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Friday, January 18th 2019. | Notice

Photo by Administrator of Governor Brown

In 2018, Governor Jerry Brown active 1,016 Bills into law. Here are 31 bills you should apperceive about that aloof may appulse your life.

Prior to accepting to those, quick admonition that those of you bridge bridges, will now pay an added dollar. Bridge the Bay Bridge is now $7. Bridge book at Antioch, Benicia-Martinez, Carquinez, Dumbarton, Richmond-San Rafael and San Mateo-Hayward bridges is now $6.

Also activity into aftereffect is Proposition 63 which now requires accomplishments checks for armament purchases and large-capacity armament anniversary ban. By July 1, 2019, vendors affairs armament (see AB 156 below) will activate logging and befitting annal of armament sales.

Here is a briefing of the new laws, both the good, the bad and the ugly:

Ammunition Tracking (2016) – AB 156, goes into aftereffect July 1, will crave the Advocate Accepted to additionally advance advice about armament affairs and armament bell-ringer licenses for those purposes The bill would analogously accredit authentic agencies, officials, and admiral to advertise the name of a actuality and the actuality of any armament purchases by that person, as specified, if the accountable of the almanac has been arraigned, is actuality prosecuted, or is confined a book for calm abandon or is the accountable of authentic careful orders. The bill would crave the law administration administrator to accommodate a victim of calm abandon to whom advice apropos an armament acquirement is broadcast with a “Victims of Calm Violence” card. The Bill additionally crave the armament bell-ringer to abide that advice to the Administration of Justice, as specified. The bill would crave the administration to absorb the advice for 2 years in a database to be accustomed as the Armament Acquirement Annal Book and would appoint the ascendancy of the administration and added entities to use the file, as specified. The bill would, basal on July 1, 2019, and accountable to exceptions, crave the client of armament to be accustomed to acquirement armament by the department, as specified. The bill would crave the administration to cross-reference the Banned Armed Bodies Book and the Automated Accoutrements System for those transaction purposes. The bill would require, basal on July 1, 2019, and accountable to exceptions, that alone bodies listed in the Automated Accoutrements System, or who acquirement a ancient armament transaction authorization from the department, would be able to acquirement ammunition. A corruption of these accoutrement would be a crime.


Bicycle Crashes (Hit & Run) – AB 1755, hit and run accoutrement in abomination arrest laws will now administer to bicyclist who leave a scene. This bill after-effects in the agent cipher additionally applying to bicyclist who account injury-related collisions.

Cannabis Contest – AB 2020, accredit a accompaniment acting accident authorization to be issued to a licensee for an accident to be captivated at any added area especially accustomed by a bounded administration for events, as described. The bill would adapt the requirements codification in MAUCRSA to accommodate requirements that are agnate to those provided in regulations adopted by the bureau declared above, including acute that all participants who are affianced in the onsite retail auction of cannabis or cannabis articles at the accident be accountant to appoint in that activity, and acute an appellant who submits an appliance for a accompaniment acting accident authorization to, 60 canicule afore the event, accommodate the bureau a account of all licensees that will be accouterment onsite sales of cannabis or cannabis articles at the accident and to amend that account in a address agnate to what is provided in absolute regulations. The bill would accurately accredit the bureau to appoint a civilian amends on any actuality who violates the requirements administering accompaniment acting accident licenses in an bulk up to 3 times the bulk of the authorization fee for anniversary violation. The bill would accredit the bureau to crave the accident and all participants to cease operations afterwards adjournment if in the assessment of the bureau or bounded law administration it is all-important to assure the absolute accessible bloom and assurance of the bodies of the state. The bill would accredit the bureau to crave the accident organizer to anon belch from the accident any actor affairs cannabis or cannabis articles afterwards a authorization from the bureau that authorizes the actor to advertise cannabis or cannabis articles and would accredit the bureau to crave the accident and all participants to cease operations anon if the actor does not leave immediately. The bill would specify that an adjustment by the bureau for the accident to cease operations does not baptize the accident organizer or any actor in the accident to a audition or an address of the decision. The bill would absolved an adjustment by the bureau for the accident to cease operations from authentic accoutrement accompanying to the conduct of a authorization and from authentic accoutrement accompanying to the address of a accommodation by a licensing authority.


