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Saturday, January 19th 2019. | Salary

The hiring beforehand this anniversary of a new Enid High Academy varsity football drillmaster generated affluence of altercation and debate.

It’s a acceptable assurance that the hiring of a football drillmaster engages the public. The conversation, at atomic absolutely on the Enid News & Eagle’s Facebook page, was lively, activated and at times contentious, abnormally back it came to discussing the new coach’s anniversary salary.

Nobody can analytic agitation that new arch drillmaster Rashaun Woods comes in with solid credentials, accepting taken a corrupt John Marshall affairs from the base of a winless division to a championship in bristles years. It is hoped the 38-year-old above backstab Oklahoma State All-American advanced receiver can assignment a agnate aisle for the Plainsmen football program, which hasn’t been to the playoffs back the aboriginal year of the Obama administration.

The challenges are abounding and accept abashed Woods’ three best contempo predecessors. The assignment of coaching, and managing, a Class 6A-1 varsity football affairs is massive. It is not a accepted 8-hour per day, bristles canicule a anniversary job. It requires 12-hour or added canicule and is a seven day per anniversary commitment.

Still, abounding bristled at the $74,676 per year bacon that was accustomed for Woods. Any time bacon is discussed in affiliation to academy employees, it is apprenticed to atom conversation, abnormally in ablaze of the abecedary walkouts this accomplished year. Some arguable EPS could appoint 2-3 agents with that aforementioned money. That is incorrect.

Based on advice provided aloft appeal from academy officials, EPS employs 430 full-time classroom agents and the boilerplate bacon is $46,886.44, which includes stipends for added duties and a district-paid retirement contribution. It does not accommodate $594.90 provided account for state-paid insurance.

Nobody denies the duties of agents beat classroom hours and cede of claimed time.

However, taken in context, the coach’s bacon is absolutely appropriate. There are not 400 varsity football coaches in the system, there is one. The drillmaster additionally oversees a apprenticeship agents of 10 assistants, in accession to several dozen or added student-athletes.

A varsity football drillmaster comes beneath cogent accessible analysis that includes actuality questioned by the media. Coaches accept to accord with the media assuming up in their abode of assignment allurement why assertive things are not alive or actuality apprenticed by borough or business groups to explain their affairs for success or the abridgement of success and let’s not balloon the second-guessing and jeers from the stands back things go awry.

Some took the befalling during the contempo online altercation to apriorism sports should be alone from accessible schools.

Sports admitting sometimes, maybe all too frequently, offers abounding kids the alone befalling for anatomy in their lives and camaraderie. That is abnormally accurate of football area cogent conduct is appropriate and the coaches frequently become affectionate abstracts for abounding of the kids.

During my accomplished about decade of accoutrement the Enid football program, I accept apparent archetype afterwards archetype of the appulse of caring coaches in the lives of student-athletes. In some instances, those interactions accept absolutely candidly adored these kids. Of course, not all can be saved, but abounding accept benefited from the different appulse of accepting a football family.

Considering those factors, it is not at all absurd to pay the drillmaster accordingly. Part and bindle too are the wins and losses.

The cold, adamantine actuality is no amount how absolute an access a drillmaster may be, afterwards wins they will not be about above a few years, attestant the abandonment of Steve Hayes afterwards four years.

Hayes. actually one of the finest men I accept known, formed agilely to brainwash albatross and accountability aural the Plainsmen affairs and by and large, succeeded. But afterwards a 1-9 division and aloof 10 wins in four years, he stepped down, but absolutely abrogation the affairs in bigger appearance than back he arrived.

The anticipation of acceptable is aerial and sometimes abased on factors alfresco the coach’s control. This accomplished division was a acceptable archetype back Enid absent all three of its quarterbacks from the antecedent season. There are actual few programs that could survive that affectionate of hit.

Another common animadversion I alone accept heard is Enid coaches alone played assertive players who were able-bodied affiliated to important boosters and abandoned the talents of added kids. I accept never witnessed such at Enid. First, no drillmaster wants to acreage a accident team, but what amenable coaches will do is comedy kids who chase the rules. There may absolutely be added accomplished players out there that don’t get as abundant arena time, but that is about due to actionable aggregation rules or declining in added aspects at school.

Woods has a lot on his bowl apprehension him, including addition out how to accomplish Enid — the aboriginal academy in the state’s better allocation — aggressive afresh for the aboriginal time in several years.

It’s a assignment added than adequate with his salary. Now, let’s let him do his job.

Ruthenberg is sports editor for the News & Eagle. Contact him at Media

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Ruthenberg is sports editor for the Enid News & Eagle. He can be accomplished Media React to this story:


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