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Wednesday, January 16th 2019. | letter

DEAR ABBY: I’m a 15-year-old girl. I’m a fun actuality to be with, and I adulation spending time with my accompany and family. But one activity sometimes charcoal it. I acquire a bit of a atmosphere and some acrimony problems. I’m apprehensive if you acquire annihilation that could admonition me ascendancy my atmosphere and be nicer to people? I get into disagreements with bodies I affliction about because of my attitude. Can you accord me some guidance? — TESTY TEEN IN WISCONSIN

DEAR TEEN: If you anticipate you are the abandoned actuality with acrimony issues, you are mistaken. We are active in added demanding times that acquire afflicted best of us in one way or another.

It takes abstemiousness — and ability — to accede calmly instead of abounding off angrily. Afore you can accord with your acrimony botheration you charge to be able to define what makes you lose control. The botheration with a critical atmosphere is that those who fly off the handle sometimes shoot themselves in the foot.

While acrimony is a accustomed affect we all acquaintance at one time or another, best bodies alpha acquirements to ascendancy it during childhood. Uncontrolled acrimony is annihilative because it drives others away, authoritative it absurd to advance healthy, acknowledged relationships. The ambush is acquirements to accurate acrimony in effective rather than annihilative ways. My album “The Acrimony in All of Us and How to Accord With It” offers suggestions on how to acquire you are affronted afore you lose ascendancy and how to approach it appropriately. It can be ordered by sending your name and commitment address, additional a analysis or money adjustment for $8 (U.S. funds), to Dear Abby Acrimony Booklet, P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 61054-0447. Shipping and administration are included in the price. I achievement it will be accessible for you. It takes ability to analyze and enunciate abrogating affections rather than baste out at others. Actuality able to calmly say, “I’m accepting a bad day today,” or, “When you say (or do) that, it makes me angry” will acquire you the account of others. And it is the key to diffusing acrimony afore you lose control.

DEAR ABBY: I aloof able architecture my dream home. My bind is, now that I acquire a admirable home gym, my ancestors appetite to use it. I feel egocentric adage no. But I’m a actual clandestine and somewhat alienated person, and I actually like my space. I’m abashed if I agree, it may become annoying for me aback I appetite to use it. Area do I draw the line?

Am I actuality selfish? If not, how do I debris afterwards abolition the ancestors dynamics? I acquire a activity it wouldn’t sit well, and so far, I’ve been advancing up with excuses to abstain the situation. Amuse help. — RUNNING OUT OF EXCUSES

DEAR RUNNING OUT: A adroit band-aid ability be to “remind” your ancestors that you appetite the gym to be accessible for your clandestine use aback you charge it, and advance some hours or canicule aback there wouldn’t be a conflict. And authority a acceptable thought. Interest in alive out in gyms is awfully short-lived, so your botheration may abandon in quick time.

DEAR ABBY: I am 25 and acquire been with my admirer on and off for bristles years. I adulation him actual much. I generally overthink things, and a connected annoyance of abundance is that he makes no adventurous gestures at all. He drowns me in adulation and shows his adulation in added ways.

I consistently acquire to booty the action and advance he do adventurous things like accelerate me cards or flowers, booty me to dinner, etc., but he abandoned does them aback I ask. It doesn’t feel like abundant for me. I anguish that aback we get married, over time I will abound apathetic or no best be admiring to him because he is so unromantic. Am I aloof overthinking? What should I do? — ROMANTIC ONE IN AUSTIN

DEAR ROMANTIC: From what you acquire accounting it seems that you may be added in adulation with the abstraction of adventurous gestures than you are with the man you have. Abounding women would be captivated to acquire accession who drowns them with adulation and shows his adulation in added ways. If you are actually abashed that you will be apathetic if you ally him or — worse — affronted off, afresh please, about-face him apart so he can acquisition accession who appreciates him for who he is, and you can accommodated accession who will accomplish your dreams appear true.

DEAR ABBY: My acquaintance who was aback abandoned two years ago continues to acquire her backward bedmate into every babble with accompany and strangers alike. She’s still depressed, afflicted and analytic for significance, and she shares it all in actuality and online.

Early on, she had counseling but no best feels it necessary. She claims it helps her to allocution about him constantly. Best of us abutting to her abstain the albatross in the room. I acquisition myself acknowledgment for her in accumulation gatherings I booty her to. Bodies try to action sympathy, but are abashed aback they apprehend he’s been gone two years.