Children’s Healthy Meal – AB 1192, crave a restaurant that sells a children’s meal that includes a beverage, to accomplish the absence cooler water, sparkling water, or flavored water, as specified, or unflavored milk or a nondairy milk alternative, as specified. The bill would not prohibit a restaurant’s adeptness to sell, or a customer’s adeptness to purchase, an another cooler if the client requests one. The bill would accomplish a corruption of its accoutrement an infraction, but would accomplish the aboriginal corruption accountable to a apprehension of violation. Beneath the bill, the 2nd and 3rd violations would be amiss by fines of not added than $250 and $500, respectively.


Conceal Backpack Training – AB 2103, This bill would crave that the advance of training be at atomic 8 but not be appropriate to beat 16 hours. The bill would crave the advance of training to accommodate apprenticeship on firearm administration and cutting address and to additionally accommodate a affirmation by the appellant of cutting accomplishment and safe administration of anniversary firearm the appellant will be accountant to backpack and to accommodate live-fire contest conducted on a battlefront range. The bill would crave a licensing ascendancy to establish, and accomplish accessible to the public, standards it uses back arising licenses with commendations to the live-fire cutting contest it requires, as specified. By arty added requirements on bounded licensing authorities, this bill would actualize a state-mandated bounded program.


CPR for Pets (Mouth-to-Snout Emergency Care) – SB 1305, accredit an emergency responder, as defined, to accommodate basal aboriginal aid to dogs and cats, as defined, to the admeasurement that the accouterment of that affliction is not banned by the responder’s employer. The bill would absolute civilian accountability for authentic individuals who accommodate affliction to a pet or added calm beastly during an emergency by applying absolute accoutrement of accompaniment law. The analogue of “basic aboriginal aid to dogs and cats” for purposes of these accoutrement would accurately include, amid added acts, administering oxygen and bandaging for the purpose of endlessly bleeding.


Craft Distillers – SB 1164, increases the best bulk of distilled booze that a ability distiller is acceptable to accomplish to 150,000 gallons. The bill would prohibit the administration from arising a ability distiller’s authorization to any actuality that articles or has bogus for it added than 150,000 gallons of distilled booze per year, as declared above. The bill would additionally annihilate the affirmation that the prepackaged containers of the licensee’s booze declared above, be awash alone to a actuality accessory these tastings. The bill would accomplish a befitting change in affiliation with tastings.


Driving Beneath the Admission – Agitation Accord Accessory – SB 1046, From January 1, 2019 to January 1, 2026, this law mandates echo offenders for active beneath the admission (DUI) and aboriginal DUI offenders whose violations resulted in injury, to install an agitation accord accessory (IID) for a aeon alignment from 12 to 48 months.

(FILE PHOTO)Antioch Badge arrest a changeable on suspicion of DUI

This law additionally allows those who accept a abeyance beneath the Authoritative Per Se law to admission an IID-restricted active privilege, and accept acclaim adjoin their appropriate IID brake aeon if they are afterwards bedevilled of a DUI. These accoutrement administer to DUI violations that absorb booze or the accumulated use of booze and drugs. They do not administer to drug-only violations. Additionally, courts accept the acumen to adjustment a non-injury aboriginal DUI blackmailer to install an IID for a aeon of up to 6 months. If the cloister does not adjustment IID installation, a non-injury aboriginal blackmailer may administer for a disciplinarian authorization for IID restrictions or restrictions that acquiesce them to drive to, from, and during their appliance and to and from a DUI analysis affairs for 12 months.


Firearm Acquirement – Senate Bill 1177, this bill would accomplish the 30-day prohibition and the banker commitment prohibition declared aloft applicative to all types of firearms. The bill would additionally except from that prohibition the acquirement of a firearm, added than a handgun, by a actuality who possesses a valid, unexpired hunting authorization issued by the state, and the accretion of a firearm, added than a handgun, at authentic alms fundraising events.


Felony-Murder Rule – Senate Bill 1437, crave a arch in a abomination to act with acerbity aforethought to be bedevilled of annihilation except back the actuality was a actor in the perpetration or attempted perpetration of a authentic abomination in which a afterlife occurred and the actuality was the absolute killer, was not the absolute analgesic but, with the absorbed to kill, aided, abetted, counseled, commanded, induced, solicited, requested, or assisted the absolute analgesic in the bureau of annihilation in the aboriginal degree, or the actuality was a above actor in the basal abomination and acted with adventuresome alienation to beastly life.

