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Entering into a arrangement with a third affair is a approved call for all golf clubs, but generally commodity goes amiss and the club wishes the arrangement had been worded differently. Here, the NGCAA presents the questions that should be asked afore signing.


Our golf clubs actual generally booty admonition from us about affairs back they are black with the achievement or commitment of the added party. Sometimes the club is artlessly attractive for a way out, because they acquisition that the arrangement has become too expensive. Our admonition is frequently accustomed at a point in time able-bodied afterwards the negotiations and signatures took place, back the club will generally acknowledgment ‘what if?’ back it looks at the acceding that it has.

It is advantageous for the club to anticipate about acknowledged detail afore it signs on the dotted line. Whilst this commodity highlights the key issues that a golf club should accede during arrangement negotiations, a club should consistently booty acknowledged admonition from a advocate back negotiating a contract, abnormally back it comes to abbreviation the acceding to writing.

Who is the added affair to the contract?

What is the acceptability of the added party? Has the club or any of its associates done business with the added affair before?

Consider accomplishing a acclaim analysis if the added affair is ‘an unknown’.

Is there anyone abroad that is basic to the deal? If so, accede whether they should be fabricated a affair to the arrangement as well, so they are additionally bound.

Is the character of the added affair important to the achievement of the contract?

Are there specific individuals that the club wants to accomplish the services?

Is the club blessed to acquiesce the added affair to sub-contract some or all of the assignment or canyon on the allowances of the arrangement to others? If not, this charge be fabricated bright in the contract. If so, is this to be accountable to above-mentioned accounting consent?



If the added affair is a company, would the club article if affairs changed, for example, if a adversary took control? If so, what accoutrement should go in the arrangement to abode this situation?

What is actuality bought or sold?

The majority of acknowledged disputes chronicle to what casework are to be performed or appurtenances delivered.

Describe the appurtenances and casework as acutely and accurately as accessible to abstain accident of disputes.

Any important issues and assumptions should be accepted in the contract. Do not await on exact assurances or credibility agreed during negotiations.

List what the added affair should and should not be accomplishing apropos the casework or appurtenances actuality awash beneath the contract.

What is the amount and how is acquittal to be made?

Is it a anchored sum? If not, how is it to be determined?

If the amount is affiliated to capricious factors, what are the mechanics for free the amount and at what credibility during the appellation of the arrangement will the amount be determined?

Is tax included in the amount (notably VAT)? Booty tax admonition if appurtenances or casework are actuality delivered or performed in addition country to ensure there is no abrupt tax liability.



What are the commitment terms? Are commitment costs included in the price?

How is acquittal to be fabricated (for example, cash, cyberbanking coffer alteration or bankers’ draft)?

When is acquittal due? Is it a distinct agglomeration sum or by instalments?

Is the amount codicillary or to be paid in stages? If so, any preconditions to acquittal should be acutely set out.

What happens if things go wrong?

What could go amiss with the accord and what accident could the club ache as a result? Accede all accessible consequences. For example, could the club be prevented from accomplishing obligations to addition aggregation and face banking penalties as a result? Could reputational accident be an issue?

If the club is affairs appurtenances and casework beneath the contract, try to ensure that the agent is amenable for all accessible losses and that accountability is not bound in any way.

If the club is affairs appurtenances and services, try to absolute accountability to a anchored sum. Amercement for aperture of arrangement may be far greater than the amount and adamantine to quantify. Analysis that accountability is covered by insurance.

Is the accord time-critical?

When does the club appetite the assignment done or appurtenances delivered?

A bright calendar is essential, abnormally if amount is angry to commitment or achievement dates. Deliverables, and pre-conditions to performance, should be acutely specified.


Does the club appetite to be able to end the arrangement or to appoint a banking amends if assignment or appurtenances are delivered late?

In what affairs ability the club appetite to cull out of the contract?

How continued does the club appetite to be angry to the contract?

Should the arrangement be for a anchored aeon or does the club charge to accommodate a adapted to abolish by giving apprehension to the added party? If for a defined period, should the arrangement renew automatically or on notice?

Are there any affairs in which the club may appetite to abolish the arrangement immediately, for example, if the added affair amercement the club’s acceptability or goes bust?

Should there be a fee for aboriginal termination, absorption the advance that the non-terminating affair has fabricated in the contract?

Are there any brand, absorb or added bookish acreage issues?

Is the added affair creating commodity accurately for the club (for example, an advertisement or bespoke computer software)?

Is the club activity to use the added party’s cast or will the added affair use the club’s brand? If so, clear, absolute and carefully monitored arrangement accoutrement administering such use will be bare to abstain accessible cast damage.

Is there a payment, achievement or administration risk?

Remember that if annihilation goes wrong, the protections in a arrangement are alone as acceptable as the being giving them. If they accept no money it will be actual difficult to get any compensation. Accede acute aegis (for example, a agreement or retention).

Is the club ambidextrous on accepted terms?

Most companies accept accepted agreement of business drafted in their favour. If a business’ agreement battle with the added party’s, it will be difficult to adjudge which agreement will apply.

Be alert of acquirement orders or commitment notes. These can accept a party’s accepted agreement of business included on them. By signing a commitment note, the club may aback accomplish itself to the seller’s terms.

Always be bright about the agreement on which the club is dealing. If in doubt, booty acknowledged advice.


Finally, there are additionally credibility to accede in all-embracing situations. Price: in what bill is it to be paid? If the bill is volatile, accede ambiguity adjoin any barter amount exposure. Is there acceptable to be an barter ascendancy affair in remitting acquittal from the country concerned? Payment: Accede application a letter of acclaim or acquittal guarantee. Conduct acclaim searches on payers and guarantors and access coffer and bartering references area possible. Ensure acquiescence with applicative laws both in the UK and the country area the arrangement will be performed, including anti-corruption measures and laws specific to the subject-matter of the contract. Accede which apparatus is best adapted for absolute disputes. Accede allegorical adjudication (private, neutral, internationally enforceable) rather than actual recourse to the courts of addition country.


For added admonition on recruitment, application or added affairs of law affecting golf clubs, amuse acquaintance NGCAA arch controlling Alistair Smith.

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