I abide with love, but admiration if this is the best path. Personally, I appetite to let him blow in peace. But that’s adamantine aback he’s consistently “in the room.” Advice? — WANTING TO MOVE FORWARD

DEAR WANTING: Anybody grieves in their own way and on their own timetable. However, your acquaintance may charge added abutment and counseling than you and others she meets socially can offer. She has my sympathy, but that acutely afflicted woman needs to apprehend what you acquire accounting to me. Acquaint her, as attentive as possible, that she needs to aperture to a able so she can get added admonition through this difficult period.

DEAR ABBY: A macho ancestors acquaintance who is gay works at a bounded business my wife and I patronize regularly. We consistently stop and babble aback he’s there, but he does article that irritates me. He addresses my wife as “Sweetie.” My wife thinks I’m actuality asinine because he’s gay; I say one’s beastly acclimatization doesn’t abate amenities and how one man should abode accession man’s wife. I’m not affronted to the point that I’d accost the guy, but I promised my wife I’d ask you your opinion. — BOTHERED IN NEW YORK

DEAR BOTHERED: There is annihilation abrupt about a ancestors acquaintance — gay or beeline — calling someone’s wife “Sweetie.” My assessment is you should lighten up.

DEAR ABBY: I acquire astringent asthma and allergies, and I’m decidedly acute to bug sprays. If I’m apparent to them, my aperture and argot creep for hours.

Every time my bedmate of 30 years sees a bug or alike a baby ant in our house, he alcove for the bug aerosol and saturates the abode with it. Given the breadth of our marriage, he is able-bodied acquainted of how it affects me. I acquire asked him abounding times to amuse not use aerosol in the house, decidedly aback I am home, to no avail.

He did it afresh bygone and got affronted with me aback I asked why. He reads your column, so I apperceive he will see your acknowledgment to my inquiry. What is your advice? — FED UP IN FLORIDA

DEAR FED UP: Stop allurement your bedmate not to use bug aerosol while you are in the house. Be proactive and bandy it out! You acutely acquire a astringent abhorrence to article in it, and for him to abide in spraying while you are on the bounds strikes me as not abandoned egocentric but additionally as a anatomy of advance that’s potentially actual serious. Call an exterminator to acquire it professionally done. There are other, beneath baneful agency to get rid of pests, and you should go online and analyze them.

DEAR ABBY: I asked a woman I apperceive professionally if she’d be absorbed in accepting lunch. She said she would, and we had a admirable cafeteria — until the bill came. Aback I adapted we aperture it, she adapted I accomplish it a business expense. I told her I couldn’t do that because it wasn’t a business lunch.

I apperceive if you allure accession to lunch, you pay, but I didn’t anticipate that’s what I did. I acquire done this afore — and aback — and anybody pays for themselves. Do I owe this woman an apology? — EVERYONE PAYS IN TEXAS

DEAR EVERYONE: Not unless she became defensive. However, because you did the inviting, you should acquire paid the bill. If you appetite to cafeteria with her again, you should specify, “Let’s aperture it.”

DEAR ABBY: I assignment at a school. There’s this woman actuality I would like to know. She’s 21; I’m 24. I do aliment and janitorial work. She’s a professional. I wrote her a agenda adulatory her and her ancestors able-bodied for the holidays. She texted me once, thanking me for the agenda and adulatory me blessed holidays, too.

I appetite added communication. I’m not abiding if she’s abashed and doesn’t apperceive what to say. She seems like an absurd person, and I’d abhorrence to canyon up the befalling to apperceive her better. What’s your booty on this? — HER FUTURE FRIEND? IN SAN FRANCISCO

DEAR FRIEND: Because you both assignment at the aforementioned academy there could be rules adjoin accord or alike beastly aggravation that could put your job in accident if you do what you acquire in mind, about innocent it may be. That’s why I don’t acclaim it. Acknowledge the befalling to assignment with pleasant, wonderful, “incredible” people, but leave it at that.

DEAR ABBY: I am an acreage artisan who would like to say that association who don’t acquire in autograph acknowledgment belletrist acquire no abstraction how abundant they may acquire absent by not sending those little addendum of gratitude. I am talking about hundreds of bags of dollars that acquire not gone to bodies who bootless to pen a agenda and buy a stamp.

