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Kim Lee, the claimed accounts adjudicator abaft “Free to Family,” a YouTube approach with over 41,000 subscribers, says she paid off her bizarre four-bedroom abode in Arizona in bristles years through a way of activity she calls “frugal minimalism.”

Lee says it’s accessible to acquisition an affordable home and to pay off your mortgage if you focus on actuality advised with your money. Here’s how she says she did it.

Spend time award a realtor who will get you a abundant deal

When it comes to purchasing a home, you charge to acquisition a acceptable realtor, says Lee.

She and her bedmate were able to acquirement their accepted home at a bulk far beneath bazaar bulk because they had a acceptable realtor, she says.

“Getting a acceptable realtor is key,” Lee says, acquainted that she spent a year attractive for a realtor who had acceptable access in the boondocks area she capital to buy. “You accept to chase for addition who’s activity to action for you and get you acceptable deals off market.”

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Before you buy a home, you charge to accept a ambition in mind, says Lee.

When Lee and her bedmate purchased their aboriginal home in 2008, their ambition was to acquisition a abode that was so affordable they wouldn’t accept to anguish about advantageous the mortgage if one of them absent their job.

“Initially, the ambition was to be able to accept so little costs that if annihilation were to appear in an emergency, we would be ok,” she recalls.

The couple’s aboriginal home was a fixer-upper, she says, which they purchased as a abbreviate auction for $175,000 about the time the recession hit the apartment market. The mortgage bulk $950 a month, which Lee says was about 25 percent of their incomes so if one of them absent their job, they would still be able to pay the mortgage, she explains.

Become a frugal minimalist

Lee says she and her bedmate paid off the mortgage on their aboriginal home in bristles years by active as inexpensively as possible.

“I was absolutely aloof active like I didn’t accept [money] aback I had it,” she explains.

When the brace confused in, they purchased basal furniture, she says, and fabricated their own decor. They got hand-me-down accouterment for her two sons, both toddlers at the time. She says they alone bought new accouterment for themselves if they absolutely had to.

Kim Lee of the YouTube approach “Free to Family”Courtesy of Kim Lee

Lee says the ancestors did not absorb money on bistro out or entertainment. They didn’t accept cable, she says — alone a Netflix annual they subscribed to in 2011.

The mom says she accumulation adapted and meal able every weekend for bristles years, which she says adored the ancestors bags of dollars they acclimated to pay off their mortgage.

“When you’re in this date of life, your focus should absolutely be your family, it absolutely shouldn’t be activity out to dinner, activity out to bars, activity out to clubs, affairs all the home decor, affairs all the clothing,” Lee says. “Buy what you need, and again use it, booty affliction of it, and be agreeable with it.”

Focus on what you’re extenuative instead of what you’re making

At the time the brace purchased their aboriginal home, they were both authoritative common incomes, says Lee. But because they focused on accumulation as abundant as they could, they were able to pay if off in bristles years, she says.

“It’s not income,” Lee insists. “It’s the circadian actions, the circadian habits, the circadian things [people are] accomplishing that are absolutely burglary money out of their wallets.”

What’s important, she says, is that you are advised with your money, which requires absorption on how abundant you are extenuative instead of how abundant you’re making.

“If you focus on what you’re extenuative and focus on active beneath your agency and actuality advised with your money, authoritative added money doesn’t consistently accept to be the focus,” Lee says.

I’ve advised baneful abundance for 25 years. Here’s what I learned.July 31, 201803:31Become advised with money

There are several means to be advised with money, Lee says. If you accept a lot of customer debt, she recommends applying either the snowball or barrage adjustment — two debt abridgement strategies coined by claimed accounts able Dave Ramsey — to advantageous it off, depending on your claimed needs.

But it’s analytical that you aboriginal become acquainted of how you absorb your money, Lee says. She recommends creating a spreadsheet, downloading an app or putting a whiteboard in your kitchen area you can clue every dollar you spend. She says accomplishing this for at atomic 30 canicule will advice you see area you are overspending.

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“Trimming [expenses] comes afterwards you apprehend area you’re spending,” she says. “Inventory, tracking and again revisiting all of that to go aback and say, ‘Where can I trim the fat? Did I absorb $200 this ages at Starbucks? Is that article that, if I wasn’t spending, I could put appear debt, or I could put in the bank?’”

Know your bulk ethics and achieve abiding your money decisions adjust with them

Becoming mortgage-free is ultimately about compassionate your values, according to Lee. She says her spending decisions all circumduct about her bulk value, which is family. Knowing this keeps her spending habits in check, she says.

“What are your values?” she asks, “and are your money decisions accumbent to those values? Are your circadian decisions and intentions accumbent to those values?”

If your money decisions are not accumbent with your values, again no bulk of allotment is activity to advice you, she warns.

“You can sit there all you want, add up your assets and bare your expenses, but aback the elastic meets the road, you get up and you’re not blessed and you aloof appetite to buy article that’s activity to achieve you, you charge to analysis that,” she says.

After affairs their aboriginal home in 2013, Lee says she and her bedmate purchased their additional home beneath bazaar bulk with an affordable absorption rate. She says they are application some of the money from the auction of their aboriginal home to pay for renovations. They are still focused on active intentionally, she says.

“If we can alive according to our values, we can do these things,” Lee says. “We can absolutely achieve the goals that we’re attractive at.”

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