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After amaranthine days, weeks and months of planning your accident has assuredly happened.

The adamantine assignment is done, and you can (finally!) booty a abysmal breath. (Go ahead…close your eyes and accord yourself a well-deserved moment of accord and satisfaction!)

Are your eyes accessible yet? Good!

Because while the time crisis is over, the assignment active your accident business activity isn’t. Now is the time for to get feedback, and ensure attendees will abide advancing to your abutting event. (And the one afterwards that, and the one afterwards that…you get the idea!)

Hopefully you can booty a day or two off, and adore some able accretion time afterwards all of your adamantine assignment accident planning. Either way, as any accident able will acquaint you, there is still assignment to be done post-event.

How address column accident analysis questions

One of the best way to ensure a accident business activity with connected success is by utilizing post-event surveys.

We’re all about aloof acknowledgment at G2 Crowd (you know, accustomed it’s what our aggregation is based on!) Our armpit offers reviews of accident administration software, but the charge for chump acknowledgment goes aloft software reviews — appropriate through to the accident itself.

This is breadth you charge to accomplish use of surveys afterward your event. Let’s booty a attending at what column accident analysis questions are.

Post Accident Analysis Questions

Post accident analysis questions are acclimated by accident professionals to assay an event’s success. Accident surveys bare what went well, to carbon at approaching events, and what to change. Surveys should not be too long, can be done with cardboard and pencil, beatific through email, or aggregate at the breadth as allotment of an accident app. Column accident analysis questions can booty assorted forms, including advancing questions, Likert Calibration questions, and assorted choice.

Understanding what formed and what didn’t is acute to authoritative abiding your accident business activity not alone succeeds, but additionally improves.

In this commodity I’ll altercate aggregate you charge to apperceive aback it comes to autograph and active your abutting post-event survey, including:

Who to Ask for Post-Event FeedbackPost-Event Analysis GoalsEvent Analysis Questions and ExamplesCompiling Your Questions: Analysis Beheading TipsAnalyzing Post-Event Analysis ResultsPost accident analysis questions: Who you should ask

While it is accepted you will ask accident attendees for feedback, they aren’t the alone accumulation who can accord you guidance.


Including your accident guests, there are three groups you can seek acknowledgment from:

1. Accident volunteers

If you formed with volunteers during your event, they are a abundant antecedent to apprentice what formed and what didn’t.

Whether it’s affairs raffle tickets, scanning name badges, or acceptable with registration, volunteers get contiguous acknowledgment from your guests. They can accommodate you with accomplished advice to advance processes at your abutting event. In the aforementioned way, they acquaint you of what worked, so that you can apparatus it as a accepted accident process.

While you don’t charge to accelerate an absolute analysis to your volunteers, it’s account sending them an email advertence your acknowledgment and allurement if they accept any acknowledgment they’d like to accord you.

I’ve absent clue of how abounding contest I’ve volunteered at, but it’s been plenty. The account is connected and includes contest for kids, marketers, filmmakers, animals, theatres…you get the idea. It’s not generally bodies ask for my feedback, but aback they do I’m beholden for it. Sometimes I accept feedback, sometimes I don’t, but it’s consistently nice to apperceive that your assessment is valued!

2. Accident sponsors

Just like accident attendees, sponsors are additionally analytical to your event’s success. With an compassionate of that, it makes faculty you appetite their acknowledgment too!

If you alone accept a few sponsors, a simple email or buzz alarm allurement for acknowledgment works. On the added hand, if you accept 10 or added sponsors, you can actualize a post-event analysis for them. In accession to accumulation the data, this gives your sponsors the account of anonymity. If you are accomplishing article a sponsor doesn’t like, it’s important you apperceive what it is – you appetite them to sponsor you again!

Plus, sponsors are bodies too, and the accent of authoritative bodies feel admired and accepted can’t be taken for granted. Allurement for acknowledgment shows you amount their input, befitting the accord strong.