Many of my audience who are grandparents acquaint me they are abrogation annihilation to the “children” who never thanked them. They say the ingrates deserve what they’ll be getting, which is nothing. — PATRICIA IN MASSACHUSETTS

DEAR PATRICIA: I’m press your letter verbatim. A chat to the wise, association … Blessed holidays!

DEAR ABBY: I’m abashed about a acquaintance of mine. Aback she was a child, her parents approved to accession her to be neat, but her bedroom, closets and bath were consistently a mess. Now that she has a home of her own and is affiliated with kids, she’s still the same. Clothing and towels are accumulated so abysmal on the attic you can’t see it.

She has a housekeeper, and afore the woman comes over to clean, my acquaintance picks the actuality up. I don’t apperceive how they can acquaint what’s apple-pie or bedraggled aback it has been absolved on all week. The blow of the abode is OK, but as you airing in the door, shoes are befuddled actuality and there, like, “I’m home now. I’m free. Let it go. No rules.” Her boyish babe is now clay the aforementioned behavior.

Is this some affectionate of disorder? To me, it would be aloof as accessible to dump things into a hamper, on a shelf or in a drawer. Her bedmate is neat, and so is her son. I adulation her and it’s none of my business, but is my way the amiss way? Am I the one with a disorder? — ORDERLY IN ARKANSAS

DEAR ORDERLY: Your acquaintance may acquire banned to be accurate as a anatomy of apostasy adjoin her parents who, according to you, did not accomplish the rules they set for her. It’s not hasty the babe is assuming her mother, which may appear aback to abode her in a few years.

But none of you acquire a disorder. I do acquire a advancement for you, however. Quit absorbing about your friend’s awkward domiciliary and parenting because there is annihilation you can do about it.

DEAR ABBY: My babe is 40 years old and a awful conversationalist. She will acknowledgment questions, but her babble consistently turns to herself and her narrow, specific interests. She never asks me (or others) about ourselves, and aback she starts talking about herself, there’s no endlessly her. She seems to charge to boss every conversation.

She has consistently been this way, and I anticipate it’s partly because she’s anxious. She was abashed as a child, and I anticipate that contributes as well. Aback she was little, her dad and I talked about it, but he’s actual hands-off and didn’t appetite to abode it. Because of that, her appearance never changed, and I now anticipate we fabricated a mistake. Can you advance a way I could admonition her, alike now, to become bigger at conversation? — SMOOTH TALKER IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR TALKER: You are well-meaning, but there is little you can do to about-face your babe into a bigger conversationalist. From your description, she may be acutely insecure. However, until she realizes that her arresting apparatus is active others away, your suggestions will be met with abnegation and ignored. The best accessible activity you could say, IF SHE ASKS for advice, would be that she needs aloof guidance, which she can acquisition by scheduling some time with a accountant brainy bloom professional.

DEAR ABBY: Will you amuse ask your readers NOT to accessible doors for toddlers? Aback I became a ancestor and my son has abstruse to walk, I acquire been abashed at how abounding bodies will accessible the aperture in a abundance or bazaar to let him outside. I agreement you, my son is safer central the abundance than abandoned and unsupervised outside. While he may angle at the aperture absent to go outside, he does not apperceive what is best for him, and affairs are I’m still central the store.

Abby, amuse admonish your readers that although a adolescent may be continuing abandoned at the door, the parents are about no added than 10 or 15 anxiety away. If they capital him to go outside, they would accessible the aperture for him. Thanks! — CONCERNED PARENT OF A TODDLER

DEAR PARENT: As requested, I’m press your letter. However, aback parents booty baby accouchement shopping, they should be added accurate about befitting them abutting and in their band of sight. Accession activity is, toddlers acquire been accustomed to abort displays of cans, bottles and boxes, and get underfoot, which creates a hazard for added shoppers.

It isn’t consistently a “helpful” client who allows the little ones to exit. Sometimes the doors beat accessible automatically. It ability be safer for all abashed if the little ones are kept deeply attached in the barrow or a stroller.

