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If you are an African, again do as Africans do, and if you are a Kenyan go by the norms of Kenya. Kenyan administration will commonly apprehend class vitae alongside a resume and added testimonials. A job appellant is accordingly accustomed to abide a abundant CV that tells of who they are personally, academically and professionally al harmonized together.

Unlike a resume, which is absolute and may abduction beneath details, a class is added absolute and may accord advice about education, appliance history, claimed interests, alum acreage work, thesis/ dissertation, achievements, acceptance and awards, able bodies one is affiliated to aloof to highlight a few areas that a CV encompasses.

Curriculum vitae for acceptance with no acquaintance or class vitae for undergraduate apprentice – beginning graduates in Kenya can be a little difficult to do back there are beneath highlight of your able activity and it above about the bookish one. However, one can acquisition backbone in cogent their administration and botheration analytic skills, memberships, fellowships, awards, theses, training or alike the fieldwork.

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This will appearance that your are able for a job added so if it’s a CV for job appliance your are drafting. This is not so for class vitae for alum apprentice who commonly accept a lot at their pale including experience, certifications and able licensing.

Format of class vitae 2018

The commonly accustomed class vitae architecture is the block architecture with explanation in bold. This brings out the academism and shows alignment and besides it is accessible to apprehend through. Activate with your acquaintance information, claimed information, apprenticeship background, assignment history, achievements and awards, claimed absorption and assuredly the adjudicator area commonly done in a folio alone. In bright clear agreement it’s accessible to acquisition out a accounting CV will be best that a folio resumes are accounting in which wholesomely makes the aberration in content.

CV autograph tips in Kenya

There are accurate accoutrement that the best CV acquire as recommended by career admiral and animal ability personnel. Ideally this is what would accomplish you get the absorption of the employer or abatement from accepting the same. There are several consulting in CV autograph in Kenya that one would use but actuality are the basics to autograph CV Kenya;

Keep the CV abbreviate and concise. The CV breadth should be 2 pages and not added than 3 pages and should be autograph in a bookish and simple address and language.

Use the accepted Times New Roma or Arial appearance and chantry admeasurement of 10-12 all through. However, the appellation should accept a beyond chantry or be put in bold.

Organized architecture is acceptable for an accessible read.

Keep the CV simple and original. Appearance your different abilities and experience.

Give absolute information, the employer will do accomplishments analysis or accomplish use of references in establishing what you presented is true. In amalgamation to this, ensure there is no conflict in dates, assignment history, apprenticeship etc.

Proof apprehend your assignment to ensure it chargeless of grammatical, spelling close and punctuation mistakes. Such simple mistakes may accomplish you be termed as unfit for a job.

Avoid advertence accidental claimed advice such as religious or political affiliation, association or family. The alone claimed advice bare is nationality, gender, and conjugal status.

Frequently amend your CV with accepted engagement.

How to address a CV in Kenya

There a several CV architecture for job accountable to the acreage and focus. CVs are mostly acclimated for academic, educational or job hunting purposes. There are accepted inclusions such as claimed information, apprenticeship and assignment profile. However, you can additionally accommodate advice apropos to own publications, associations, experience, honors, fellowships and licenses.

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Relevance is a key thing. Do not accommodate affair not official or ever claimed in the CV. Again back avid your apprenticeship accomplishments or accomplishment address in reverse, activate with the accomplished to the everyman eg undergraduate, accessory level, primary akin again ECDE. The aforementioned about-face adjustment applies in assignment history details; activate with the best contempo and should responsibilities or roles.

Simple CV layout

Here is an archetype of Kenyan resume sample;

Contact information


Physical address

Cell phone


Personal information

Date of birth



Marital status

Education background

(Begin with the accomplished akin of apprenticeship advancing bottomward with dates and advance name)

January 20__ – Present, ABC University, BBIT

Financial management, Advice administration systems, communication, authoritative belief etc. ( this is appropriate for class vitae for alum acceptance or continuing students)

20__-20__ ___ High School

A- in Kenya Certificate of Accessory Education

(Continue up to the basal level)

Employment History

(Mention Company formed for, position, administration and responsibilities- activate with best recent)

May 20xx-present, XYZ Ltd- Procurement assistant

Store requisitions

Suppliers prequalifying

Ordering of appurtenances from suppliers

Stores management

Professional Qualifications

Certifications, accreditations and licensing from professionally accustomed bodies

Honorary Awards

20— the best assuming advisers of the year

Competencies and Interests

Computer skills- Certified by DCB College in 20–


Reading novels, travelling and research.


(State their names and location)

Owen Mc Donald


Postal Code


(At atomic three adjudicator one who should be your above actual employer)

Curriculum Vitae Architecture Template


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