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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – MAY 24: Papa John’s architect and CEO John Schnatter attends the Indy 500 on May 23, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Papa John’s has found its way into two above scandals over the accomplished year. To actuate the severity of these scandals on customer acumen of their brand, we are activity to booty a attending at LikeFolio Customer Beatitude data, which quantifies the customer acknowledgment to both the pizza the aggregation delivers and the scandals its architect has gotten them into.

When not operating beneath a PR crisis, customer beatitude for Papa John’s tends to be in the mid 60′s, which isn’t abundant but is college than its battling Dominos (57% happy).  This suggests that consumers absolutely adopt the artefact Papa John’s is putting out there to abounding of its rivals.

Unfortunately, that’s area the acceptable account ends for the pizza maker. As you can see in the blueprint below, Papa John’s has been bedeviled with scandals over the accomplished year that have significantly beneath customer acumen of their brand.

Papa John’s has accomplished two above scandals in the accomplished year that accept aching their cast perception

NFL Boycotts Aspersion

The aggregation took a massive cast hit during the NFL Avoid scandal, area Papa John’s architect John Schnatter abhorrent the NFL boycotts for arrangement pizza sales. Customer beatitude plunged as bodies took to amusing media in masse to accuse about the company. We saw four after-effects of negativity through the NFL season, anniversary blame affect lower.

Once football season ended, things got aback to accustomed for Papa John’s. Customer beatitude rebounded, and the aggregation backward scandal-free. That is, until a few weeks ago.

Appointment Alarm Fallout

Earlier this ages it was appear that Mr. Schnatter acclimated the n-word on a appointment alarm with an angel consulting abutting during an exercise area he was asked how he would ambit himself from racist groups. The adventure went public, Mr. Schnatter apologized and resigned, and already afresh the aggregation was affected with controversy.

Consumers bidding their abuse online, demography customer beatitude for Papa John’s to best lows at beneath 35% happiness. Though the aggregate of tweets was abundant lower than the NFL avoid scandal, the cutting negativity was alike worse.

Playing PZZA From Here — What To Watch For

All of this negativity has had an appulse on Wall Street, who are becoming anxious that Papa John’s has absent some barter permanently, and may acquaintance “brain drain” as affection advisers seek application at a aggregation with beneath aspersion and abrogating drama.

Papa John’s banal has absent about a third of its amount aback the NFL Boycotts aspersion broke, and has afresh collapsed to levels not apparent aback the alpha of 2016. The aggregation has alike affianced in a arrangement alleged a “poison pill” in adjustment to accumulate Mr. Schnatter, who still owns 29% of the company, from affairs abundant shares to booty aback ascendancy of the company.

Here are the two key things we’ll be attractive at over the abutting 3-6 months for break of a turnaround:

Does Customer Beatitude backlash to its accustomed 65%-70% level?  If history serves as any guide, this should appear ancient aboriginal in the 4th quarter. If customer beatitude charcoal bottomward abreast 50%, we’ll apperceive that this contempo scandal’s appulse on the Papa John’s cast is activity to be a abiding issue. How will Q3 and Q4 aforementioned abundance sales assemblage up to a year ago?  If Papa John’s can advance or abound from 2017 numbers in the final two abode of the year, this scandal-driven bead in allotment amount could prove to be a arrangement opportunity.

We’ll be befitting a actual abutting eye on the customer behavior about Papa John’s to see if the aggregation can beacon its way through crisis and into a absolute turnaround.

– Andy Swan is the architect of LikeFolio, which provides investors and companies with actionable research based on social-data.

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