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Published on October 14th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan

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October 14th, 2018 by Zachary Shahan

Exponential electric agent acceptance has been at comedy in Norway for several years. I bethink accessory AVERE’s EVS27 in Barcelona aback in backward 2013 and the hottest account of antecedent months had been Norway accomplishing beauteous EV bazaar allotment milestones. That September and October, constituent cartage had risen to 7% and 8% bazaar share! (As you’ll see in a few minutes, 7% and 8% bazaar allotment were abstracts no added country would blow for years.) Electric cars had been the top affairs cars in the country two months in a row — the Tesla Model S in September and the Nissan LEAF in October.

As you apprehend on, I’m casting in this Michael Jackson archetypal as a soundtrack for the story:


Questions at the 2013 appointment anxious advancing EV action changes in Norway, whether the bazaar allotment could accumulate aggressive at an exponential clip, who these EV drivers were, and what was active the accelerated adoption.

In November, constituent agent (PEV) bazaar allotment rose to a beauteous 12%.

In consecutive months, the Model S and LEAF connected to acquisition themselves at the top of the sales chart, and the Tesla Model S alike outsold all Ford cartage in the country. In March 2014, Model S registrations were added than bifold the #2 Golf’s registrations.

In August and September 2014, PEV bazaar allotment rose to 14.5% and 14.3%. In 2015, added electric cars started aggressive for the top affairs car title, with the VW e-Golf aggressive up the ranks, for example. By July and August 2015, PEV sales were so aerial that they took a beauteous 23% and then 26% of car sales in the country. The accessible models kept broadening.

Sales kept climbing, and by April 2016, plug-ins hybrids had risen to 60% of the country’s car sales. A ages later, admitting its baby population, Norway became the 4th country to accomplish 100,000 absolute electric car sales. I met a brace of Norwegians in California appropriate afore the Model 3 actualization as we and hundreds of others waited in band in Santa Monica to assets Model 3s. In the aboriginal bisected of the year, 24% of new cars had plugs, 13% authentic electric cars and 11% constituent hybrids.

The constituent allotment was 27% in July, 28% in August, and agnate in surrounding months. Basically, the bazaar allotment had connected aggressive up the accumulation acceptance ladder.

A year later, in September 2017, we hadn’t covered Norway’s sales in a while, so I arrested in and ashore the country’s EV bazaar allotment forth a all-encompassing S-curve blueprint I had acclimated in cleantech presentations about the world. Electric cars had able the “early majority” in Norway.


As you can see, the abutting best country was Iceland at 8%, area Norway had been four years earlier.

Skip advanced one added year and are we still at 35% bazaar share? Of advance not. Fully electric cars are up to 45% bazaar allotment and if you bandy in addition 15% for the constituent hybrids, constituent cartage are up to a whopping 60% bazaar allotment in Norway. That agency the technology has confused into the “late majority” articulation of the technology acceptance curve.


Yes, it’s a baby country, and yes, it’s adamantine to replicate, but what Norway has able on EV acceptance is absurd and would accept been absolved as absurd 5 years ago. https://t.co/rK9QhLjYbU

— Colin Mckerracher (@colinmckerrache) October 11, 2018


How continued till it’s at 90%? Perhaps back the Model 3 arrives ancient in 2019? Maybe I’ll booty bets back I’m in Brussels this anniversary for AVERE’s added big EV conference.

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