DEAR ABBY: My bedmate of abounding years has an abhorrent bistro habit. Aback finishing his meal, he takes the basin or bowl, puts it to his aperture as one would a bubbler glass, and shovels the charcoal into his mouth. As he does it he makes little sucking movements with his aperture like an beastly lapping aliment from a bowl. I acquisition it revolting, but how can I abode it afterwards abaft him? — ANNOYED IN ALBUQUERQUE

DEAR ANNOYED: Abaft HIM? Try this: Say it in PLAIN ENGLISH! (Or aloof augment him sandwiches.)

DEAR ABBY: My bedmate access his acceptable acquaintance (an artist) to break with us for two nights because he is advancing to our burghal to accord a speech. He accepted.

We approved to acquaintance him two weeks ago, one anniversary ago, three canicule ago, bygone and this morning to acquisition out what time he’ll access so we can plan our agenda and adapt the food. He still hasn’t gotten aback to us. I had planned to go to abbey and a concert afterward. My bedmate doesn’t appetite me to leave.

I am actual balked about the man’s abridgement of consideration. My bedmate considers him a acceptable friend, but afterwards the way we are actuality treated, I’m not convinced. — STILL WAITING IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR STILL WAITING: I don’t accusation you for actuality miffed. Acceptable accompany don’t amusement anniversary added so rudely. They acknowledgment their letters and appearance up aback they’re expected. Unless the man was in the hospital, aloof bonds or dead, there’s no alibi for his poor manners. Because your bedmate considers him a acceptable friend, he should acquire backward home to acceptable “the artist” and let you off the hook.

DEAR ABBY: My son and daughter-in-law are “horrified” that we accredit to our 3-year-old grandson’s penis application the actual terminology. Should we acquiesce and accredit to that allotment of his anatomy as article else? — UNSURE IN THE SOUTH

DEAR UNSURE: Not in my opinion. Accouchement should be able the actual agreement for their anatomy genitalia as anon as they are acquainted abundant to analyze — and accent — them. To do this will anticipate abashing and possibly embarrassment later.

DEAR ABBY: My bedmate of 10 years is in the action of backward from the aggressive and is now re-evaluating “procedures” and “policies” of aggregate — including our marriage. I’m aggravating to account his needs in an accomplishment to admonition him accomplish faculty of things. However, there are times aback I feel some of his new rules are aching or adverse and charge to be adjourned or evaluated. (By the way, in general, I do not animate or abutment the abstraction of “rules” in alliance abreast from fidelity; admonition should be the aphorism in my opinion, but I digress.)

His latest aphorism is that I charge to be covered aback accepting accessible in the morning (“It’s not able to be so adequate naked, and if you account me, you would do as I ask”). He said he thinks I attending amazing now, but afresh he added: “Think about aback you are your grandmother’s age; you won’t be affable to attending at.”

As his partner, I feel we should accomplish anniversary added feel adequate in the buff, and it’s adverse to ask our accomplice to awning up for any acumen in the adherence of our home. We acquire no accouchement and alive alone, and I acquire consistently gotten accessible in the mornings this way, abaft bankrupt doors, area no one but my bedmate can see me. Abby, can you adviser us to resolution on this matter? — NOTHING TO HIDE IN GEORGIA

DEAR NOTHING: As a aggressive man, your bedmate is acclimated to rules and structure, which are all-important in that environment. This, however, is noncombatant life. Afore acceptance him to accomplish any added rules or convention a change in dress cipher (undress code), acquiesce me to “guide” you anon to the appointment of a accountant alliance advisor because, unless there is article you acquire bare from your letter, your bedmate is a mile off base.

DEAR ABBY: Afresh my average sister started dating my adolescent sister’s ex-boyfriend. My adolescent sister anachronous this guy in academy (10 years ago) and actually cared for him. It concluded aback she begin out he had cheated on her. Adolescent sister is now affiliated and has a baby child.

Middle sister started dating this ex a few months ago and actually brand him. He has been over to see my parents, and they are admiring of the relationship. The botheration is, no one wants to acquaint my adolescent sister for abhorrence of her actuality mad.

I allocution to her about daily. I’m abashed that already she finds out, which is apprenticed to happen, she will be added agitated with me (and my parents) for ambuscade it from her than the actuality that they’re dating. Should I acquaint her or is it not my place?

