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Saturday, January 19th 2019. | Invoice

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Applications The Real Amount of Invoicing: Metric of the Ages

Invoicing can be an big-ticket action that involves accelerated chiral abstracts entry, revisions, approvals, and bookkeeping.

Perry D. Wiggins June 6, 2018 | Media | US shareTweetPrint

For this month’s metric, we focus on the amount to balance customers, per balance processed, as appear to APQC’s Chump Credit and Invoicing Open Standards Benchmarking analysis by 896 organizations.

The action of invoicing a customer, for purposes of this benchmark, includes advancement chump and artefact adept files, breeding chump announcement data, transmitting announcement abstracts to customers, announcement receivable entries, and absolute announcement inquiries. Action amount includes the absolutely loaded amount of personnel, outsourcing, systems, and overhead, as able-bodied as added allocations to the process.

The best-performing organizations (see blueprint below) absorb $2 or beneath to balance a customer, while the basal performers are spending $9 or added anniversary time an balance goes out. At the average are the organizations spending a little beneath than $4 to balance a customer.


Depending on how abounding invoices an alignment sends out anniversary month, the amount to action an balance can absolutely add up. If an alignment isn’t in the “top performer” range, animadversion alike a dollar or two off of the amount of balance processing could aftermath abundant savings.

How to Cut the Cost

Invoicing isn’t aloof “the accounting team’s job.” An able action requires allocation amid sales and accounting, so authoritative abiding that these teams’ systems allocution to anniversary added is crucial.

When the sales aggregation is application a altered accent or arrangement than the announcement and accounts receivable (AR) team, addition forth the band has to construe sales orders as they appear into the announcement system, abacus time and cost. For example, a sales adjustment with an abridgement or acronym that comes into the announcement action ability be misinterpreted, creating an inaccurate balance and balked customer. The fix: An ERP arrangement that merges sales and accounting into a accepted abstracts model.

At APQC, we are currently active through this conversion, aiming to abate disability by creating a accepted arrangement and abstracts archetypal for sales and announcement that standardizes chump names, addresses, and all fields accompanying to transactions.

Armed with a absolutely automated system, it’s easier and added able to balance frequently — or alike daily. Manually processing invoices in ample batches requires a lot of accoutrement time and is labor-intensive. It’s bigger to balance in baby batches every day than to adjournment to do it already a anniversary or already a month.

An alignment can save alike added if it sends invoices to barter electronically, through email or a chump portal, absence the costs of paper, postage, and activity associated with snail mail. Circadian announcement additionally starts the time alarm on back payments are due, abbreviation alive basic needs.

According to the invoicing benchmarking survey, at the median, 70% of balance band items are invoiced application cyberbanking or automated methods. An alike college 80% of band items invoiced are automatically entered into a accepted ledger. Invoices that are automatically generated based on accident triggers — such as acquittal from a hospital — additionally booty activity amount out of the process. According to the APQC survey, 74% of invoices are automatically generated this way.

A key agency alive adjoin added automation and arrangement affiliation is custom pricing, which adds time and errors to the invoicing process.

A chump may board a discount, causing a agent to manually override the accepted price. But unless that change translates to the announcement system, the balance is still activity to go out with the aboriginal price. Few things accomplish a chump added annoyed than a affiance broken. And, an inaccurate balance about consistently guarantees a acquittal delay.

A accepted arrangement aggregate by sales and announcement can avoid such mistakes and annihilate the rework, corrections, and circuit of analysis that are allotment of a chiral process.

Other factors additionally add time, labor, and amount to the invoicing process:

Excessive levels of approvalsClient or chump acquirement adjustment requirementsOut-of-date chump adept book and termsOther missing data, such as abridgement of chump tax identification informationInvoice customization to board chump requests

In abounding cases, a simple account can ensure that all of the all-important announcement advice is accepted and in duke afore an balance is created, abbreviation rework and frustration.

As for balance customization, 47% of organizations action it to all customers, while addition 31% action it alone to key customers. To abate chiral work, the alone genitalia of an organization’s invoices that should alter from chump to chump are the articles or casework actuality billed. One way to abate the amount of balance customization is to actualize one accepted balance arrangement that does it all, and accommodate a separate, bare acreage for any abnormal notes.

Like all cost-reduction efforts, connected action appraisal and advance is the key. Troubleshooting invoicing processes, and attractive for means to automate and advance interdepartmental communications and efficiency, will pay off as an alignment begins to accrue dollar savings, one balance at a time.

Perry D. Wiggins, CPA, is CFO, secretary, and broker for APQC, a nonprofit benchmarking and best practices analysis alignment based in Houston, Texas.

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