#8+ 30 day notice to terminate tenancy

Friday, January 18th 2019. | Notice

Q: I accept been renting my accommodation for six years application anniversary leases. This year at face-lifting time, I asked to go on a month-to-month charter due to some aliment concerns. The freeholder agreed, and we active a month-to-month acceding that calls for 30-day apprehension to abolish the lease. I aloof accustomed apprehension that the freeholder wants me out in 30 days. I pay my hire at the alpha of anniversary month, but the letter wants me out in the average of abutting month. Can he do this? Also, I consistently pay on time, and the freeholder has no acumen to bang me out added than me not absent to assurance an anniversary lease. Is this OK? — Darlene

A: Leases are contracts, and both landlords and tenants charge chase their terms. Because you agreed to a month-to-month lease, neither you nor your freeholder accept any obligation to extend the charter anniversary added month, as continued as able apprehension is given. Your freeholder could accept not to abide renting the acreage to you at the end of anniversary charter aeon the aforementioned as you could if you absitively to move. Back entering into any contract, such as a lease, it is important to bethink that anniversary affair has rights and responsibilities that breeze both ways. You active a month-to-month charter to accord yourself options to move to a added acceptable home, but these aforementioned agreement gave your freeholder the befalling to acquisition a altered tenant.

However, back your account periods activate on the aboriginal and run with the calendar, your freeholder cannot ask you to leave in the average of the abutting account period.

The law about allows for 15-day apprehension to abolish a account lease, but you and your freeholder agreed to a 30-day apprehension instead. This apprehension aeon agency that you both charge to accommodate the added with adapted beforehand apprehension that you will not be renewing the charter for an added account period.

Since you were already in the average of the accepted month, the abutting account aeon will activate central the 30-day window. This agency it is the afterward ages that will not renew, and you will charge to abandon the accommodation at the end of abutting month, not in the average of it. It is not 30 canicule to leave, rather that there will be no added account renewals afterwards 30 days. Be acquainted that you will still charge to pay him for abutting ages unless he is already captivation the “last” ages of hire as is accepted in best leases.

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