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Friday, January 18th 2019. | Note

The Fort Worth Independent Academy Commune says it will no best automatically alibi a student’s absence with a agenda from a parent, a doctor or alike a judge.

“Previously, we would accept absolutely wiped out the absence with that note,” said commune agent Clint Bond. “Under accompaniment law, as we now accept it, we cannot clean out that absence at all.”

Students who absence beneath than 10 percent of their classes won’t be afflicted by the change, Bond said.

But those who don’t appearance up for added than 10 percent may not be accustomed to advance or graduate.

Those cases would go to an appearance board which would accommodate the parents, abecedary and principal. The board would again adjudge whether to accomplish an barring in cases such as a religious holiday, Bond said.

Still, some parents don’t anticipate it should go that far for accepted absences such as an affliction — abnormally with a doctor’s note.

“I beggarly that works for assignment so why wouldn’t that assignment for school?” said mother Amber Nygaard. “That doesn’t accomplish sense. That’s a little crazy.”

Another mother, Tara Marsh, said, “They’re activity to accept an affair with that with assertive kids so we’ll see how that goes.”

The change in action will be appear in a letter beatific home to parents soon, Bond said.

Parents should still accelerate addendum answer why their accouchement absence school, he added. The addendum no best will aftereffect in an absolved absence automatically but may be advised by the appearance board after if a apprentice misses added than 10 percent of classes.


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