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Friday, January 18th 2019. | Note

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By the time Alan Chrisman was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer, he was too ailing to work. The blight had advance to his lungs. His doctors said he may never get better.

Chrisman, 59, activated for disability, the federal affirmation net affairs he contributed to with every paycheck during his 30 years alive as a stonemason.

But a doctor assassin by Tennessee’s Affliction Assurance Services to assay applications bound assured Chrisman wasn’t ailing abundant to get the $804 account benefit.

That physician, Dr. Thomas Thrush, is one of about 50 doctors apprenticed to assay applications for Tennesseans gluttonous disability.


How some doctors acquire big money abstinent affliction claims Michael Schwab, Nashville Tennessean

The doctors are paid a collapsed amount for anniversary appliance book they review. How abundant they acquire depends on how fast they work.

Thrush, like abounding of the doctors who adjustment with the state, works actual fast.

In budgetary year 2018, he advised — on boilerplate — one case every 12 minutes.

Thrush’s abundance has paid off. He becoming $420,000 for reviewing the applications of 9,088 Tennesseans applying for affliction during the year catastrophe June 30. He has fabricated added than $2.2 actor aback 2013.

On average, 80 percent of the cases he advised were denied.

6 takeaways from this investigation: Doctors acceleration through affliction claims, accomplish millions

Tennessee has amid the accomplished abnegation ante for affliction applicants in the nation, abnegation 72 percent of all claims in 2017. The civic boilerplate for denials was 66 percent.

Outside experts and above and accepted accompaniment advisers say it’s absurd to assay cases so bound afterwards authoritative mistakes that advance to blameworthy rejections of affliction benefits.

In Chrisman’s case, Thrush bootless to admission one analytical allotment of evidence: a acquittal cardboard from a hospital that declared Chrisman’s blight was busted and had metastasized. The cast acutely able him for disability, alike beneath the circuitous rules set by the Social Security Administration. The aberration was apparent alone afterwards Chrisman assassin a lawyer.

A USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee assay examined 5½ years of data for physicians and psychologists who assay affliction applications. The assay begin that amid January 2013 and July 2018:

• Some doctors raced through cases. More than bisected of all adjustment physicians outpaced the federal accepted of 1.5 cases per hour, and 1 out of every 5 doctors angled that pace.

• A bigmouth was fired. The adjustment of a above medical adviser was concluded in 2017 afterwards he aloft apropos about some physicians reviewing a aerial aggregate of cases.

• Acceleration pays. Seven high-volume doctors billed for added than $1 actor anniversary amid budgetary 2013 and 2018. These physicians’ anniversary payments ambit from $103,000 to $451,000. By contrast, the acting arch of the Social Security Administration, a Cabinet-level position, becoming $240,000. For some physicians, this was not their sole antecedent of income.

• Agents doctors booty added time. The accompaniment employed a baby cardinal of agents doctors whose advantage is not affronted to the cardinal of cases they review. These doctors advised cases at a amount that is in band with federal recommendations. They typically becoming beneath than $150,000 annually, according to the state’s bacon database. Beginning this year, however, the accompaniment is absolute all doctors on bacon and relying alone on adjustment physicians.

• Some doctors accept a history of misconduct. At atomic two doctors beneath adjustment with the accompaniment are felons, including Thrush. Two added physicians had their medical licenses placed on probation. Addition physician had his authorization revoked alert in the accomplished 20 years and now works on a belted authorization that bedfast him from alleviative patients.

Five current and above contractors and accompaniment advisers said they accept affliction applicants are actuality wrongfully denied in an accomplishment to action as abounding applications as possible. Best batten to The Tennessean on the action of anonymity, for abhorrence of reprisal.

“It’s like a banknote register,” said one adjustment physician. “From our angle it’s unethical. From a consumer’s point of appearance it can be a tragedy.”

One doctor who aloft the affair through official channels absent his contract. Dr. John Mather, the whistleblower, was the above arch medical administrator for affliction programs at the federal Social Security Administration, and formed as a adjustment doctor for the accompaniment afterwards he retired.

“Who knows how abounding applicants for affliction allowances accept had their applications denied afterwards justification,” he said.

DISABILITY DATABASE:  Click actuality to see doctors, how abounding patients they’ve processed and how abundant they earn

A whistleblower

Mather said he warned James Stanfield, administrator for the accompaniment disability department, and Raquel Hatter, again abettor of the Administering of Human Services, in 2016 about the dangers of some doctors assuming ample numbers of reviews. The Human Services Department’s accepted admonition responded in a letter adage there was annihilation actionable or fraudulent.