I don’t appetite to feel like I am lying or ambuscade annihilation anymore, but I additionally feel like my average sister should acquire it, which she said she isn’t accessible to do because she doesn’t appetite to say annihilation unless this turns into article serious. What should I do? — CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE

DEAR CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE: From area I sit, you acquire sized the bearings up accurately. Your adolescent sister will be ashamed aback she realizes that anybody knew her sister has been dating the ex for months and it was kept from her. Allocution to your average sister. Insist that the cheating about stop, because it could account a abiding aperture in the family.

DEAR ABBY: I’m a 17-year-old babe and afresh came out to my parents, who are ashore in the “it’s aloof a phase” mindset. I acclimated to be able to allocution with my mom about everything, but now aback I allocution about my sexuality, she gets quiet and dismissive. It’s frustrating. I acquire I’m still adolescent and acquirements things about myself, but I feel like I don’t acquire their abutment as abundant as I acclimated to. Help! — NEEDS SUPPORT IN NEW MEXICO

DEAR NEEDS SUPPORT: What your mother may not apprehend is that accouchement usually apperceive they are gay continued afore they acquisition the adventuresomeness to allocution about it. Adolescent bodies who acquire abrogating letters about what it agency to be gay are — not decidedly — beneath acceptable to be accessible about their female because they don’t appetite to abort or be abnormally judged.

You ability be able to allocution added finer with your parents if you acquaintance PFLAG and get some information. This is an alignment whose mission is to admonition LGBTQ bodies and their families body bridges of understanding. The website is Media ABBY: I acquire a botheration adage no. I alive 45 account from work, and because I’m a affable person, bodies consistently ask me to accord them rides. Today, two co-workers who alive boilerplate abreast me asked for rides home. (I already gave one a lift to work.) Accession asked me to booty him to the grocery store. I like actuality helpful, but this happens all the time and it’s too much. Tonight I’ll be added than an hour backward accepting home.

I was aloft with a able faculty of moral obligation and acceptable manners, but I’m annoyed and aloof appetite to go home. I feel accusable for alike cerebration this. What do I do? — YES-GIRL IN THE EAST

DEAR YES-GIRL: You should not feel accusable for demography affliction of yourself. Adage no does not accomplish you a bad person.

There are agency to get the account beyond afterwards appearing heartless. One would be to acquaint the accurateness — that you are too tired, you acquire article abroad planned or you don’t appetite to be an hour backward accepting home. While it may assume afflictive in the beginning, with convenance you will acquisition it empowering.

DEAR ABBY: My middle-aged adolescent sister is 12 months into a midlife crisis. She has afar her bedmate and abdicated her role as a mother, preferring instead to be a associate to her boyish sons. She has started sleeping around, smoker pot and bubbler — a lot. Needless to say, our ancestors is actual concerned.

This behavior is annihilation like her. Aback she does booty our calls, she lies about what she’s doing. We acquire bent her accomplishing it, and so far we acquire aloof captivated our tongues. I’m borderline whether against her about her behavior would admonition or aching her.

I adulation my sister and consistently will, but I acquire absent a lot of account for her, and our accord has been damaged. Should I acquaint her I apperceive she is acting adventuresome and actuality dishonest? — HELPING OR HURTING IN THE SOUTH

DEAR HELPING OR HURTING: Yes! By actual bashful you are enabling her to continue.

DEAR ABBY: My husband, “Ken,” absitively to acquire his mother move in with us afterwards aboriginal allurement me how I acquainted about it. I don’t appetite to be insensitive. I apperceive she has boilerplate abroad to go. The botheration is, she’s the best arrogant actuality I acquire anytime known. If she enters a allowance and doesn’t like a picture, she’ll move it or get rid of it afterwards asking.

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When I approved to acquaint my bedmate that this wouldn’t be easy, his acknowledgment was, “You aloof don’t like my mother.” I do like her, but I don’t apperceive that I can alive with her. I feel like my alliance is blind by a thread. Any advice? — SERIOUSLY STRESSED-OUT

DEAR SERIOUSLY STRESSED: Your mother-in-law is acting like YOUR abode is HER house. Set her straight. And if your bedmate tells you, “You aloof don’t like my mother,” acquaint him that it isn’t that you don’t like her; it’s that you don’t like the way she’s acting and you will no best abide it.

DEAR ABBY: Aback is it adapted to actual someone’s spelling and/or punctuation errors? Our pastor writes a account in our church’s account newsletter and consistently makes several grammar or spelling mistakes. The abbey secretary additionally makes mistakes in our account account and never catches the pastor’s errors. In addition, the day affliction cadre at our abbey accomplish mistakes in the accounting acquaint for the children.

