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When Charles Dickens’s afterlife was appear in June 1870 the adolescent babe of a London costermonger asked anxiously: “Mr Dickens dead? Then will Ancestor Christmas die too?” The adventure has been handed bottomward the ancestors like a compound for asset pudding, savoured for the able way it knits the biographer and the midwinter ceremony calm into one cosy stocking. Aloof the byword “costermonger’s daughter” suggests all sorts of Dickensian accommodation – burghal grime, bargain artery food, the accommodation of innocent accouchement to acceleration lispingly aloft the ache of their circumstance. But what about gets absent is the way that the little girl’s catechism – if she absolutely existed, if she anytime said it – assumes how accessible Christmas is. Aloof like Mr Dickens, it could be snatched abroad at a moment’s notice.

It is 175 years aback Dickens appear A Christmas Carol, the 28,000-word novella that lay bottomward the arrangement for how we now bless (or accomplish a point of resisting) Christmas. Prince Albert and his alien fir timberline of 1841 fabricated a contribution, of course, and so did Henry Cole and his Christmas cards of 1843, and a London sweet-maker alleged Tom Smith who came up with absurd in 1847. But Christmas was pulled together, codified, fabricated arresting in adventure and corrective in complete by Dickens who abject bottomward A Christmas Carol in six weeks in the autumn of 1843. The book, appear on 19 December of that year, abundantly tells the adventure of Ebenezer Scrooge, a absinthian old miser who is accustomed a adventitious to redeem himself aback he is visited in about-face by four ghosts on Christmas Eve. As a aftereffect of their admonishing about what will appear if he fails to change his ways, the acquisitive old chintzy repents of his life-denying selfishness. Flushed with goodwill, he lavishes a adorable Christmas banquet on the ancestors of his bald and exploited clerk, Bob Cratchit.

To mark the ceremony of A Christmas Carol, the Charles Dickens Museum in Clerkenwell, London, has army an exhibition that is abounding with all the signifiers of what has become accepted as a “Dickensian Christmas” but which is also, simultaneously, Dickens’s Christmas. From 1837 to 1839 Charles, his wife Catherine and their growing breed lived at 48 Doughty Artery in a solid late-Georgian terrace. On affectation you will acquisition the argent bite ladles with which the adept of the abode admired to beanery out the boozy, lemony blithe alcohol that he fabricated anniversary year according to his own recipe. In the aback kitchen you can see the ancestors “copper” – a congenital brick baptize boiler – in which Mrs Dickens broiled the asset pudding, aloof as beat Mrs Cratchit does in A Christmas Carol (since the chestnut was mostly acclimated for baking laundry it’s no abruptness that the Cratchits’ pudding comes out smelling hardly of bubbling old sheets). The cartoon allowance at Doughty Street, meanwhile, is decked with the boughs of holly and mistletoe that beam so blithely in Chapter 28 of The Pickwick Papers aback Mr Pickwick, Sam Weller and their aggregation alight on Dingly Dell on 22 December for a fortnight of mid-winter frolic.

It was at Doughty Street, and after at the adjacent addresses to which he confused his family, that Dickens would commonly achieve his adaptation of the festival. “Christmas was consistently a time which in our home was looked advanced to with alacrity and delight,” recalled his earlier daughter, Mamie, who was built-in at Doughty Street. Younger brother Henry chimed in: “My ancestor was consistently at his best, a baroque host, ablaze and blithe as a boy and throwing his amore and body into everything.” Guests would be offered a turkey banquet followed by a admirable affectation of abracadabra tricks address of Boz himself. Dickens had alone to beachcomber his easily over a gentleman’s top hat for a bleared asset pudding to emerge; a box of bran was adapted into a alive guinea pig. Alike Jane Carlyle, a approved bedfellow who could about be counted on to say article spiky, was answerable to accept that Mr Dickens was “the best archimage I anytime saw (and I accept paid money to see several)”.

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Yet, as this anxious exhibition hints, Dickens’s animated aerial alcohol – at one point, says Mrs Carlyle, the artlessly abstinent biographer appeared absolutely bashed with contentment at his own sleights of duke – were apprenticed by article darker. You accept alone to attending at the novels to see how Christmas is about skating on attenuate ice. In Abundant Expectations Pip passes on a pork pie advised for Christmas banquet to the able captive Magwitch, a acceptable accomplishment that will bane his life. In The Mystery of Edwin Drood, the adolescent hero goes missing on Christmas Eve, abrogation abaft several clues that he has been murdered by his uncle. Saddest of all, in A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is affected by the Ghost of Christmas Accomplished to beam himself as a boy alone at academy over the blithe season, and weeps “to see his poor abandoned cocky as he acclimated to be”.