3. Attendees

The third accumulation is, of course, the best obvious. Accustomed these are the bodies you produced the accident for, it makes faculty you appetite to apperceive about their experience. A absolute acquaintance at your accident will aftereffect in absolute animosity appear your brand.

Plus, the aforementioned way you appetite echo sponsors, you additionally appetite echo guests! This is a huge allotment of a acknowledged accident business strategy. attendees aren’t happy, they won’t appear back, authoritative your connected accident business success abundant added challenging.


Post accident analysis goals

Like any added business activity, your post-event analysis should activate by assessing the goals. Why are you accomplishing this analysis – what do you appetite to accomplish from it?

What you appetite to appraise can be summed up as the following:

What worked, what didn’t, and why?

You appetite to apperceive what worked, so that you can echo it, and what didn’t, so you can fix it. “What worked, what didn’t, and why,” is a mantra I abstruse in acting, and it doesn’t aloof administer to events.

Asking that catechism is a key apparatus for self-assessment I abstruse from Howard Fine, who has acting studios in Los Angeles and Australia, and has accomplished Jennifer Connelly, Jared Leto and Gerard Butler. (To name a few!)

After all, isn’t that what we’re aggravating to amount out in every breadth of our business execution? (Not to acknowledgment the blow of our lives…but that’s a affair for accession biographer on an absolutely altered subject!)

Given you appetite to apperceive what formed and what didn’t, there are three credibility you charge to accomplish abiding your questions awning three areas:

1. Accident Highlights

These are the “favorites.” What were the bigger successes of your event? These are the genitalia which got your guests excited! Hopefully, these will additionally be the credibility your guests go home and acquaint accompany and coworkers about, causing them to appear your abutting event!

2. Agency to advance your accident management

These are the “least favorites.” While not as fun to read, this is the allotment which will advice you see the best abiding success in your accident management.

As declared by American administrator Victor Kiam, “If you’re not affective forward, you’re continuing still.” (He additionally happens to be the man who purchased Remington and said: “I admired the beautician so much, I bought the company!”)

In adjustment to advance your accident business strategy, you charge to move forward. And how can you move forward, and get better, if you don’t apperceive what to change?

3. Barometer all-embracing accident satisfaction

Every accident will accept positives and negatives – that’s aloof the way it works. This is abnormally authentic accustomed that contest are an experience, and your guests will anniversary alive the accident through their own claimed lens.

You apperceive what they say, “You can’t amuse all of the bodies all of the time.”

But application your column accident analysis questions to achievement enables you to quantify your event’s success as a whole. And, you are barometer that success in the eyes of those who amount best — your attendees.

Include accident analysis questions that accord afterwards after-effects that can be considerately measured. For example, artlessly ask guests to amount their satisfaction, or how acceptable they are to acclaim the accident to a friend.

Post accident analysis questions with examples

Now that you apperceive who you will seek acknowledgment from, let’s allocution about what you are activity to ask them. There are abounding bargain (or alike FREE!) analysis software providers. These accoutrement accredit you to address your analysis questions, accelerate a analysis articulation to guests, and appearance the results.

Mobile accident apps additionally accommodate analysis features. These apps accredit attendees to allotment their acknowledgment on the accident day, generally anon afterward apostle sessions.

The three capital types of questions acclimated in post-event surveys, (which I’ll explain with examples of each!), include:

Open-ended questionsRating (or Likert Scale) questionsMultiple best and “choose all that apply” questions

As you analyze anniversary of the three lists, amuse calendar you should NOT use every catechism here!

These questions are to be acclimated as a springboard aback planning your abutting post-event survey. If you use them all, your analysis will be too connected and too repetitive! (More about ideal analysis breadth in my post-event analysis tips below!)

In addition, it’s account acquainted that accident analysis questions are beatific afterwards the event, or at atomic the event, has finished. This is abnormally the case for accumulated accident planning, accomplished as allotment of a B2B business strategy. Be sure to acclimatize any all-important diction to be past-tense.

Open-ended analysis questions:

Open-ended questions are the abutting you can get to a approved conversation. Breadth added analysis questions accept a account of abeyant answers to accept from, these questions are aloof what they say: open-ended. Analysis respondents can say annihilation and aggregate on their mind!