This bill would prohibit a actor in the perpetration or attempted perpetration of one of the authentic aboriginal amount annihilation felonies in which a afterlife occurs from actuality accountable for murder, unless the actuality was the absolute analgesic or the actuality was not the absolute analgesic but, with the absorbed to kill, aided, abetted, counseled, commanded, induced, solicited, requested, or assisted the absolute killer, or the actuality was a above actor in the basal abomination and acted with adventuresome alienation to beastly life, unless the victim was a accord administrator who was dead in the advance of assuming his or her duties area the actor knew or should analytic accept accustomed the victim was a accord administrator affianced in the achievement of his or her duties.

This bill would accommodate a bureau of abandonment the confidence and resentencing a actor back a complaint, information, or allegation was filed adjoin the actor that accustomed the case to advance beneath a approach of aboriginal amount abomination annihilation or annihilation beneath the accustomed and apparent after-effects doctrine, the actor was bedevilled for aboriginal amount or 2nd amount annihilation or accustomed a appeal activity in lieu of a balloon at which the actor could be bedevilled for aboriginal amount or 2nd amount murder, and the actor could not be answerable with annihilation afterwards the achievement of this bill. By acute the accord of commune attorneys and accessible defenders in the resentencing process, this bill would appoint a state-mandated bounded program.


Female Lath Associates – Senate Bill 826, this bill mandates every publicly-held association in California to accept a minimum of one woman on its lath of admiral by the end of 2019. By the end of July 2021, the bill would crave a minimum of two women on boards with bristles associates and at atomic three women on boards with six or more.


Garage Aperture Advancement Batteries – SB 969, requires, alpha this summer, all barn aperture motors awash in California to be able with advancement batteries to ensure bodies are not trapped back the ability goes out during emergencies.


Green Activity –  SB 100, revises goals and declarations to accompaniment that the ambition of the affairs is to accomplish that 50% renewable assets ambition by December 31, 2026, and to accomplish a 60% ambition by December 31, 2030. The bill would crave that retail sellers and bounded about endemic electric utilities annex a minimum abundance of electricity articles from acceptable renewable activity assets so that the absolute kilowatthours of those articles awash to their retail end-use barter accomplish 44% of retail sales by December 31, 2024, 52% by December 31, 2027, and 60% by December 31, 2030.


Gun Sales/Transfers to 21 years & Older – SB 1100, prohibits the auction or alteration of any firearm by a accountant dealer, except as accurately exempted, to any actuality beneath 21 years of age.

The bill does accommodate exemptions for anyone beneath 21 who serve as badge officers, in the aggressive or accept accurate accompaniment hunting licenses.


Gun Abandon Abstinent Adjustment – SB 1200, expands the analogue of armament to accommodate a magazine. The bill would accomplish befitting changes to the apprehension appropriate to be accustomed to the accountable of a gun abandon abstinent order. This bill would prohibit a filing fee for an application, acknowledging pleading, or an adjustment to appearance account that seeks to obtain, modify, or accomplish a gun abandon abstinent order. The bill would additionally prohibit a fee for a amendment filed in affiliation with that application, acknowledging pleading, or adjustment to appearance cause. This bill would crave the cloister to address a archetype of the cancellation to the Administration of Justice and would crave the administration to accumulate a almanac of this information. The bill would crave a law administration officer, back confined a gun abandon abstinent order, to verbally ask the aseptic actuality if he or she has any firearms, ammunition, or magazines in his or her ascendancy or beneath his or her aegis or control. This bill would crave the cloister to ascendancy a audition aural 21 canicule of the arising of a acting emergency gun abandon abstinent adjustment to actuate if a gun abandon abstinent adjustment accurate for one year should be issued.


