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This Glass commodity contains MAJOR SPOILERS.

Glass has accustomed and with it comes the resolution to a 19-year-old story, bringing to a abutting auteur M. Night Shyamalan’s ballsy on the birth, life, and afterlife of superheroes. Best importantly, Glass answers abounding of our best afire questions about the saga’s capital characters: What did David Dunn (Bruce Willis) do with his newfound ability afterwards the credits formed in Unbreakable? Area did Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) absorb his canicule afterwards that abominable twist? Did Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor-Joy), now chargeless of the Beast, rid herself of her affronted uncle and alive appropriately anytime after? Did Kevin (James McAvoy) anytime get the ablaze back?

There’s affluence to ameliorate in the final affiliate of Shyamalan’s Eastrail 177 Trilogy, including affluence of easter eggs and callbacks to Unbreakable and Split, as able-bodied as the apple of banana books. We’ve watched the cine and fabricated a account of aggregate we begin during the aboriginal sitting. If we absent anything, just cheep at John or leave a animadversion below.

Alright, actuality we go:

Unbreakable and Split Easter Eggs

– Several of Kevin’s 23 alternating personalities arise in the movie, conspicuously the awful Dennis, the addled Hedwig, and the adult Miss Patricia. But we additionally get to see the diabetic Jade, who is now alive with Kevin’s awful personalities, as able-bodied as Orwell, Barry, and Jelin.

– Aback Kevin is in Barbarian anatomy and shirtless, you can see the scars of area Casey attempt him with the shotgun in Split.

– Hedwig afresh mentions that Casey kissed him and is his girlfriend. Casey kissed him in Split to acquire his assurance so that she could ambush him into allowance her escape.

– Surprisingly, Dennis, one of the creepiest of Kevin’s alts, is apologetic against the end of the cine and afraid to go advice Mr. Glass draft up a skyscraper. In Split, Dennis is one of the best assertive about actuality affronted and is acutely sexually admiring to the adolescence he’s kidnapped for the Horde.

– Dr. Staple finds a agenda in Kevin’s book that says, “Say his name: Kevin Wendell Crumb,” accounting in alarmingly all-a-quiver handwriting. This is the agenda Dr. Fletcher leaves for Casey afore her afterlife in Split.

– Speaking of Dr. Fletcher, M. Night Shyamalan’s character, the aegis bouncer Jai, visits David’s home aegis abundance to buy a new surveillance camera. While there, he references his poor tenant’s afterlife “off-site” as the acumen for affairs the camera.

– You’ll be captivated to apperceive that Jai is absolutely the aforementioned appearance David interrogated at the football amphitheater in Unbreakable afterwards his admiral accustomed him to see that the man was a biologic dealer. “I acclimated to run with a bad crowd,” Jai tells David in Glass, captivated to be able to see the ex-security bouncer afresh and appearance him how he’s affronted his activity around. This is conceivably the best bit of chain in the absolute movie.

– Casey still wears the Philadelphia Zoo anorak accustomed to her by the man who begin her bound in the cage in the aliment tunnels.

– Joseph watches addition weightlifting to the action of a accumulation of kids. This is a callback to little Joseph watching his dad lift 350 pounds of weights in Unbreakable.

– The banana book boutique dude from Unbreakable allotment in Glass and he’s still balked about bodies masturbating in the aback of the store. This time, he warns addition that they bigger not be jerking off “to Hello Kitty” as against to the “Japanese comics.” Why are banana book lovers in Philly so coarse in this universe?

– The signs central the banana book boutique blame books starring heroes and villains are blooming and purple, respectively. This is acutely meant to represent David (the hero) and Elijah (the villain).

– The ballast presenting the account on TV is the aforementioned one advertisement Casey’s kidnapping in Split.

– Aback Elijah kills the alike Daryl, he explains his cause with the exact aforementioned curve he told David aback the closing abstruse of his bloodthirsty tendencies in Unbreakable. “Not alive why you’re actuality is a abhorrent feeling.”

– Things appear abounding amphitheater for David aback he meets his annihilation at the end of the movie. David is aching by the anamnesis of about drowning in a basin aback he was in elementary school. It’s alone applicable that he ends up drowning in a puddle, beyond than activity as a superhero but still too anemic to accord with runoff.

– The cine ends area this absolute adventure began: a alternation base in Philadelphia, the aforementioned one area Elijah buried the bomb that created both the Overseer and the Horde. And the aforementioned one that David and Kevin’s ancestor never accomplished on their acute alternation ride, yet their brood backpack on their anamnesis at today.

– There’s a bit of meta-commentary about the cine as Elijah dies in his mother’s arms. Elijah says this cine is, in fact, an “origin story” and not a “limited edition.” This teases the aberration catastrophe of the cine aback Dr. Staple discovers that Elijah recorded and leaked the footage of the contest alfresco of the brainy institution.

Mrs. Price absolutely makes a agnate acknowledgment to little Elijah in Unbreakable aback she’s anecdotic a banana in a flashback. She says, “I heard this one has a abruptness ending.” This band absolutely teases the catastrophe of Unbreakable area it’s appear that Elijah has been the absolute villain of the cine the absolute time.

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DC and Marvel Easter Eggs

– One of the best accessible access amid Glass and the apple of comics is the way anniversary aberrant has a weakness. Like Superman and Kryptonite, David, Elijah, and Kevin all acquire weaknesses that can be exploited by their enemies. David is bedridden by water, Elijah has a ache that causes his basic to breach easily, and Kevin snaps out of his Barbarian persona aback addition says his abounding name, “Kevin Wendell Crumb.”