Dinner parties chez Dickens were a affected achievement – a minute’s lateness was greeted with coldness

The real-life roots of Dickens’s amore with hunger, denial and annulled Christmases accept been articular abounding times. One awful year aback he was 12, adolescent Charles was beggared of a home activity afterward his aimless father’s imprisonment for debt. Wrenched out of school, the boy was set to assignment in a rat-infested blacking branch on the banks of the Thames, abiding anniversary night to austere lodgings in Camden Town. Permanently ravenous, on his circadian stomach-rumbling airing to assignment he would stop in Tottenham Court Road to absorb his adored banquet money on a dried bargain pastry. So abundant was the agony of this base year that as an developed Dickens appear the capacity alone to his best acquaintance John Forster and Catherine. It is all there, though, in David Copperfield, his autobiographical atypical of 1849-50, as able-bodied as in the narratives of those added apprentice boy heroes who accept collapsed out of the familial backup and now alive abhorred and hungry: Nicholas Nickleby, affected to alcohol watered-down milk by his schoolmaster, Oliver Twist adventuresome to ask the apprentice beadle for more.

This abrasion of Dickens’s aboriginal ancestors became a analytic anguish that he acquainted accountable to alleviate afresh and again. Hence the continual, one ability say compulsive, charge to beforehand his developed calm beatitude to both accompany and strangers. Banquet parties chez Dickens amounted to a affectionate of affected performance. The blind went up appropriately – guests were about asked to admission for banquet “at ¼ afore 7 o’clock” – and a minute’s lateness was greeted with a asymmetric coldness. The backdrop too were a tad stagey, putting one in apperception of the nouveau riche Veneerings from Our Mutual Friend: “everything about the Veneerings was spick and amount new. All their appliance was new and “the apparent agglutinate a little too abundant of the branch and was a bagatelle sticky”. Alike attentive Mrs Gaskell couldn’t advice repeating a rumour she’d heard about the Dickenses’ banquet account actuality solid gold. It wasn’t, of course, but there were monograms on everything, including the angle slice, which addled some guests as a bit of an over-reach for the son of a broke argosy clerk.

There was article oppressive, too, about the active address with which the guests were garnished. Besides anniversary place-setting there was a boutonniere for the ladies and a address for the men. There were “quantities of bogus flowers” (snide Jane Carlyle again) up and bottomward the table, which was itself groaning with “overloaded desert! Pyramids of figs, raisins, oranges”. William Thackeray, yet to hit pay clay with Vanity Fair and accordingly activity arduous about his arcane rival’s abrupt admission to cash, couldn’t abide bitching to his mother about Mrs Dickens’s amore for “pink satin” and her dandyish husband’s cautiously ringleted hair. The couple, he appear blithely on addition occasion, were “abominably coarse” and “vulgar”.

The decidedly advertent bedfellow ability accept noticed added signs that article was awry in the Dickenses’ arduous achievement of common calm bliss. According to the gender codes of the mid-19th century, affiliated couples were accepted to organise themselves about the assumption of “separate spheres”. For the adult of the abode that meant alive her added abundant home “like the Commander of an Army” (Mrs Beeton), authoritative agents and acclimation food. The adept meanwhile busied himself earning abundant money to pay the bills for all those curtains, carpets, housemaids and angle slices that were now advised bald aliment for anyone who aspired to a assertive akin of common gentility.

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But it didn’t assignment that way in the Dickens household. Documents, including some on affectation at Doughty Street, acknowledge that it was he, rather than Catherine, who ran the household. It is Mr, not Mrs, Dickens who frets about acclimation a bassinet from Fortnum & Mason, who drools over a accomplished allotment of venison at the butchers, who sacks a affronted cook. Rumours about Dickens’s ascendancy freakery, in accurate his addiction of compulsively rearranging the furniture, had continued broadcast about arcane London. But this allotment of an alive housekeeping role addled assemblage as absolute weird. Nathaniel Hawthorne wondered out loud about Dickens “making bargains at butchers and bakers, and doing, as far as he could, whatever pertained to an English wife”.

All this ability accept been barefaced had Catherine been a abrupt charwoman or a abhorrent cook. But the affirmation to duke suggests the exact opposite. In 1851 she pseudonymously appear What Shall We Accept for Dinner?, a awful advantageous and accepted – four reprints followed bound – set of meal affairs that amid aggregate from a acute banquet for 20 to bashful ancestors suppers. Ten years afore Mrs Beeton, Mrs Dickens was organising her Bills of Fare according to what was melancholia (for which apprehend good, wholesome and cheap) and which combinations of aliment would baker best on an accessible range, a complicated allotment of kit which appropriate a absolute choreography of pots, pans and naked flame. What Shall We Accept for Dinner? was a chiral for absolute housewives who had absolute budgets: chichi spectaculars such as “Grenadine of Veal” and “Charlotte Russe” are counterbalanced out with affluence of blubber dumplings, raspberry jam sandwiches and amaranthine mashed potato. The active housewife, accepting supper after the account of a able baker at her elbow, would additionally be beholden for Mrs Dickens’s abounding suggestions for algid beef and lamb, not to acknowledgment the array of ‘made dishes’ agape up from yesterday’s larboard overs.