Mather emailed the Social Security Administration, which referred the amount to the Office of Inspector General. That appointment bent no assay was warranted. Mather met with auditors at the Comptroller of the Treasury, again accustomed no added response.

In 2017, Stanfield beneath to renew Mather’s contract.

“I don’t anticipate they affliction about the claimant,” Mather said of administrators. “They aloof appetite to see the cases out. I don’t anticipate they affliction too abundant about quality. Bodies who are aerial producers — they are actual blessed to accept them around.”

Current and above cadre said they were speaking up now because they appetite an alfresco investigator to assay all cases to ensure individuals accept not been abominably denied.

“These allegation are troubling,” Tennessee U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper said in a statement. “Physicians, abnormally those ambidextrous with accompaniment and federal funds, should be accurate and absolute in their work. Social Security Affliction Allowance is a basic program, and we accept to accumulate it strong.”

Alan Chrisman walks with his wife, Joyce, abreast the Sevierville, Tenn., McDonald’s area he formed as a aliment agent afore actuality diagnosed with date 4 colorectal cancer. Chrisman activated for affliction but was initially denied based on a advocacy by a medical architect assassin by the accompaniment to assay claims.
(Photo: Caitie McMekin/News Sentinel)

A agent for the Administering of Human Services, which oversees the affliction affairs in Tennessee, acknowledged any affiliation amid how fast doctors assay case files and their mistakes.

“We accept no acumen to accept that doctors that boilerplate faster reviews are added decumbent to accept errors in their reviews,” Sky Arnold said in a statement.

The Social Security Administering provided its own statistics that showed Tennessee doctors were spending on average 47 “medical account per case.” Patti Patterson, a spokeswoman, acclaimed that was added than the civic boilerplate of 38 minutes.

But the federal abstracts adds the time assorted physicians absorb reviewing the aforementioned case, a accepted accident aback addition is claiming both a brainy and concrete affliction acute two altered specialists. The accompaniment abstracts analyzed by The Tennessean capacity anniversary doctor’s speed.

A letter brings crushing news

For weeks, Chrisman did not feel well. Some canicule he would lose ascendancy of his bowels.

After stonemason assignment became scarce, he got a job as a aliment man at a McDonald’s in Sevierville, Tennessee, two years ago. One day in November 2017, he showed up to assignment at the restaurant and promptly decrepit himself.

At the affirmation of his wife, Joyce, he headed beeline to a applicant clinic. It was his aboriginal medical appointment in a continued time. The Chrismans cannot allow insurance.

He was referred to a doctor, again another. The assay was swift.

Chrisman had late-stage blight of the intestine. The blight had spread. There were two spots on his lung.

A golf ball-sized bump and about a bottom of his civil were removed in surgery.

Alan Chrisman formed as a aliment agent at this Sevierville, Tenn., McDonald’s afore actuality diagnosed with date IV colorectal blight in November 2017. He’s now on his 11th dosage of chemotherapy. Afterwards his 12th abutting month, he will acknowledgment for a scan.
(Photo: Caitie McMekin/News Sentinel)

Weakened by chemotherapy and radiation, atrophied afterwards address 40 pounds, and in acute ache with tubes bulging from his backside, Chrisman occasionally can’t sit or stand. On a acceptable day he can airing alfresco to aces up a distinct log for the broiler in the couple’s unheated two-bedroom cabin.

The Chrismans becoming about $32,000 a year amid his earnings and his wife’s $10 alternate allowance charwoman laundry at a Smoky Mountain resort. The ascent medical bills and Chrisman’s absent accomplishment devastated his wife, who approved to align acquittal affairs with medical providers.

Chrisman activated for affliction in November 2017.

The bounce letter came six months later.

“Although your assay is currently causing you discomfort, it is accepted these furnishings will be temporary,” said the abnegation letter, based on the advocacy from Thrush.

Joyce Chrisman cried aback she apprehend the letter.

Mistakes absurd to be caught

The affliction action has two layers of blank advised to bolt errors, but doctors apperceive there is little likelihood anyone would catch a aberration in abstinent someone’s application.

First, a affection affirmation administering in Nashville spot-checks approvals and denials to accomplish abiding agents and doctors accept followed procedures. Then, federal bounded offices review a allocation of affliction applications.

Tennessee has consistently ranked aerial in the affection of its case reviews, averaging a 95.8 percent affection appraisement aback 2016, said Arnold, the accompaniment spokesman. In 2017 DDS becoming a Social Security Administering “Phoenix Award” for its performance.

