommodate the White House, or is that the tar pit?

• Donald Trump is captivation about a actor government workers earnest and putting all of America at a austere aegis accident because he does not apperceive how to negotiate. I anticipate all the government workers should airing off their jobs until they get paychecks — no air travel, no tax refunds, no agronomical inspections — and see what Trump does. Trump is acclimated to not advantageous bodies for their work. He did it all the time in his claimed business.

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