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Microsoft Excel is a accepted spreadsheet affairs acclimated to store, architecture and adapt the data. It is an basic allotment of the best business alignment that is acclimated to accomplish budgeting, actualize banking statements, actualize antithesis bedding and added accounting functions. Excel Spreadsheets are additionally best frequently acclimated to accomplish circuitous algebraic operations.

For any business to run smoothly, Action administration is crucial, and it plays an important role in accomplishing business deadlines. Excel bedding are acclimated broadly for action administration to assay analytic paths, assay the latest trends to accomplish able decisions, plan the projects and clue the projects. That actuality said, Microsoft Excel has a advanced array of analytic accoutrement and templates that are acclimated by all calibration of business to administer and address projects.

Track assorted projects in Excel

If you are alive on added than one project, Excel allows you to adapt the assorted projects and its assets to accomplish cardinal milestones. While managing the assorted tasks and tracking assorted projects can be absolutely challenging, Excel has some amazing action administration templates that allows to adapt and agenda assorted projects finer all in a distinct excel spreadsheet.

In this article, we explain how to use a Assorted Action Tracking Arrangement Excel to finer plan and clue assorted projects in a distinct Excel spreadsheet. The arrangement provides a convenient interface and consists of Abstracts Bedding to add tasks, assorted action tracking dashboard, assorted projects tracking Gantt Chart, and Action summary. The arrangement allows you to use as abounding projects and tasks as you ambition in a distinct workbook after any boundaries.  The arrangement is accessible for chargeless and works on best of the MS Excel adaptation in Windows 10.

Setup the Excel arrangement for tracking assorted projects

Download the chargeless Excel arrangement for tracking assorted projects actuality and save it to your bounded drive. Double-click the downloaded file. The Arrangement book opens automatically in Microsoft Excel.

Now bang on the Abstracts Area tab at the basal of the workbook.  Clear the absolute abstracts from the table to actualize your projects and tasks.

Add Assorted Projects in Excel Template

Go to Projects Arbitrary Area at the basal of the workbook.

Clear the absolute sample projects in the additional cavalcade from the cavalcade B ambit B4 to ambit B 13  under the name Projects.


Enter your Action Tiles in Cavalcade B from the ambit B4. You can access as abounding projects as you want.

Click on Action Plan Area at the basal of the workbook. The Action Plan area is the capital area of the arrangement that shows all-embracing tasks and action metrics and cachet report. In this sheet, you can appearance all the projects on the Dashboard and Gantt Chart.

Click on bottomward arrow beside  All Projects card at the top of the sheet. Baddest your aboriginal action from the drop-down menu.


Enter the capacity of your aboriginal action like action name, chump name, and action manager.

Once done, bang on the bottomward arrow beside the All Projects card at the top of the sheet.

Now baddest your additional action from the drop-down card to accessible a new adaptation of the sheet.


Enter the capacity of your additional action like action name, chump name, and action manager.

Once done, you can accumulate on abacus new projects and its capacity as abundant as you appetite by repeating the aloft steps.

Add new tasks in Abstracts Sheet

Data Area is the area in your workbook that allows you to add the advancing action activities and their capacity in an organized way. Abstracts Area contains fields that acquiesce you to access tasks for anniversary of your projects and their corresponding action activities to track.  In the datasheet, you can add the assignment for anniversary project, accredit a aggregation affiliate to a accurate task, acknowledgment the alpha date and the accepted date of completion. Follow the beneath accomplish to add new tasks beneath a project.

Navigate to the Abstracts Area tab at the basal of the workbook.


Under the Action Column,  Select the Action Title.

In the Assignment Column, add a new task

In the amenable column, add the name of a being  to whom the assignment is assigned

In the Alpha Date Column, accredit the abstracts back the amenable being has to alpha the task.

Specify the cardinal of canicule appropriate by a aggregation affiliate or a being to complete the action activity for every assignment in the Canicule Appropriate Column. This advance abstracts will aftermath the cachet of your Action in Dashboard and Gantt.

You can amend the advance of the assignment completed in allotment on a circadian base in a abstracted cavalcade alleged Progress.

Save the changes.

The changes fabricated to the Abstracts Area will arise in Action Plan and Action Summary.


You can appearance the all-embracing cachet of the action actuality and get a blueprint of the allotment of action completed, and the allotment of the awaiting tasks.

That’s all there is to it!

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