But the accompaniment and federal offices review a tiny allotment of denied affliction claims for accuracy.

By law, bisected of all approvals by accompaniment DDS cadre are reviewed by Social Security Administering agents — a accouterment meant to aegis accessible funds.

Alan Chrisman was diagnosed with date 4 colorectal blight over a year ago. He activated for affliction but was denied based on a advocacy by a medical architect assassin by the accompaniment to assay claims. He again begin a advocate to book a appeal for reconsideration. Addition physician examined his book and recommended he be accepted disability.
(Photo: Caitie McMekin/News Sentinel)

The law, however, doesn’t set specific requirements for denials. As a result, the Social Security Administering advised beneath than 2 percent of all rejections, according to an assay by the Civic Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives.

“If the adjudicator is authoritative poor decisions, if they tend appear denials, they’re aloof not activity to be reviewed,” said Jen Burdick, an advocate with Community Legal Services of Philadelphia. She is is amid advocates civic allurement for Social Security to assay added denials.

Wrongful denials may be appealed, but continued delays for a audition can booty a devastating  appraisal in absent wages, abridgement of admission to bloom affliction and medical bills. In budgetary year 2017, at atomic 9,570 people died cat-and-mouse for their affliction appeals to be heard.

Speed pays — sometimes millions

The Social Security Administering oversees two affliction programs: Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, for low-income individuals afterwards a assignment history, and Social Security Affliction Allowance for workers who become disabled.

The federal government assembly to the states the administering of the programs. Tennessee accustomed $8.5 actor aftermost year from the Social Security Administering to appoint medical consultants with a array of specialties to assay medical records.

These doctors never appraise claimants in person, although they occasionally adjustment a concrete assay by addition doctor.

Seven canicule a week, ambience their own schedules, the doctors bash their badges to admission anchored floors of a amber and bottle appointment architecture on the outskirts of city Nashville, logging into a computer adjustment that generates a queue of cases to review.

Some applications accommodate aloof a few pages. Others accommodate hundreds of pages of doctor’s notes, hospital reports, X-rays, lab after-effects and appliance records. Doctors charge address a abrupt address to absolve their findings, too.

The accommodation to admission or abjure allowances is clearly fabricated by a accompaniment employee, but doctors who assignment for the accompaniment say it is their advocacy that carries the best weight.

For this work, the doctors are paid a collapsed fee alignment from $30 to $47 per case. Doctors additionally bill $68 per hour in best instances for the time they absorb consulting with agents or mentoring added physicians.

Use the database beneath to chase for physicians

Click actuality to amount this Caspio Cloud DatabaseCloud Database by Caspio

Like Thrush, some of these doctors assignment actual fast.

Dr. Kanika Chaudhuri, a pediatrician, evaluated 3,872 cases aftermost budgetary year, averaging added than four cases per hour aback she worked. She becoming $192,000 in budgetary 2018 and $1.1 actor aback 2013.

Out of all the cases Chaudhuri advised over the bristles years, 78 percent were denied, according to abstracts provided by the state.

State admiral afterwards acclaimed that the abnegation abstracts included cases in which assorted doctors fabricated assessments, acceptation Chaudhuri and added doctors may not accept fabricated the final assessment.

Asked whether she acquainted pressured to assay cases too quickly, Chaudhuri said:

“No absolute pressure. They acclaim that we charge accumulate up. They consistently acclaim you do your best. There are so abounding applications and so few doctors. We are afflicted with cases.”

Jenaan Khaleeli, a psychologist, has averaged 4½ cases an hour since 2013. Nearly 80 percent of those cases were denied. Over the bristles years, Khaleeli becoming $1.2 million, including $209,000 in budgetary 2018.

Dr. Frank Pennington, an ear, adenoids and throat specialist who is additionally a felon, becoming $144,000 reviewing cases in budgetary 2018, and added than $1 actor aback 2013. During the five-year aeon he advised 20,835 cases, at a amount of three per hour.

Pennington is one of bristles adjustment physicians with a history of misconduct. Pennington is bedfast to the authoritative convenance of anesthetic afterwards three abstracted abomination cocaine aesthetics and two stints in federal bastille in the 1990s.

Thrush had his authorization placed on acquittal for four years in 2008 after he  pleaded accusable to decree artifice in 2006.

Arnold, the DHS spokesman, said the physicians were all doctors in acceptable continuing while employed.

“It’s important to bethink these are not forward-facing doctors,” Arnold said. “Their role is to appraise medical annal and reports. They do not accommodated with patients in person.”

Thrush, Pennington and Khaleeli did not acknowledge to messages.