– David, Elijah, and Kevin all represent a blush in the movie. David wears green, Elijah wears purple, and Kevin wears yellow. This is a callback to the audible blush palettes of superheroes in the comics. Superman is consistently dejected and red, Batman is consistently atramentous and gray, Blooming Lantern is blooming and black, and so on.

– Anniversary aberrant additionally has a “family” affiliate that cares for him. In David’s case, it’s Joseph. Elijah has his mother. Strangely, Casey is there for Kevin, alike admitting he’d approved to eat her aloof two years afore (although Anya Taylor-Joy has a agitating account as to why). In the comics, Batman has Alfred and Robin, Superman has Lois Lane and, depending on the continuity, his parents.

– Interestingly enough, Joseph doesn’t accomplish the archetypal role of accessory for his superpowered dad. Instead, he’s added like Oracle–someone who watches over the hero from HQ.

– David and Elijah’s affiliation as hero and villain is notable for the actuality that the closing absolutely created the former. By burying the bomb on David’s train, Elijah activates whatever admiral the aegis bouncer had hidden abroad central him. As Elijah credibility out, he is the one amenable for the superhero’s creation.

This isn’t the aboriginal time a villain has he created the superhero he’s destined to action forever. Here’s an archetype of what we’re talking about: in Batman ’89 continuity, Jack Napier murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents, appropriately creating Batman.

– Elijah additionally acicular out to David in Unbreakable that superheroes and their arch-enemies tended to be accompany afore enemies. This was addition aberration in that film’s accord and mirrors Peter Parker and Harry Osborn, or Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr from X-Men mythology. Amusingly, McAvoy has aback played Xavier several times, including in this year’s Aphotic Phoenix.

– The Horde’s transformation into the Barbarian is appealing acutely a nod to the Incredible Hulk. Mild-mannered scientist Dr. Bruce Banner transforms into the blooming barbarian aback he gets angry, but it’s added of a action for the Horde, about like a ritual.

– While researching the Horde, Casey picks up a album of the actual aboriginal affair of Action Comics, the book that alien Superman to the world. She afterwards references the Man of Steel during her appeal to Dr. Staple to acquire that Kevin ability absolutely acquire powers. Casey says article forth the curve of “The aboriginal Superman couldn’t fly,” suggesting that Kevin, David, and Elijah are aloof the aboriginal footfall in a accomplished new animal evolution. She additionally says he was originally from New York, not the fabulous burghal Metropolis. This is additionally true.

– Alike admitting it’s absolutely horrific, you acquire to kinda cackle at Mr. Glass’ (fake) plan to draft up Osaka Tower. Afterwards all, alarming things up is the alone plan he anytime absolutely has in Unbreakable. Afore he meets David Dunn, he assault up a plane, burns bottomward a building, and detonates a bomb on a train. It’s the aforementioned plan anniversary time, basically.

This, of course, is actual evocative of the best acclaimed supervillains in comics. The Joker, the Riddler, Dr. Doom, Darkseid, Thanos… they consistently array of acquire the aforementioned plan. The Joker, for example, usually unleashes his bedlam gas on Gotham or poisons the baptize accumulation with bedlam gas or infects the angle with bedlam adulteration or… you get it. The Riddler consistently kinda wants to get caught, which is why he consistently leaves riddles at all his abomination scenes. To adduce your boy Hedwig, “etcetera etcetera.”

Villains additionally acquire an affection for demography the action to the heroes in advanced of absolutely accessible places, such as burghal hall. Mr. Glass hopes that his pretend cruise to Osaka Tower will grab the eye of the public.

– The brainy academy area David, Elijah, and Kevin are captivated for best of the cine ability admonish some of you of Arkham Asylum, area the best deranged villains go in the Batman mythos. While this academy isn’t absolutely as aphotic and austere as Arkham, it does fit the bill aback it comes to authoritative patients catechism reality. It’s a addictive place.

– Speaking of Osaka Tower, aback the ballast is anecdotic the building, he calls it a absolute “marvel.” Flash wink.

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– There are affluence of comics on affectation during the film’s trips to the bounded banana shop, but some of the best arresting accommodate issues of Doctor Strange and Thor. Shyamalan seems to acquire absolute adulation for Marvel characters. Taylor-Joy, afresh in our interview, tells us of a booty that was broke aback she ran into a bronze of Magik, her appearance from the accessible New Mutants.

– But don’t worry, DC gets some adulation at the banana book abundance too! At one point, as Dr. Staple walks through the boutique at the end of the movie, you can and apprehend the old 1960s Batman TV alternation arena in the background. What’s a admiring accolade to the continued history of comics afterwards a little Adam West, afterwards all?

– Elijah describes the cine as an “origin story,” a basic bit of storytelling in superhero comics. Basically, every above superhero has one.

– The anti-mutant abstruse association Dr. Staple works for is evocative of an alignment from ’90s X-Men comics alleged Accompany of Humanity, which was accepted for its bigotry appear mutants and its plots to abort these superpowered bodies already and for all. The X-Men additionally dealt with (mutant) abstruse societies like the Hellfire Club. But the annihilation of mutants in comics goes alike added back, including X-Men storylines such as “Days of Approaching Past,” which depicts an alternating approaching (back in the ’80s) area best mutants acquire either been dead or put in bondage camps. Luckily, annihilation as bad as that happens to Overseer, Mr. Glass, or the Horde.

John Saavedra is an accessory editor at Den of Geek. Read added of his work here. Follow him on Twitter @johnsjr9.

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