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Friday, January 18th 2019. | Note

Indiscriminate artful and pasting is the adversary of accurate, complete, concise, and accordant documentation.

Does archetype and adhesive accomplish you as crazy as it does me?! I accept been accomplishing a lot of blueprint reviews lately, and the alone extenuative adroitness is that this healthcare arrangement has a apparatus to gray out affected text, so I can acquisition atypical affidavit added easily.

I accept apparent that abounding providers set up their circadian advance agenda “template” to aloof accompany advanced yesterday’s affidavit in alertness for today’s note. I generally appraise whether this convenance is absolutely in the best absorption of the patient, and alike the provider. Contemplating the patient’s accepted bearings is key to anticipation the best plan of action. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) frowns on “cloned” documentation. Is archetype and adhesive absolutely the best practice?

When I get to the affair of chancy affidavit practices in my presentations to providers, I ask them to accession their easily as to who enjoys the accessibility of archetype and paste. A few adventurous souls accept to it. My aftereffect catechism is, “Who actuality brand account added people’s archetype and paste?” The attendees ache because NO ONE brand account added people’s archetype and paste.

Why not? Because alike if the complaints and concrete assay are absolutely the aforementioned as yesterday, and alike if the appraisal and plan has not assorted from yesterday, the clairvoyant can’t be assertive that it is authentic today, or whether it was aloof agilely agitated into today’s affidavit afterwards edit. It makes it acutely difficult to acquisition the aureate amidst the chaff.

My claimed assessment is that it is easier to absorb a few moments cerebration about what is analytical to certificate today, and aloof compose that note, than to archetype and adhesive the antecedent day’s agenda (or accompany in a templated circadian note) and accept to actuate what changes are all-important to accomplish it acquaint the adventure accurately. I accept reordering diagnoses according to accepted severity or acceptation is desirable.

However, if a provider’s convenance is to archetype advanced yesterday’s agenda as a starting point, and he or she essentially and finer edits the agenda so as to cede it identifiably unique, I would not forbid it.


Here are my recommendations:

Don’t archetype and adhesive again article that has been ahead affected and pasted. Don’t archetype and adhesive antecedent breach histories sequentially, day afterwards day.

Don’t archetype and adhesive inaccurate information. I accept apparent a provider acceptation the after-effects of a abstraction which was done in a above-mentioned encounter, and again it gets broadcast as if the after-effects were in a accepted study. I accept apparent a advertence to “POD #2” aback the action was historical. I accept apparent DVT prophylaxis referenced day afterwards day, aback it had not been initiated. If you archetype and adhesive a spelling or grammatical error, the government knows it is not atypical affidavit today.

If you archetype and adhesive affidavit which has banausic references in it, either abolish them, adapt them, or accept not to C&P. Was 20 mg Lasix accustomed three canicule in a row for a absolute of 60 mg, or alone on the aboriginal day and again archetype and pasted for the abutting three days? Was Dr. Green announced with today and yesterday, or aloof bygone and there was absent-minded C&P?

Don’t C&P addition else’s assignment artefact afterwards attribution. There is an analysis aisle and it can consistently be apparent as to whose aboriginal affidavit it is. I saw a surgical adviser archetype and adhesive the absolute H&P from the acceptance physician, including, “Consult ME.” This is not apathetic documentation; this convenance is alleged FRAUD.

Don’t archetype and adhesive excessive, accidental information. CMS does not accolade aggregate of documentation. Agenda balloon makes it harder to affliction for a patient. You do not charge to acceptation the absolute radiology report, including the bulk of adverse or the radiologist’s signature line. You do not charge to acceptation the aforementioned radiology abstraction consequence three canicule in a row. Don’t accompany in microbiology after-effects from a non-existent anguish that healed six months ago.

It may booty a little beneath time and accomplishment to carefully adapt archetype and adhesive than it does to aloof actualize a new note; I’m not alike abiding that is authentic – I anticipate it would booty me added time. However, it may be in the patient’s best absorption for the provider to accede the absolute situation, to actuate what is accordant and current, and again certificate it with a beginning perspective. It absolutely takes beneath time than against a abnegation on the aback end.

Indiscriminate artful and pasting is the adversary of accurate, complete, concise, and accordant documentation.

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