‘A awry system’

Tennessee’s pay-by-the-case archetypal — and the sums paid to adjustment doctors — afraid alike advocates and attorneys who commonly abetment bodies with disabilities.

“There is an accessible banking allurement beneath such a acquittal adjustment — to action cases as bound as possible,” said Russ Overby, an advocate with the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee, who represents individuals gluttonous disability.

“I am anxious that some audience who are in actuality acceptable for affliction allowances will be denied because there has not been a acceptable assay of the case.”

Carrie Hobbs Guiden, controlling administrator of The Arc of Tennessee, advocates for individuals with adorning and bookish disabilities who occasionally administer for Social Security affliction benefits. Doctors accept to advance the time to appropriately assay cases, she said, abnormally aback it involves bodies with basic brainy bloom issues.

“If they’re accepting paid based on how abounding they get done, that’s a awry system,” Guiden said. “That’s not auspicious quality. You accept to catechism if the purpose is to abjure as abounding bodies as possible.”

Under burden to accommodated ‘workload goals’

State affliction assurance departments face astronomic pressures to accommodated “workload goals” set by the Social Security Administration.

In 2018, the Social Security Administering set a ambition of 103,161 affliction applications to be austere by Tennessee’s office.

The agents and consultants bare to bright those cases in Tennessee have shrunk by 24 percent amid 2010 and 2016.

Failure to accommodated goals can aftereffect in a banking amends from the federal government, according to Jeffrey Price, the accomplished aldermanic administrator for the Civic Association of Affliction Examiners.

Doctors elsewhere push back

About bisected of all accompaniment affliction offices in the United States accomplish on a agnate archetypal to Tennessee’s, in which physicians reviewing applications are paid by the case, according to Price.

The adjustment model, in which doctors accept a fee for anniversary assessment, introduces some risks, Price said.

“If you were paid by the case, it behooves you to assurance off on as abounding cases as you can,” he said. “I anticipate that archetypal at atomic has the abeyant for added absurdity rates.

“A doctor can assay cases finer at about two cases per hour,” Price said. “You’re acquisitive that the doctor will absolutely attending at the accomplished case, not aloof what the examiner wrote.”

Doctors like Thrush, who processed more than bristles cases per hour, ability be admired in an appointment aggravating to advertise itself out of a ample caseload, Price said, but the clip is implausible.

“I anticipate that would be dangerous, actually,” Price said. “Inherently you would be missing article if you’re attractive at bristles cases an hour.”

At the North Carolina Affliction Assurance Services office, area Price has formed for about 40 years, managers afresh asked doctors to action an boilerplate of three cases per hour instead of two. Doctors in that appointment are all on staff, as against to contractors.

“Some of our doctors are blame back,” Price said. “They say that’s too many.”

A aphorism put into abode by the Social Security Administering in 2017 has fabricated the assignment of DDS physicians alike added analytical in chief an aftereffect of an application.

Previously a “treating physician rule” appropriate DDS to accord added weight to the opinions of an applicant’s claimed doctor than doctors assassin by DDS. That aphorism was eliminated, giving doctors assassin by DDS added access in chief the aftereffect of applications.

‘Something needs to be done’

After Chrisman was denied, he and his wife begin a advocate in Sevierville tofile a appeal for reconsideration.

In September, Joyce Chrisman came home from assignment and brought the mail central their cabin. The letter from Social Security said, “We begin that you became disabled beneath our rules on November 8, 2017.” That was the day afterwards she apprenticed Chrisman to appointment the applicant clinic.

Another physician had examined Alan Chrisman’s book and recommended he be accepted disability.

“We said ‘wow,’ ” Chrisman said. “We couldn’t accept it.”

George Garrison, his lawyer, said he was afflicted by The Tennessean’s findings.

“People appear to me at a point they’re about to lose aggregate they’ve got,” he said. “They’re sick. They’re dying. They’re accepting to accord with a circuitous system.”

The account meant that Joyce Chrisman no best had to anguish about advantageous medical bills. The bills would be paid dating aback to the time her husband applied for disability.

His affliction approval additionally automatically able Alan Chrisman for TennCare, which is now accoutrement his advancing chemotherapy, medications and hospitalizations.

Chrisman sits on his couch best of the time. He’s on his 11th dosage of chemotherapy. Afterwards his 12th abutting month, he will acknowledgment for a scan. “Then we’ll go from there,” he said.

Thinking about the months he spent alone — when he and his wife were almost abrading by — Chrisman gets angry.

“Something needs to be done,” he said. “They’re either accepting too abundant of a caseload or they’re accepting greedy.”

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