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Wednesday, January 16th 2019. | Receipt

A man has collapsed victim to an busy betray that saw him duke over a $40,000 car after accepting a cent.

Dean Thornton listed his BMW for auction online but had no takers for a few weeks until, one Saturday, he got a alarm from a abeyant client alleged Peter.

“He admired the car and capital to buy it. Capital to buy it today, didn’t appetite to absence out,” Mr Thornton told A Current Affair.

“I didn’t anticipate annihilation was odd at the time, as I’ve apparent and heard bodies that accept bought cars ‘sight unseen’ and didn’t anticipate abundant of it, really.”

Dean Thornton was scammed out of a $40,000 car. (A Current Affair)

Peter agreed to pay $40,000 and aural 10 annual of blind up, beatific Mr Thornton a screenshot of the acquittal receipt.

Mr Thornton said he arrested to accomplish abiding all his details, the dates and the bulk were correct.

He knew it was a accident to bead off the car after the money aboriginal actuality in his account, but back Peter said he lived in the affluent breadth of Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast, Mr Thornton alone his guard.

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“Anyone who lives on the Gold Coast knows what Sanctuary Cove is,” he said.

Mr Thornton listed his BMW online and was contacted by a client called Peter. (A Current Affair)

“There’s so abounding aegis cameras at Sanctuary Cove, it’s not funny.”

Mr Thornton collection to Sanctuary Cove that afternoon and pulled up to the abode he’d been accustomed – a multi-million-dollar abode appropriate on the water, with its own spa and jaccuzzi.

Mr Thornton additionally saw a white Porsche sitting in the garage.

Peter had already said he was out of boondocks on work, but his adherent would be at the address, and he claimed his mother lived up the street.

The cancellation Mr Thornton accustomed looked genuine. (A Current Affair)

He provided licences as affidavit of ID, but A Current Affair has no acceptance as to whether they are absolute or fake.

Mr Thornton alone the car off, but the promised funds did not appear through on Monday.

He said he arrested with the coffer and beatific Peter a text, but accustomed no response.

On Tuesday, Mr Thornton went into the coffer annex to appearance them the acquittal receipt, and said alike the teller was convinced.

Mr Thornton was reassured back Peter provided a Sanctuary Cove address. (A Current Affair)

But a afterpiece analysis reveals a slight aberration in chantry appearance amid the “from account” and the “to account”.

Mr Thornton alternate to the abode Peter had accustomed him in Sanctuary Cover, but Peter and his adherent were boilerplate to be found.

It eventuated that the affluence home was a concise rental, and the acreage owners had no abstraction it was actuality acclimated in an busy scam.

“I would anticipate alike if he does this every brace of months or so, the guy is apparently raking in a division of a actor dollars per year,” Mr Thornton said.

Youi arch of investigations Russell Mills said bodies affairs acreage afterimage concealed was a red flag. (A Current Affair)

Thankfully, Mr Thornton’s insurer Youi paid out his action as a baseborn car.

Youi’s arch of investigations, Russell Mills, said somebody absent to buy acreage after analytical it was a “huge red flag”.

He said bodies should consistently verify the client is 18-carat and the abode exists, but best importantly, not to duke over the keys until the money was in their account.

Police are now investigating the incident.

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