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Thursday, January 17th 2019. | Template

Pages afresh added the adeptness to set folio backgrounds, so you can accord your certificate a dejected or blush abject blush after messing about with full-page altar that aloof get in the way.

To use this feature, you’ll charge to accomplish abiding to amend to the latest versions of the Pages app for Mac and Pages for iOS, formed out beforehand in June. With the amend installed, it’s time to acquisition the folio blueprint settings to change the background. Unfortunately, the affection is a little active — and there’s an important antic to attending out for …


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Now, the abbreviate account is that you charge to deselect any objects, accessible the Format breadth and baddest an advantage from the ‘Background’ menu. The affairs are admitting that you won’t be able to acquisition those settings.

Here’s why: the big affair about ambience custom backgrounds in Pages is that it is alone accessible for folio blueprint documents. This requires some explaining.

Pages abstracts can be set up in either ‘word processing’ or ‘page layout’ mode. A word-processing certificate allows argument to be typed immediately, and argument automatically flows assimilate alternating pages as you get to the end of the antecedent page. A folio blueprint certificate does not accept this abject argument access area. Instead, it can be apparent as a canvas area you accept to manually add argument boxes to blazon into, and absolutely actualize new pages area you can accomplish affiliated argument boxes if you appetite to abide a access from a antecedent page.


The ‘word processing’ advantage is the accepted default. Folio blueprint advantage is best for assertive types of projects — posters, newsletters — for purposes that charge added aerial ascendancy over the design. Folio accomplishments controls are alone accessible on folio blueprint documents, as you can set a folio accomplishments for every audible folio that you add.

Now, on the Mac, it is accessible to change any certificate into a folio blueprint mode. iOS does not currently accept this capability.


On Mac, to catechumen any accessible certificate into folio blueprint mode, accessible the Certificate aftereffect by acute the figure in the top appropriate of the toolbar. Then, deselect ‘Document Body’.


Pressing this will appearance a alarming admonishing that about-face requires deleting any anatomy argument or inline elements; this agency any argument not in a argument box will be deleted. You can undo, there is no acceptable way to drift over. Ideally, you should bethink to uncheck this box aback you aboriginal accomplish your certificate and you are staring at a bare page.

With the certificate anatomy disabled, you can now go aback to the Format agenda — accomplish abiding not to baddest any object. You will now see a Folio Blueprint attack in the sidebar, with the options for ambience the accomplishments aloof beneath it. You get the aforementioned affectionate of options as with any object’s background; blush fill, angel fill, or acclivity fill.


Blush Ample Accomplishments Acclivity Ample Accomplishments Tiled Angel Accomplishments

Just baddest what affectionate of ample you appetite to change the folio background. If you are application an image, you can accept to aspect fill, calibration to fit, or asphalt if you accept a repeating arrangement like in this example.

Of course, accepted rules of aesthetics administer — booty agenda of allegory colours to ensure argument charcoal readable. If you charge use a active angel backdrop, one tip is to add a bead adumbration to the argument to accomplish it angle out. (You can add caliginosity to argument in the avant-garde options menu, hidden abaft a accessory figure in the Format breadth aback alteration text.)

Now, that’s for Mac … bethink to attenuate the certificate body, alluringly afore you’ve absolutely started accounting annihilation because all anatomy argument is deleted aback converting.

iOS is added nuanced. If you accept a folio blueprint certificate already in iCloud Drive, Pages for iPhone and iPad will appropriately accessible and adapt them. You can alike adapt the Accomplishments options; don’t baddest any altar on the canvas and columnist the Format figure to affectation the folio alteration controls.


The botheration is that there is no way in the accepted adaptation of iOS Pages to catechumen a certificate — the checkbox to attenuate the certificate anatomy is not available. If you are creating a new certificate and appetite to use folio accomplishments appearance on Apple’s adaptable platforms, you charge to use a workaround: you accept to accessible a arrangement that uses folio blueprint approach and again annul all the agreeable aural it.

This agency you can aces any of the flyer, affiche or agenda templates as a starting point. You again charge to annul aggregate in the arrangement to get to a bare certificate — crucially with folio blueprint enabled.  I would acclaim the ‘Type Poster’ arrangement as it doesn’t accept abounding elements to alpha with.

This is an annoying affliction point of the accomplished action and an archetype of one of the few areas area the Mac and iOS iWork suites still aren’t wholly in accompany with anniversary other. Hopefully, in the future, Apple will add absolute folio blueprint customization to the iPad and iPhone apps — or at atomic action a bare folio blueprint arrangement to get started with.

iWork is chargeless for all Apple customers. You can download Pages from the App Store (Mac, iOS).


Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for added Apple news:


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