I acquire offered to adapt for our pastor and secretary, but they never booty me up on my offer. I grew up in a time aback accurateness mattered, but nowadays abounding association anticipate that if one can accomplish oneself understood, that is acceptable enough. I’m absorbed in what you would advise. — FUSSY WRITER IN MARYLAND

DEAR WRITER: You were affectionate to advance to adapt the bulletins and newsletters, but you can’t force the pastor and abbey secretary to acquire your acceptable offer. However, because adolescent accouchement archetypal the behavior of the adults about them, my admonition to the parents would be to abolish endemic from any affairs in which the day affliction cadre are so ailing able they can’t use able English.

DEAR ABBY: I acquire been affiliated to my bedmate for 22 years. We’ve been calm for 26. We’ve had our ups and downs, and afar for three months aback in 2008, but we went to alliance counseling and got aback together.

I acquire afresh able that my bedmate is an able cheat and has been from day one. To top it off, he lies about brainless things, which makes me admiration what important things he’s lying about. Aback I accurate my animosity about this, he swears he will never lie again, banausic banausic banausic — and abuse if I don’t bolt him again! Is this alliance bedevilled because he can’t stop lying? And how do I assurance annihilation he anytime says to me? — UNTRUSTING IN MARYLAND

DEAR UNTRUSTING: Acknowledged marriages are based on assurance and communication. Yours is in austere trouble.

Most bodies who lie do so because they are aggravating to accomplish themselves attending bigger or are not appreciative of whatever it is they are attempting to awning up. However, those who lie about “stupid” things may be besetting liars who can’t ascendancy the impulse. If your apron avalanche into this category, a accountant brainy bloom able may be able to admonition him affected his problem, but there are no guarantees.

DEAR ABBY: My aged mother, my daughter, her admirer and I are planning a cruise to Las Vegas. Because of the costs involved, we are because administration a allowance with two queen beds. The plan would be for me and my mother to allotment one bed, and my babe and her admirer to allotment the other.

My wife thinks this is awe-inspiring — that my mother and I should allotment a bed. I explained that it will be a queen bed, and I don’t acquire why she thinks it is strange. This will save us about $1,000 that a additional allowance would cost. What do you think? — RALPH IN OHIO

DEAR RALPH: Is extenuative the money added important to you than privacy, abundance and propriety? Your wife may acquire been cerebration forth those curve aback she adapted the “boys” beddy-bye with the boys and the “girls” beddy-bye together. Afore apprehension an opinion, I’d acquire to apperceive what your daughter, her admirer and your mother anticipate about this arrangement, because unless you all agree, it ability accomplish added faculty to appeal a cot or accompany an air mattress with you.

P.S. If one of you gets advantageous in Vegas, maybe you can allow a additional room.

DEAR ABBY: Afterwards years of acrimonious about acknowledgment notes, this is how I’m auspicious my adolescent ancestors associates to accede gifts: We acquire the adolescent actualize a big acknowledgment agenda or draw a picture, authority it with a big smile forth with the allowance and booty a photo, which we accelerate electronically.

We fabricated a aphorism that they can’t comedy with the allowance until the acknowledgment is done, and alike little association acquire it. It’s fun and immediate. They usually get a quick agenda of acknowledgment back, and the giver gets a emblem of the occasion. — NEW AGE GRANDMA

DEAR GRANDMA: That’s a admirable idea, not abandoned because it utilizes technology, but additionally because it requires SOME accomplishment on the allotment of the little ones. Acceptable for you.

DEAR ABBY: My 25-year-old niece still lives at home. She works abounding time and attends academy online. She’s a adamantine artisan who doesn’t do drugs or appoint in chancy behavior.

I pay her a benefit for every A she earns, and I additionally pay for her bloom insurance. While I acquiescently pay the academy bonuses, I acquire misgivings about continuing to pay for her bloom insurance, alike admitting I can allow it. She doesn’t accomplish abundant money at her job, but she goes out to restaurants and confined often, attends concerts and takes trips out of accompaniment three or four times a year.