Remember that your advancing questions should be bound – don’t ask too many! In accession to demography best for your guests to answer, you can’t quantify the results.

Despite this, they are abundantly advantageous and should be included about in your survey!

Examples: Advancing accident analysis questionsWhat was the highlight of this conference? (What did you like about it the most?)Are there any suggestions you accept for abutting year’s event?If you would like to accommodate a adduce for promotional use, amuse accommodate actuality with your appellation and occupation. (Name/company optional.)Were there any genitalia of the appointment that you begin abnormally useful?What was your atomic admired allotment of this event?Will this accident advice added your career/your team’s goals/your company’s ROI? If so, how?Do you accept any affair or apostle suggestions for approaching events?How will this appointment advance your work?How can we accomplish this appointment better?Any added comments or feedback?

Notice that I asked, “Will this accident advice added your goals? If so, how?” It is capital you do not accomplish presumptions or ask any arch questions. While you achievement your accident had a absolute impact, you can’t accomplish that assumption.

Likert Scale, or Appraisement questions:

Likert calibration questions accord your respondents a calibration on which they can amount how abundant they accede or disagree with a statement. For example, you could ask, “On a calibration from 1 to 5, how annoyed are you with this event?” The baronial is usually done on a calibration from 1-to-5 or 1-to-7. It’s acceptable to accept an odd cardinal so you accept a bright average point.

The best important allotment is to acutely characterization which end is “really good” and which end is “really bad!”

Notice how in this archetype from Research Now, the account of “1 – Not at all important” and “5 – Extremely important” is appropriate there breadth the questions are actuality answered.

Image source: Research Now

Without allegorical if “1” agency acceptable or bad, you will end up with abstracts that is meaningless. You accept no way of alive what your guests think; that’s absolutely like arena a calendar bold after allegorical if an ace is aerial or low!

Here is a account of questions you can use with a Likert Calibration or “rating” format. In the aboriginal one, I’ve accustomed an archetype of how you can accommodate diction for which ancillary is aerial and which is low.

Examples: Likert Calibration column accident analysis questions

On a calibration from 1 to 5, with one actuality low and bristles actuality high:

How would you amount the adeptness of anniversary speaker? (You could put this into a chart, or matrix, for guests to alone amount anniversary speaker’s knowledge.)How acceptable are you to acclaim this appointment to a acquaintance or coworker?How acceptable are you to appear this appointment afresh abutting year?How would you amount the amount of this conference?How benign was the advice presented at this event?How abundant will this accident absolutely appulse beheading of your job?How annoyed were you with the event’s agenda?How would you amount the catering?How would you amount the venue?How would you amount your all-embracing experience?How would you amount the amount of this conference?How would you amount the accident communications arch up to the event:How do you amount the all-embracing affection of the speakers?Overall, how annoyed were you with this event?How would you amount the affection of the networking at this event?How acceptable are you to appear our added events?

As apparent as in the angel above, you can additionally actualize a matrix, or a grid, to ask participants to amount assorted factors aural the aforementioned question.

Here is an archetype with some added post-event questions. By putting the questions all together, into one grid, it makes your analysis added consolated and feels beneath than eight abstracted questions. Plus, alpha eight questions in a row with “On a calibration from 1 to 5” feels added than a little redundant!


Choose-all-that-apply and multiple-choice questions

These are questions in which you accord attendees a specific acknowledgment to choose. It could be assorted choice, in which they baddest the best-fitting answer, or “choose all that apply,” in which they can beat as abounding boxes as are relevant.

(My aboveboard affliction if I accept brought you aback to any of your aerial academy testing days!)

Here are a few examples of the questions you could ask. Be abiding to accommodate an “N/A” advantage to accumulate your after-effects as authentic as possible! (More about that in a moment!)

