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Today, about anybody carries a smartphone, and that’s area we accumulate our contacts lists. And yet we still barter business cards. Why? They’re accessible to use, they don’t crave you to blend withAirDrop, or any added bizarre way to share, and — conceivably best important — they’re customary. We’re acclimated to handing over our capacity on card. So today we’re activity to see how to accomplish and book a business agenda in Pages, for Mac or iOS. The acceptable account is, it’s cool easy. The bad news? Think of the trees.


Do we absolutely still charge business cards?

The acknowledgment to this comes from the Adaptable World Congress, the annual barter appearance in Barcelona area the the newest adaptable tech is hawked. There’s consistently a new startup there aggravating to alter the business agenda with some affectionate of bulky app-based “solution,” but the accomplished appearance runs on cardboard cards. But back I approved to go card-free one year, every time I had to barter acquaintance capacity I had to explain myself, all while scrawling my email abode assimilate debris of paper.

Worse, if you don’t accept a card, PR association accept that you’re not legit. An official-looking agenda “proves” that you assignment for whoever you say you assignment for. And a agenda is appealing abundant binding to get into columnist events.

How to architecture a business agenda in Pages

Pages has several business agenda templates congenital in. These are bigger than starting from scratch, because they’ve already taken affliction of the blueprint of assorted cards on a page, which is the best annoying allotment of press business cards from a word-processor app (fancier publishing apps like InDesign accept accoutrement to accomplish this easier).

To architecture a card, we will accept one of these templates, redesign one of the cards to our liking, and afresh archetype and adhesive that new architecture beyond the absolute page. There’s no way to automate the aftermost step, but we can accomplish it beneath painful. One final agenda afore we begin: The screenshots actuality appearance Pages on an iPad, but the action works absolutely the aforementioned on the Mac.

Pick a templatePick one of these accomplished templates to get you started.
Photo: Pages business agenda templates

Open up Pages and tap the little icon, afresh annal bottomward to analysis out the templates. I best the Classic Business Cards arrangement because it is the simplest, and accordingly accessible to customize. Tap to open.

Switch on guidesMake abiding all of these are on.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Next, we about-face on Pages’ acute guides. These are curve which arise whenever you annoyance an object, in adjustment to accomplish it easier to band things up. To about-face on the acute guides, tap the … at the top appropriate of the window to admission Pages’ settings, and toggle the switches for Center Guides, Spacing Guides, and Edge Guides. Exit settings by borer the … again.

Edit your business cardYou alone charge to adapt the aboriginal agenda in the template.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Now we alpha on the design. First, you should alter the sample argument with your own acquaintance details. Aloof tap or bang into the absolute argument fields and change the information. Do this by double-tapping on the argument to accomplish it editable. Type in your own capacity for the name, job title, and acquaintance advice fields (these fields may alter if you chose a altered template).

Next, we’ll change the typefaces. I like Helvetica, so I’ll change my agenda to use that. I’ll additionally accomplish the name adventurous so it stands out. To admission these argument tools, tap the little paintbrush figure in the toolbar, and afresh tap the Argument characterization at the top of the sidebar. You’ll be accustomed with these tools.

Change the fontsThis is area you aces your typeface.
Photo: Cult of Mac

To change the fonts, chantry sizes, and added attributes, aloof tap on the argument in the capital window, and afresh accomplish the changes in the sidebar. One affair to agenda actuality is that these business agenda templates are folio blueprint documents. That is, the argument is independent in boxes, instead of actuality accustomed to roam chargeless beyond the page. Boxes can be aggregate together, and if you’re application the aforementioned Classic arrangement as me, afresh you’ll apprehension that the name and job appellation boxes are already grouped, because back you tap on ones they both get selected.

If you appetite to administer altered styles to anniversary of these fields, you can aloof bifold tap anniversary one to baddest it individually. Or you can advertise all fields and administer the aforementioned book at once. To admission the altered styles independent in a book (bold, italic, and so on), tap the little i abutting to the name of the book — Helvetica Neue in my case.

Now is additionally the time to agreement with layout. Aloof annoyance the fields about until you like the attending of the layout. You’ll apprehension that the acute guides will pop up automatically to advice get things appropriately aligned.

Getting accessible for print

The abutting allotment is the best arid part, because it involves artful and pasting the agenda you created into all the added spots on the page. There’s no acceptable way to automate this, so you’ll aloof accept to get on with it.

First, accumulation all the argument boxes in your card. This locks the blueprint and makes it accessible to adhesive as a distinct object. To accumulation the argument fields, baddest them all. On the iPad, this is done by agreement and befitting your feel on one box, while borer the others. Remember, we’re alone alignment the fields in the aboriginal card, the one we already edited. Back they are all selected, tap Accumulation in the atramentous popover bubble.

Group all the elements of your agenda together.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Now, let’s annul the blow of the cards. Baddest them all, in the aforementioned way you aloof called the elements of you card, above. Afresh tap Annul in the atramentous popover bubble.

Next, tap your agenda and afresh tap Archetype in the atramentous popover bubble, afresh tap on a bare atom on the folio and tap Adhesive in the atramentous popover bubble. You can adhesive several copies, and afresh adjust them, or adjust them as you go. Either way, you can use the acute guides to accomplish abiding aggregate is aligned.

The congenital guides advice to band things up.
Photo: Cult of Mac Press your cards

If your printer handles card, afresh you can book at home. Aloof amount up the agenda banal into the printer (the admeasurement is adumbrated at the basal of anniversary folio of the arrangement — in this case it is Avery 5371). Afresh hit print, and book the cards. You may accept noticed that the agenda arrangement we acclimated had two pages. Aloof avoid the additional page. If it will be identical to the first, afresh why bother, right? Aloof accomplish abiding to book alone the aboriginal folio of your document. If you’re planning to accelerate out the certificate as a PDF, though, you should annul the additional page. Do this by borer the appearance options figure at top right, abutting to the Abstracts button. Afresh chose to Folio Thumbnails. Then, in the newly-appeared column, tap the thumbnail for the additional page, and tap Annul in the atramentous popover bubble.

Printing on the iPAd is easy, if you accept an AirPrint printer.
Photo: Cult of Mac

On the iPad, press is aloof as easy. Tap the … figure at top right, afresh tap Print, and chase forth with the AirPrint dialog.

If you don’t accept a printer, or you appetite your bounded printshop to use some adorned cards stock, afresh you should save the book as a PDF. Aloof aloft the Book button in the … agenda is the Export button. Tap that, afresh accept how you’re activity to accelerate the PDF in the accepted allotment chat box. You can additionally accept to save the PDF in the Files app to accord with later.


There are affluence of added options for your card. You can add images, and you can absolutely go to boondocks on the argument formatting. Aloof bethink that you charge to band aggregate up application the acute guides afore printing, so that chopping the cars into card-sized cards is simple. Acceptable luck!

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