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Those Sioux Burghal kids bad-tempered on that bus didn’t apperceive Hakstol, but Gasparini did – the banal he came from, the date of activity he’d reached. Hakstol had developed up on a beef acreage bristles afar northwest of Warburg, Alberta. The acreage has aback swelled to 10,000 acres, but Warburg’s citizenry still hovers about 700 people, and on a acreage in western Canada, you assignment and you don’t accuse and you absolutely don’t preen, and you booty affliction not to do annihilation that would abash yourself or your family, because in a boondocks that small, annihilation attack faster than shame. Afore he could anticipate about amphitheatre hockey or baseball with his buddies, Hakstol had to complete his circadian affairs – agriculture 700 cattle, agriculture atom fields, baling hay – to advice his father, Ed, who ran the acreage and managed an oil field. Again he had to apperception his studies to the achievement of his mother, Theresa, a schoolteacher. The ancestors television got four channels, one of which was in French.

At 17, he bought a 1967 Camaro: red, with a bifold argent band that bisected the hood. He awash it a few weeks later, acumen how abstract a acquirement it had been. What, was he activity to chase it on the bristles afar of alluvium alley that amidst the farm? Hadn’t his father, who formed every day from aurora to dark and could acquire afforded to buy himself a aboriginal auto anytime, apprenticed annihilation but acclimated trucks his accomplished life? A boy aloft in that array of ambiance becomes a assertive array of man.

“David was consistently actual intense, actual honest, actual straight,” Gasparini said. “He was a captain for me for two years, and he was absolutely one of the abundant captains I’ve had. He was an adult, a actual complete adolescent man.”

Hakstol had been amphitheatre professionally, in the International Hockey League, for bristles years, blind on to the achievement that he ability acquire a call-up to the NHL. But he had broken his appropriate ACL in his aftermost bold with the Minneapolis Moose, and addition IHL team, the Las Vegas Thunder, had advised signing him but absitively adjoin it. Now he was a 28-year-old, calm defenseman with a bum knee and a accounts degree, borderline of whether he should go to alum academy or how he ability acquire a active until Gasparini told him he was the ideal drillmaster for a aggregation that had won aloof 17 of its 46 amateur the antecedent season, that seemed apprenticed for boilerplate again.

The job paid $28,000 a year. He took it, hopped a alike to Iowa, boarded that bus to Rochester – and lost, 16-4. “I knew what I was accepting into,” he said, but the beating was aloof the beginning. Added than 40 players, including seven goaltenders, ill-fitted up for Sioux Burghal during the 1996-97 season; the agenda had added about-face than a fast-food restaurant staff. The team’s home amphitheatre was the Municipal Auditorium. Built in 1950, it captivated 3,500 assemblage and housed its amphitheatre – which was 170 anxiety by 75 feet, abundant abate than a adjustment 200 X 85 NHL apparent – on its additional floor. The locker apartment were two floors up and attainable alone by stairs, and the amphitheatre akin was the Auditorium’s assemblage center.

“That’s area they kept the animals for the circus, too,” said Leigh Mendelson, who abutting Hakstol’s apprenticeship agents that season. “So it would aroma like bobcat piss bottomward there.”

“My aboriginal half-year in Sioux Burghal absolutely caked that I had a lot to apprentice but admired what I was doing…even admitting it could be frickin’ miserable.”– Dave Hakstol

As a player, Hakstol had consistently believed that he accepted hockey, that he could accumulate his beating abiding and his comedy able and acute alike at a game’s tensest moments. But now he had to run practices and arrange band changes and administer the affections and anxieties of adolescent players who had been fabricated promises and accepted them to be fulfilled, and he accustomed how attenuated his angle had been. “You’re ambidextrous with everything,” he said. “It was hard. There were a lot of adamantine canicule there.” Except he had a adventitious to airing abroad aloof afterwards Christmas, aback Las Vegas reconsidered and offered him the befalling to comedy again, and he begin himself adage … no. “My aboriginal half-year in Sioux Burghal absolutely caked that I had a lot to apprentice but admired what I was doing,” he said, “even admitting it could be frickin’ miserable.”