Examples: Multiple-choice and “Choose-All-That-Apply” column accident analysis questionsHow did you aboriginal apprehend about the conference?Have you abounding this appointment before?Have you abounding any of our added contest before?Did the appointment accommodated your expectations?How did you apprentice about the conference?Which sponsors do you bethink from the event?How annoyed were you with the calendar for the day?What factors actuate your accommodation to appear conferences and added able development?Were the date and time acceptable for you?Did the adeptness fit your role? (Was it too aerial or low level?)Who was your admired speaker?Were the sessions the appropriate length?Did you participate in any of the after-conference activities? (This catechism applies if you hosted a dinner, networking drinks, or any parties accompanying to your conference.)Did you accept abundant time for Q&A at the end of anniversary presentation?Demographics questions – title, industry, etc.

Some of these questions you can add an advancing follow-up. Let’s attending at one of the aloft questions for an example:

In this situation, you’ve accustomed guests the adeptness to accommodate a quick acknowledgment by selecting an advantage if they are abbreviate on time. This additionally gives you a aboveboard way to admeasurement if your accident signage served its purpose.

Thinking about “What worked, what didn’t, and why,” the “yes” and “no” questions are award out if the signage formed or not. Hopefully the advancing aftereffect catechism will accord you acumen into the “why”!

Compiling your questions: Tips for column accident analysis creation

Now that you accept the affectionate of analysis questions you can accept from (and accept examples of those questions!), let’s attending at putting it all together.

Here are the top three credibility to accumulate in apperception aback accumulation your accident analysis questions.

1. The crisis of appropriate analysis questions

Required questions are abundant in theory. The crisis is aback you appetite to apperceive everything, you accomplish aggregate required.

By accomplishing this, you can lose respondents in two ways.

The aboriginal is if your analysis is too long. (Given that analysis breadth is so crucial, I’ll altercate that added in the abutting paragraph!) If an accident bedfellow begins to booty your analysis and again runs out of time, you can at atomic let them abide the answers they accept completed.

The additional botheration comes aback you crave attendees to acknowledgment a catechism aback they accurately don’t accept an answer.

For example, if you crave guests to amount every apostle on a calibration from 1-to-5, and Sarah had to booty a buzz alarm and absent apostle cardinal three, what account is she declared to accord them?

This is my bigger pet annoyance aback I’m demography surveys!

Aside from arresting respondents, appropriate questions can advance to inaccurate data, which does annihilation to advice you!

Whenever you accomplish analysis questions required, actualize an “N/A” (not applicable) option. Again guests can at atomic be honest if article didn’t administer to them!

While you don’t appetite to accomplish every catechism required, It’s account acquainted there are some benefits.

For example, if you are incentivizing your survey, it is fair that you appetite guests to accept absolutely accustomed you acknowledgment – not an absolute analysis of bare answers.

Find a blessed medium: Accept some appropriate questions, but not all of them. This will advice your respondents acceleration up the activity if they don’t accept time for advancing questions, and ensure you get the answers which amount to you most.

2. Accident analysis length

Speaking of “speed it up”…

Be astute cerebration about how abundant time your analysis will require. Yes, the added advice you get, the better, but bodies are busy. (To say the least!)

If your analysis is too long, you will lose respondents center through. Or sooner! According to a abstraction by Analysis Monkey, acknowledging ante bead for every catechism you add:

Image credit: Analysis Monkey

As brash by Analysis Monkey, anticipate about the amount for anniversary catechism you add, as anniversary one could lose accession being commutual your survey. SurveyAnyplace recommends befitting your analysis breadth to a best of 15 questions, and alluringly 10.

If your analysis is abbreviate and sweet, let your accident guests know. Including “short seven-minute survey”in the email accountable (or bolded in the anatomy copy!), can advice access the acknowledging rate. Aloof accomplish abiding that time breadth is honest and accurate!

If you are allurement guests to complete a analysis aural an accident app, you charge to accumulate it alike added concise. David Housman, a user acquaintance researcher, advises accident planners to anticipate of their in-app analysis in cardinal of minutes. He recommends crafting questions that attendees can acknowledgment quickly: “Stick to assorted choice, argument entry, and sliding scale.”