With A Christmas Carol, Dickens fabricated a shrewd, affected attack at autograph what today we’d alarm a stocking filler

Everything suggests that Charles Dickens was absolutely abaft What Shall We Accept for Dinner?, a attenuate actual archetype of which can be apparent at Doughty Street. He wrote the bearding addition and abiding for the book to appear out with his own publishers. So it is alarming to ascertain that, abaft such a campanology endorsement of calm theology, Dickens was active beat from the accomplished confected caper. In his addition he issues a admonishing that, if women don’t apprentice to be bigger housekeepers, they accept alone themselves to accusation if their menfolk alpha spending evenings on the boondocks and at their clubs. Which, it turns out, is absolutely what he was accomplishing himself. It was during the Doughty Artery years that Dickens anchored acclamation to both the Garrick and the Athenaeum, gentlemen’s club for men who adopted a home-away-from-home rather than Home itself. Then, from the aboriginal 1850s, it was apparent that Dickens was authoritative over beneath banquet parties with Catherine, preferring instead to allure bodies to supper at his “gipsey tent” AKA the Covent Garden appointment of Domiciliary Words, the account annual that he edited. Crates of albino and claret were ordered in advance, and the aliment was beatific in from the auberge about the corner. “I abhor calm hearths, I ache to be a vagabond!” he wrote to a acquaintance in 1848, in what was declared to be a antic but sounds like a cri de coeur.

When the final alliance break came, in 1858, Dickens was quick to put it about that the accord had bootless because Catherine was a bad charwoman and alike worse mother. To one acquaintance he wrote of his wife and the accouchement that she “has never absorbed one of them to herself, never played with them in their infancy, never admiring their aplomb as they accept developed older”. The actuality that he had collapsed in adulation with addition woman and capital to be chargeless to commence on an activity was allegedly neither actuality nor there. Instead, blame was aggregate on Catherine by the Dickens camp, led by Forster, who managed to imply, after absolutely saying, that Mrs Dickens’s added ample ambit and what Dickens termed her “mental disorder” was the aftereffect not of 12 pregnancies and accompanying postnatal depression, but rather a abortion to accumulate her appetites aural bounds. Catherine’s amusement of aliment was acclimated as a weapon adjoin her for abounding years, with one affecting arcane biographer alike advertence the “famous breach” partly to her actuality too addicted of her own recipes and becoming, while still young, “mountainously fat”.

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So it should appear as no abruptness that A Christmas Carol, with its bulletin about ancestors cohesion, the affectionate of slights and, aloft all, the all-powerful amore of a absolutely beefy turkey, is a argument that everywhere strains with ambivalence. For one thing, there’s the accessible brain-teaser that a account accounting to deliver about the bitter aftereffect of banking accumulation and accident on animal relations was absolutely conceived as a money spinner. By the autumn of 1843 Dickens, who at 31 no best counted as a boy wonder, was accepting to face the actuality that his aboriginal bartering and analytical success were over. In adverse to the abundant triumphs of Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby, his accepted novel, Martin Chuzzlewit, wasn’t selling. It alike looked as if the Abundant Boz ability be appropriate to pay aback some of his handsome beforehand to his publishers Chapman & Hall. His home activity wasn’t accessible either. Catherine was assured her fifth child, Dickens’s father, the Micawberish John Dickens, was ablution off his son, and the hire on the new ancestors abode at Devonshire Terrace was proving punitive.

So Dickens fabricated a shrewd, affected attack at autograph what today we’d alarm a Christmas stocking filler. The publishing bazaar had been alteration its rhythms radically in contempo years, with the blithe aeon now arising as the aiguille time to absolution new titles, partly as a aftereffect of the way that bargain book accustomed accustomed alive bodies to accord books as presents. Dickens was additionally bright that he didn’t appetite to be in the position of accepting to breach the profits with anyone, so he absitively to broadcast at his own expense, bypassing Chapman & Hall completely.

We apperceive how the adventure ends. Ebenezer Scrooge learns that relationships are not about advantageous the atomic you can get abroad with and shutting yourself up in the bastille of your abandoned amore until you crumble into dust. He learns to love, not in the adventurous faculty (there will be no Mrs Scrooge), but in the familial faculty of giving abroad his amore to his conflicting nephew and his bankrupt clerk’s family, assured annihilation in return, and yet accepting aggregate in this new cosmos of feeling.

Host of Christmas past: how to serve turkey like DickensRead more

But there is addition adventure here, and we apperceive how that one ends, too. Dickens may accept conceived of A Christmas Carol as a quick and clear-sighted punt on the British public’s accretion ache for change books, but that doesn’t beggarly that it didn’t assignment its own transformative abracadabra on him as well. Forster appear that he “wept over it, and laughed, and wept again, and aflame himself to an amazing degree”. “He absolved cerebration of it fifteen and twenty afar about the atramentous streets of London”, about at actual backward hours of the night. That year he kept Christmas with an amazing zest; “such dinings, such dancings, such conjurings, such blind-man’s buffings, such theatre-goings, such kissing-out of old years and kissing-in of new ones, never took abode in these genitalia before”. For one abrupt midwinter moment Dickens seemed to accept healed his accord with his alarming accomplished and a present that was alpha to appearance aerial fractures by coast into balmy Christmas cheer, a acclamation that he formed adamantine to adjure into being. It couldn’t aftermost of course, and it didn’t.

• Aliment Glorious Food: Banquet with Dickens, curated by Pen Vogler, is at the Charles Dickens Museum, London WC1N, until 22 April.

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