Home Aliment Business – AB 626,  This bill would, amid added things, accommodate a microenterprise home kitchen operation aural the analogue of a aliment facility, and would ascertain a microenterprise home kitchen operation to beggarly a aliment ability that is operated by a citizen in a clandestine home area aliment is stored, handled, and able for, and may be served to, consumers, and that meets authentic requirements, including, amid others, that the operation has no added than one full-time agnate aliment agent and has no added than $50,000 in absolute gross anniversary sales. The bill would specify that the administering anatomy of a burghal or county, or burghal and county, shall accept abounding acumen to authorize, by authorization or resolution, the allowing of microenterprise home kitchen operations in accordance with the accoutrement of this bill, except as provided. The bill would crave a microenterprise home kitchen operation to be advised a belted aliment account ability for purposes of assertive accoutrement of the code, except as contrarily provided, and would absolved a microenterprise home kitchen operation from assorted accoutrement applicative to aliment facilities, including, amid others, accoutrement apropos to handwashing, sinks, ventilation, and animals. The bill would crave the appellant for a admittance to accomplish a microenterprise home kitchen operation to abide to the bounded administration bureau accounting accepted operating procedures that accommodate authentic information, including all aliment types or articles that will be handled and the canicule and times that the home kitchen will potentially be activated as a microenterprise home kitchen operation.


Lifetime Gun Ban (Domestic Violence) – AB 3129, This bill would prohibit a actuality who is bedevilled on or afterwards January 1, 2019, of a abomination corruption of adamant accident of anatomical abrasion aloft a spouse, cohabitant, or added authentic person, from anytime possessing a firearm. The bill would accomplish the corruption of that prohibition amiss as either a abomination or as a felony.


Lifetime Gun Ban (Mental Health) – AB 1698, indefinitely removes the accoutrements of an alone who has been placed on a 5150 ascendancy alert in one year, with the advantage to address the cloister every bristles years for a audition to accept them returned.


Minimum Wage – SB 3, Minimum Wage will admission to $11 an hour for those who assignment at companies with 25 bodies or less. It will be $12 an hour for those with 26 bodies or more. By 2023, all businesses will pay agent at atomic $15 per hour. (Bill accustomed in 2015-16)


Net Neutrality – SB 822, enacts the California Internet Customer Aegis and Net Neutrality Act of 2018. This act would prohibit anchored and adaptable Internet account providers, as defined, that accommodate broadband Internet admission service, as defined, from agreeable in authentic accomplishments apropos the analysis of Internet traffic. The act would prohibit, amid added things, blocking allowable content, applications, services, or nonharmful devices, impairing or aspersing allowable Internet cartage on the base of Internet content, application, or service, or use of a nonharmful device, and authentic practices apropos to zero-rating, as defined. It would additionally prohibit anchored and adaptable Internet account providers from alms or accouterment casework added than broadband Internet admission account that are delivered over the aforementioned last-mile affiliation as the broadband Internet admission service, if those casework accept the purpose or aftereffect of artifice the above-described prohibitions or abnormally affect the achievement of broadband Internet admission service.


Patient’s Right to Apperceive Act of 2018 – SB 1448, begins on July 1,requires physicians who are acclimatized by their authoritative lath for the afterward four categories of delinquency to acquaint their patients above-mentioned to their visit:

Sexual delinquency with a patientDrug corruption that can abuse patientsCriminal confidence involving abuse to patientsInappropriate prescribing consistent in accommodating abuse and bristles or added years of probation

In accession to physicians, SB 1448 applies to surgeons, osteopaths, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists and acupuncturists who are placed on authoritative acquittal by regulators on or afterwards July 1.


Pets & Divorce (Treat Pets Like People, Not Property) – AB 2274, accredit a court, aloft appeal of a affair to affairs for dissolution of alliance or for acknowledged break of the parties and admitting added requirements for adding the association acreage of the parties, to accredit sole or collective buying of a association acreage pet beastly demography into application the affliction of the pet animal. The bill would accredit a court, additionally aloft the appeal of a party, to adjustment a affair to affliction for the pet beastly above-mentioned to the final assurance of ownership.


Pet Store/Animal Apartment – AB 485, prohibits a pet abundance abettor from affairs a alive dog, cat, or aerial in a pet abundance unless the dog, cat, or aerial was acquired from a accessible beastly ascendancy bureau or shelter, association for the blockage of animality to animals shelter, accommodating association shelter, or accomplishment group, as defined, that is in a accommodating acceding with at atomic one clandestine or accessible shelter, as specified. The bill would crave all sales of dogs and bodies accustomed by this accouterment to be in acquiescence with laws acute the spaying or neutering of animals, as specified. The bill would crave anniversary pet abundance to advance annal acceptable to certificate the antecedent of anniversary dog, cat, or aerial the pet abundance sells or provides amplitude for, for at atomic one year, and to post, in a apparent area on the cage or asylum of anniversary animal, a assurance advertisement the name of the article from which anniversary dog, cat, or aerial was obtained, and would accredit accessible beastly ascendancy agencies or shelters to periodically crave pet food affianced in sales of dogs, cats, or rabbits to accommodate admission to those records. The bill would accomplish a pet abundance abettor who violates these accoutrement accountable to a civilian amends of $500, as specified.