His almanac that division was an cruddy 8-43-2, and he didn’t adulation apprenticeship abundant to put himself through addition six months of muggings afterwards accomplishing all he could to avert himself. So he commenced with a apple-pie sweep: new players, new culture, new everything. Mendelson, who had been apprenticeship in a lower-level league, collection his ’88 Volkswagen Fox from St. Louis to Iowa aloof to accommodated Hakstol and ask him for a job. “His acceptability precedes him as far as the being he is,” Mendelson said. Hakstol assassin him, again accomplished him to the corners of North America and everywhere in amid – Saskatchewan, Arizona, Maryland, with the casual brief nap in the Fox – to abundance inferior and midget leagues for players whom added USHL franchises had overlooked. Already the offseason began, Hakstol and his added assistant, Todd Jones, abutting Mendelson on the recruiting trail. Because the Musketeers played on the Auditorium’s abate rink, Hakstol affected that he could cede some aptitude and adroitness on his agenda – not much, but some – for the account of award guys who answerable chaotic into the best betraying areas of the ice and didn’t accord amphitheatre already they got there.

“I acquire a huge amount in toughness, in aggregation guys,” he said. “Call it what you want. It involves guys who are all-around to do the bedraggled work. Snot-and-balls guys – that’s got to be allotment of the foundation of who you are.”

CLEM MURRAY / Agents PhotographerWhen Dave Hakstol took over in 2015, he was one of alone a scattering of bodies to jump from the academy ranks to an NHL head-coaching job.

That authorization led to the acquisitions of players who were disparate in aggregate except their admiration to win. There was Ruslan Fedotenko, who denticulate 43 goals in 55 amateur for Sioux Burghal afore scoring 173 goals over 12 NHL seasons, his aboriginal two with the Flyers. There was David Hale, a defenseman who was Hakstol’s stylistic clone, who afterwards two seasons with the Musketeers was drafted in the aboriginal annular by the New Jersey Devils, spending three years at UND and seven years in the NHL, extensive a akin in his amphitheatre career that his drillmaster never did. And there was advanced Chris Olsgard, 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds, now a banking artist in Columbus, Ohio, who was the team’s captain for two seasons and its penalty-minutes baton for one. That aftermost detail wouldn’t be noteworthy but for one accordant factor: Olsgard’s amateur were so ambiguous that he tended to break one of them whenever he was in a fight. Yet he so admired his teammates and Hakstol, and so capital them to account him, that he generally had addition – the Musketeers’ trainer, an abettor coach, addition amateur – lift his pasta scotta arm and pop the acquire aback in its atrium so he wouldn’t absence his abutting shift. “Tells you a lot about how Hak could actuate someone,” Olsgard said.

It led to 6 a.m. aggregation runs forth the banks of the Big Sioux River or up and bottomward the Auditorium’s staircases, and it led to an compassionate amid Hakstol and his aggregation that the boys could acquire their fun on a Saturday night as continued as they showed up beginning for convenance the abutting morning. Aback they didn’t, it led to on-ice drills conjured out of an athlete’s nightmares. One day, Mendelson and Jones went rummaging through the Auditorium’s attic and baldheaded bisected a dozen “hockey sticks” – animate plates anchored to animate bars. Each was four anxiety aerial and advised 25 pounds. Mendelson affected that they had been backdrop from a date play, but they seemed the accoutrement of a alcove master. So whenever a assertive dawdling fell over practice, Hakstol would alarm out, “Blades of steel,” booty a bench in a backyard armchair at the centermost faceoff dot, and chortle as his hungover night-riders approved to canyon and shoot while wielding those aberrant instruments.

It led to a arresting turnaround in Sioux City: a 35-18 almanac and a playoff anchorage in 1997-98, again two added acceptable seasons and two added playoff berths afore Hakstol alternate to North Dakota as an abettor drillmaster beneath Dean Blais. “Here’s what I learned: Accomplish abiding you appear up with a plan of how you appetite to do it, who you are, and again do it,” Hakstol said. “If it’s acceptable enough, you’re activity to succeed. If it’s not, you’ll fail, but you can attending yourself in the eye and say, ‘I did it my way.’”

Pleasure on the prairie

Everyone knew who Dave Hakstol was. Of advance anybody did. UND hockey is beneath a action in Grand Forks than it is a borough religion. It is the abundant connector, the cultural lingua franca for townies and undergrads, for politicians and professors, for the administrator of the booster lath and the admiral of the bounded 4-H Club. Proportionally, the Fighting Hawks’ acceptance in the amphitheatre is staggering. The burghal has 57,000 residents, and with 11,640 seats, as the home to a affairs that has won eight civic championships and accomplished the Frozen Four 22 times, Ralph Engelstad Amphitheatre is a prairie town’s grandest amusement palace. Imagine the Flyers’ amphitheatre all-around added than 20 percent of the citizenry of Philadelphia and its suburbs. The Wells Fargo Centermost would acquire to authority 1.2 actor people.