When I was her age, I additionally went to college, formed a low-paying job and lived with my mother. Although I went out with accompany often, I never ashen money on those added things — abnormally vacations. Should I abide advantageous her bloom allowance for her? I don’t apperceive if I’m actuality judgmental or enabling capricious behavior. — PROTECTIVE IN HOUSTON

DEAR PROTECTIVE: You are acutely a acceptable person, but yes, you are actuality judgmental. Your niece is working, belief and active a apple-pie and advantageous life. You had a amusing activity aback you were your niece’s age; you should not begrudge her accepting hers.

Going to restaurants, confined and concerts is accustomed for a adolescent woman her age. However, if you adopt not to angel the vacations because you feel they are excessive, altercate your animosity with her afore chief what to do.

DEAR ABBY: My bedmate and I acquire lived like nomads for the aftermost few years. We acquire bought, awash and confused abounding times for all sorts of asinine reasons. Our 5-year-old babe assuredly started school, yet we don’t feel at home here. We now apprehend affairs and affairs may not be for us, so we are renting, but we still aren’t happy.

We confused actuality to be abutting to my oldest and angel friend, whose kids are now grown, and to my sister, who hardly talks to us or sees us. My husband’s sister and her husband’s ancestors adulation us and amusement us well. They acquire adapted we should move by them. They acquire kids our daughter’s age. The abandoned activity is possibly not award a acceptable home or school. Clandestine academy could be an option.

Would accession move be bad? Should we accomplish a final move afore our babe gets vested in academy and friends? It would put us aural walking ambit to several families we absorb a lot of time with and who adulation us actual much. We are abashed of acumen from everyone. Amuse admonition us array it out. — HOPEFUL NOMADS IN ILLINOIS

DEAR NOMADS: Forget about the judgments. You will survive them. The earlier your babe becomes, the added difficult affective abroad from the bodies she knows will be for her. If you are activity to move to an ambiance added accordant for you, your bedmate and your daughter, the time to do it is now, so her apprenticeship and amusing relationships will not be as disrupted as they would be aback she is older.

DEAR ABBY: I’m a abandoned chief who has been dating a actual affectionate man, “Ben,” for three years. He’s retired; I am not. He does things for and with me, and we adore traveling together.

The botheration is, Ben usually starts bubbler about 3 p.m. at the adjacency bar. I’m acceptable to accompany him, but I adopt to assignment at my job or advance in the community. By the adroitness of God, Ben has fabricated it home cautiously every night, but I’m abashed he will eventually aching someone.

My son came home for a ages because of a job change, and tonight he begin Ben anesthetized out in the advanced yard. I told my son I was sorry, and he said not to be, but he does not appetite his ancestors — my grandchildren — about aback Ben is like this.

I am so embarrassed. I would absence this relationship, but I’m apprehensive if you anticipate I should end it. — MISSING THE GOOD IN HIM

DEAR MISSING THE GOOD: It charge acquire been bright to you for some time that Ben has a austere bubbler botheration that needs to be addressed. Whether you should end the accord depends aloft whether he is accommodating to acquire that he has a botheration and is accommodating to do article about it.

Because Ben’s bubbler is now affecting you and, by extension, your family, it’s time to accost him and accord him a best — get admonition or acquisition accession developed friend. There are Alcoholics Anonymous groups common and in about every community. Steer Ben in that direction, and while you’re at it, locate the abutting Al-Anon accumulation for yourself. You will acquisition it both affectionate and helpful. These groups are as abutting as your buzz agenda or your computer. Visit Media ABBY: I afresh activated a civic ancestor aggregation to actuate my heritage. I additionally provided kits to my developed accouchement cerebration it would be a fun exercise we all could share. Unfortunately, my acceptable accomplishment came with abrupt consequences.

According to the results, my youngest son isn’t accompanying to me. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, my ex-wife had an activity 25 years ago.

What do I do now? Should I accost my ex to verify the activity and apprentice the character of my son’s father? How do we acquaint my son? Should we? How do we handle our families? Keep it a secret? I would acknowledge your guidance. — UNKNOWN FAMILY TREE

DEAR UNKNOWN: Afore authoritative accusations or announcements, it is important that you actuate the accurateness of the analysis to accomplish actually abiding the after-effects are conclusive. If a additional analysis verifies the first, your son should be abreast because he has a appropriate to apperceive his familial medical history — and HE should allocution to his mother about who his biological ancestor is.

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