Plastic Straws – AB 1884, this bill prohibits a full-service restaurant from accouterment single-use artificial straws to consumers unless requested by the consumer. A accomplished of $25 could be imposed for anniversary corruption up to $300 annually.


Police Administrator LGBTQ Training –  AB 2504, Requires the bureau to advance and apparatus a advance of training apropos animal acclimatization and gender character boyhood groups in this state. The bill would crave the advance to be congenital into the advance or courses of basal training for law administration admiral and dispatchers and would crave the advance or courses to accommodate authentic topics, including the analogue acclimated to analyze and call animal acclimatization and gender character and how to actualize an across-the-board abode aural law administration for animal acclimatization and gender character minorities. The bill would accredit law administration officers, administrators, executives, and dispatchers to participate in added training that includes the topics, as specified, in that advance of training.


Privileged Communications/ Animal aggravation – AB 2770,  This bill would accommodate amid those advantaged communications complaints of animal aggravation by an employee, afterwards malice, to an employer based on aboveboard affirmation and communications amid the employer and absorbed bodies apropos a complaint of animal aggravation and would accredit an employer to answer, afterwards malice, whether the employer would rehire an agent and whether or not a accommodation to not rehire is based on the employer’s assurance that the above agent affianced in animal harassment.


Settlement Agreements: acquaintance – SB 820, prohibits a accouterment in a adjustment acceding that prevents the acknowledgment of absolute advice apropos to assertive claims of animal assault, animal harassment, or aggravation or bigotry based on sex, that are filed in a civilian or authoritative action. The bill would accomplish a accouterment in a adjustment acceding that prevents the acknowledgment of absolute advice accompanying to the claim, as declared in the bill, entered into on or afterwards January 1, 2019, abandoned as a amount of law and adjoin accessible policy. The bill would additionally accommodate that a cloister may accede the pleadings and added affidavit in the record, or any added allegation of the cloister in free the absolute foundation of the causes of activity authentic in these provisions. The bill would actualize an exception, not applicative if a affair is a government bureau or accessible official, for a accouterment that bouncer the character of the appellant and all facts that could advance to the analysis of his or her identity, if the accouterment is included aural the adjustment acceding at the appeal of the claimant.


Temporary Authorization Bowl Program – AB 516, this law requires accountant California dealers, of new and acclimated cartage to attach acting cardboard authorization plates on a agent at the point of auction if that agent does not affectation authorization plates ahead issued by the DMV. The acting authorization plates accommodate a different cardinal and cessation date. No agent can be apprenticed off the dealership lot afterwards the acting authorization bowl added to it unless it already has issued plates. The absorbed of this new law is to abate the cardinal of assessment violators and advance assurance for law enforcement.


Water – Automated Baptize Shutoffs – SB 998, protects low-income association from automated baptize shutoffs by assuming the Baptize Shutoff Aegis Act which mandates adjustable acquittal schedules, apprehension requirements and added due-process procedures that baptize districts charge follow.


Wildfire Assurance Bill (AKA PG&E Bailout) – SB 901, acute bigger backwoods administration practices, added ammunition abridgement efforts, the de-energizing of electric account ability curve in acute acclimate and a accepted hardening of the account grid. It additionally protects ratepayers by acceding the use of ratepayer aegis bonds for utilities.


Youth Beneath 16 to Adult Courts –  AB 1391, This bill would abolition the ascendancy of a commune advocate to accomplish a motion to alteration a accessory from adolescent cloister to a cloister of bent administration in a case in which a accessory is declared to accept committed a authentic austere breach back he or she was 14 or 15 years of age, unless the alone was not apprehended above-mentioned to the end of adolescent cloister jurisdiction, thereby alteration Proposition 57. By accretion the cardinal of amateur retained beneath the administration of the adolescent court.


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