3. Incentivizing your analysis questions

Many surveys are incentivized, acceptation bodies who booty them get something, or the adventitious to win something.

Some bodies are accommodating to accord acknowledgment but attempt because of a diffuse agitation list. The adventitious to win an Amazon allowance calendar ability aloof advance them over the bend for giving you bristles account of their time.

The alone abrogating to watch out for? Some bodies will affliction added about the allowance calendar again administration accepted feedback. In my acquaintance active surveys that has never been a botheration though!

If you don’t accept the account for allowance cards, you could anticipate about alms a abatement to your abutting event, or the befalling to accord abroad a chargeless canyon to abutting year’s conference.

I went to the B2B Business Forum in 2017, run by MarketingProfs, who activated its accident app for surveys afterward anniversary session. The app had a mini-survey for every apostle affair you attended, and for anniversary mini-survey abounding out you had the befalling to win a allowance card. And assumption what? I did. Every. Single. Survey.

Sadly I didn’t win, but I don’t affliction trying!

Like so abounding areas of life, creating surveys gets easier with practice. You will not alone ascertain “What worked, what didn’t and why” in your events, you’ll additionally apprentice what formed in the conception and beheading of your surveys!

Once you actualize and accelerate your survey, you can’t balloon the final step: absolutely account those responses!

Analyzing Post-Event Analysis Results

It goes after saying; a analysis is absurd if you don’t accept to accept and apprentice from the feedback.


When accomplishing so, bethink these two points:

1. Attending for agency to advance your event, again booty action.

Take a attending at the advancing questions, and seek any accordant feedback. You could ascertain suggestions that are accessible to abuse for your abutting event, adorning it to the abutting level. A bedfellow may additionally advance an amazing apostle for abutting time.

Be abiding to quantify your added questions. If you accept an aspect that has a consistently low rating, you apperceive breadth to put your efforts for your abutting event! Addressing these items will advice your guests apperceive you accept to them and are committed to giving them the best acquaintance possible.

Be accessible to the feedback, alike aback it’s not what you appetite to hear. If you aren’t, you could let a baby botheration (which could accept been calmly fixed!) about-face into a deal-breaker, and amount you approaching attendees.

Okay sure, you could additionally accept a few cantankerous guests who are activity to accord you abrogating feedback. Some bodies aloof attending for things to be black about. Usually, these bodies angle out in their responses. Alike then, try to get accomplished the negativity and accede the genitalia of their acknowledgment that are valid. And I do achievement you won’t accept too abounding of those at your event!

2. Find what’s alive and break consistent.

Take the time to feel acceptable about what went well. Aback bodies are happy, accumulate that momentum! You ability accept begin a breadth your guests all love. If that’s the case, you can re-book the amplitude for the afterward year. Woo hoo! One footfall of the planning activity ticked off of your list!

Oh yes, and accord yourself a pat on the back. Afterwards all of your adamantine work, you’ve becoming it!

The accent of column accident analysis questions

Feedback can be hard. (Okay, I accept it: absolutely hard.) We don’t like to apprehend criticism, because it agency acceptance mistakes. This is abnormally difficult aback you’ve put your affection and body (and amaranthine hours!) into annihilation – including your events.

Positive acknowledgment is great. Who doesn’t adulation audition you did well?

It feels acceptable to apperceive all of your adamantine assignment has paid off. However, you can’t get overconfident, or let it go to your head. You charge accommodate a column accident analysis as allotment of your accident planning checklist.

In the words of Tony Jaa, a Thai aggressive artist, administrator and Buddhist abbot (among added professions!): “Never be abashed to fail. Failure is alone a dispatch bean to improvement. Never be brash because that will block your improvement.”

It’s not accessible to be honest and authentic aback assessing our own successes and learnings. That’s what surveys are there for!

Execute your surveys with the aplomb you’ve put all you could into a abundant event, and the accord of apperception you will abide acquirements and improving.

Find added agency to advance your accident planning with this account of accident banker resources. It’s adapted on a approved base — there’s already over 60 eventprof resources!

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