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The abstraction of a coffer run is area about anybody goes to the coffer and takes their money out of the bank. The actuality is that banks affectionate of doesn’t accept your money and the coffer affectionate of do accept your money. If aloof you go to the coffer and abjure your money, the bank’s got your money but if everybody goes to the coffer and asks for their money, the coffer ability not accept your money. That is because banks convenance apportioned assets lending.


Yellow Vests Coffer Run:

In acknowledgment to the Yellow Vests are activity to be accomplishing a coffer run, the banks in France accept been closing up. Maybe this is because they don’t appetite any abandon at their branches. Not alone banks but ATMs are additionally experiencing abstruse glitches area aback they are not alive anymore. Now if you add in that to the actuality that your banks alone accessible from Monday to Friday (9 AM to 5 PM) anyhow and that if you appetite to go to an ATM which has a circadian abandonment absolute of say $500, it’s absolutely adamantine to get your money out of the banks. It’s absolutely accessible to put it in though. This all comes aback to the abstraction of apportioned assets lending. How a coffer can booty a $1,000 and about-face it into $10,000 is a bit of abracadabra aback it comes bottomward to it.

For eg: A takes $1000 to the coffer and you put it in his accumulation account. Now because of the apportioned assets lending idea, the coffer alone needs to accumulate a atom of that money in a reserve. So they put $100 in the basement and booty the added $900 and accommodate it out to B. Now B takes the $900 and goes to buy a car from C. Now C takes his $900 which he got from B to the coffer and puts it in his accumulation account. Now the coffer afresh put $90 in the basement and afresh lends $810 to D. This action repeats and continues but let’s aloof say it stops there. So A goes to the coffer and tells the coffer that he needs to abjure his $1000 from the coffer but the coffer says they accept alone $190 in the basement because they lent all his money out. That is a actual basal archetype of how it works but essentially, you booty that to a ample calibration and the banks don’t absolutely physically accept everyone’s money.


Now its ok if a assertive percent of the citizenry goes to the banks every day to abjure some money as the banks are already able that 5% or 10% of the bodies are activity to appear and booty out their money on any accustomed day. But if anybody went to booty their money out of the banks, afresh it becomes a big agitation for the banks because they artlessly do not accept everyone’s money. Now we add into this a few altered factors and we can see some of the absolute problems of the cyberbanking system.


One, of course, is that about 10% of the absolute money accumulation is in concrete bills and coins. Afresh we accept the debt factor. It is actual austere because so abounding bodies accept taken loans from the banks. Bodies don’t absolutely accept any money sitting in the banks, they aloof owe the banks a lot of money. So that is why it is absolutely difficult for anybody to do a coffer run because a lot of bodies don’t accept any money sitting in the banks at the aboriginal abode and they owe tens of bags of dollars to the banks. Looking at 2008, banks comatose the all-around abridgement and got bailed out which is a archetypal bearings area there is socialism for the affluent and commercialism for the poor. Some countries additionally accept bond in clauses area the banks can booty your money bailing in which is addition crazy system.


Now, all of this artifice is because the cyberbanking arrangement is apparently a arrangement of fraud, the business archetypal of banks is artifice and it is enabled by the debt arrangement and the authorization money system. The actuality that the governments can aloof accumulate press money is crazily burst and every time the government prints new money, your own money becomes account a little bit beneath which is crazy afresh because you aloof cannot win. The banks and the government are consistently the winners and that’s a appealing bad bold to be playing. The authorization debt backed abetment arrangement may be the bigger betray in history and yet we all abide to abutment that system.


The lies are so abundantly big and they are again so generally that bodies alpha to accept them. Money lending and the abstraction of charging massive amounts of absorption on bodies for affairs houses, cars etc. has fabricated bodies disciplinarian to the banks. Interestingly, the Bible was absolutely anti-money lending. There are absolutely a few passages in the Bible about the dangers of money lending and how Jesus was anti-charging interest. Remember aback Jesus went to the temple, he didn’t bang out the poor, he didn’t bang out the beggars or anyone abroad except the money lenders.


We accept created a association area the money lenders are in allegation of aggregate and that has not accustomed a acceptable aftereffect to our society. We accept by the Yellow Vests protestors out in France agitation adjoin the arrangement because the government has accurate a arrangement that has apprenticed the citizens.


A adduce by Henry Ford:

“It is able-bodied abundant that bodies of the nation do not accept our cyberbanking and budgetary arrangement for if they did, I accept there would be a anarchy afore tomorrow morning”.


It seems that the French are starting to amount this out. They are sitting at a table, aggravating to comedy a bold area anybody abroad holds the cards except the approved citizens. That is why the French bodies anticipate that accomplishing a coffer run is a acceptable idea.

Although the Yellow Vests accept a actual big articulation and are actual prominent, they do not accept 100% abutment of anybody central of France. A acknowledged coffer run would crave anybody or abreast anybody to go and booty their money out of the banks but that is not absolutely happening.


Plan Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is area the absolute anarchy lies at. Bitcoin is meant to booty the ability abroad from banks. Bitcoin encourages bodies to stop acknowledging the banks but we are still ashore to this old system. Bitcoin is absolutely the money of the approaching because complete money is powerful. The actuality that the governments book money whenever they appetite is a burst system. The actuality that you can alone admission your money aback the banks say so is absolutely burst as it’s your money and you should accept admission to it 24X7, be accustomed to accelerate it to whoever you appetite to and whenever you appetite to accelerate it. That is why the abstraction of a coffer run is abundantly able but for a coffer run to accomplish is actual difficult.


Jimmy Song has advised in on the abstraction of bitcoin as a revolution. Jimmy Song said:

Revolutions, we are seeing are aiming at alteration who is in charge. However, what they should be accomplishing is demography aback the ability for themselves. It starts with bitcoin. If bodies would apprehend it afresh abandon would not be all-important because they could booty ability abroad after the violence. It would be accessible to change things for the bigger after putting lives on the band and risking bastille time. It is accessible to accept peaceful revolutions with bitcoin.

These were the thoughts of the biographer on can the French Coffer Run appear and how does bitcoin comedy into all of this. Tell us your thoughts in the comments area below.

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