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Saturday, January 19th 2019. | Salary

ST. MARYS — The lath of admiral of the St. Marys Area Academy District accustomed an authoritative advantage plan for the 2019-20 through 2023-24 academy years at its affair Monday.

Under the plan, administrators are disconnected into four tiers with altered abject advantage rates.

Tier 1 includes arch and the administrator of apprentice casework positions; bank 2 includes abettor arch positions; bank 3 includes academy analyst and appropriate apprenticeship communication positions; and bank 4 includes administrator of activities and athletics, administrator of abutment casework and chief advice technology coordinator positions.

Tier 1 administrators will accept 10 years of account minimum of $75,000, a 15 years of account minimum of $80,000 and a $110,000 maximum. Bank 2 minimums will be bent by the bacon of the accomplished paid abecedary from 2016 through 2021 per the ante authentic aural the St. Marys Area Apprenticeship Association arrangement and accept a best of $102,500. Bank three will additionally accept a minimum as authentic by the accomplished paid abecedary per the SMAEA arrangement and a best of $97,300. Bank 4 will accept a minimum abject bacon of $45,000 and a best of $71,700. Maximums will be adapted annually utilizing the customer amount index, but will not beat 2 percent in a accustomed year.

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Individual bacon increases will be bent by achievement evaluation.

The plan additionally outlines non-salary allowances for administrators, including ailing leave, vacation, allowance and added accepted benefits.

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