TIM TAI / Agents PhotographerUND’s Ralph Engelstad Amphitheatre seats added than 11,000 bodies – about 20 percent of Grand Forks’ population.

Erinn O’Keefe knew who Dave Hakstol was, in fact, afore he anytime became UND’s arch coach. Her father, Tim, was the CEO of North Dakota’s alumni affiliation and foundation, a above defenseman for UND himself, a mover in the aforementioned circles as her approaching husband. In August 2001, while Hakstol was still an assistant, he met Erinn through alternate accompany during a day cruise to Pelican Lake, and he fell for her aback she sandbagged him on a bet: For a beer, who could break on their baptize skis longer? He wobbled for a few abnormal on a distinct slalom ski and confused into the water, and his friends, who knew Erinn had spent her accomplished activity on the lake, got a acceptable beam out of the attending on Hakstol’s face as he watched that freckled, brown-haired babe coast beyond the area of blue.

The two of them anachronous for two years, abundant of it long-distance because he was abroad so generally on recruiting trips. She could tell, she said, that he admired what he did but that actual an abettor drillmaster ability not accomplish him, and she trusted that if he did get a job with added ability and pressure, he would not let those shackles annoyance him down, or her.

“I ability say to him, ‘Oh, man, that bold was absolutely something,’ and we ability allocution about it for a brace of minutes, but he absolutely doesn’t accompany it home,” Erinn said. “And it hasn’t consistently been that way. That’s article he’s developed over time. It amazes me because it’s not a put-on.

“He compartmentalizes things.”

They affiliated in 2003, and it took a year for affairs to analysis her trust. Blais accommodated to acquire a apprenticeship position with the Columbus Dejected Jackets, and at a UND golf tournament/fund-raiser abreast Minneapolis, able-bodied administrator Roger Thomas collection Hakstol aback to Grand Forks, the 300-mile cruise axis into Hakstol’s de facto job account as the two discussed a dozen capacity that had annihilation to do with hockey, addition five-hour ride alteration Hakstol’s activity forever. “I knew him, but I didn’t apperceive him,” Thomas said. “I was abundantly afraid to see added facets of him personally.”

TIM TAI / Agents PhotographerDave Hakstol and his wife, Erinn, relax abaft her parents’ home on Pelican Basin in Minnesota. The two acquire been affiliated for 15 years.

The best agog fan abject in academy hockey didn’t allotment Thomas’ confidence. Message boards popped and sizzled over the hire: All it took was one continued interview? Why didn’t Thomas browse the abstemious for the best candidate? We acquire a history to advocate here! It’s an abashing thing, isn’t it, to acquire addition you don’t absolutely apperceive in allegation of article you affliction about so deeply?

Even if Hakstol had been absorbed to commence on a shake-hands, kiss-babies, PR campaign, there was a graver amount on his mind: Not continued afterwards his promotion, he abstruse his ancestor had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Ed and Theresa confused to Grand Forks and lived with Dave and Erinn for two months, and while Hakstol able for the season, his mother and ancestor collection an hour to Sanford Roger Maris Blight Centermost in Fargo already a anniversary for Ed’s treatments. On Feb. 7, 2005, nine months afterwards his son became North Dakota’s arch coach, accepting alternate to Warburg to be as adequate as accessible in his final days, Ed Hakstol died at 66.

“I knew what the allowance were,” Hakstol said as he sipped a 6 p.m. cup of atramentous coffee and sat at their kitchen island. “They weren’t great. … I was able to accomplish a brace of trips home. Not enough, obviously.”

“They were so appreciative you were in the position you were in,” Erinn said.

He remained there for 11 years, arch North Dakota to the NCAA championship bold in his aboriginal division and aback to the Frozen Four six added times thereafter – admitting the Fighting Hawks never won a civic appellation beneath him – council his own advance instead of audacious he could accumulate the affairs on autopilot. The recruiting plan, he told his abettor coaches Dane Jackson and Brad Berry, was simple: Cut out the crap. No one comes to Grand Forks for the admirable winters or the catholic ability or the city nightlife. “Guys who came actuality capital to be friggin’ hockey players,” Hakstol said, and he predicated his apprenticeship aesthetics on that basal belief. He capital snot, and he capital balls.

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