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Last week, Lifetime premiered Surviving R. Kelly, a three-night docuseries annual the animal corruption allegations that accept amidst the accompanist aback the 90s. Beyond six hours, the docuseries chronicles his ascendance to R&B stardom, his 2002 allegation on adolescent chicanery charges, and the adventure abaft a 2017 BuzzFeed exposé alleging that R. Kelly was active an calumniating sex “cult” out of his Chicago and Atlanta homes, accusations he has agilely denied. As appear by TMZ, a Facebook folio blue-blooded “Surviving Lies” was created to discredit the victims. The folio has aback been removed. Yesterday, Chicago’s Cook County State Attorney’s appointment asked for added victims to appear advanced for a adventitious at a academic investigation. It’s been a few canicule aback Surviving R. Kelly aired, but the docuseries is still alpha in our minds. Now accessible on alive services, Surviving R. Kelly puts all the allegations adjoin the accompanist in one place. Here are six amazing takeaways from the series.

R. Kelly was ambuscade in apparent sight.

R. Kelly congenital his career in the angel of sex. His 1993 blooming album, 12 Play, was a riff on the abstraction of foreplay, establishing him as a purveyor of some of the 90s’ best abominable R&B songs. Onstage he apish sex, acceptable a fantasy for abounding of his fans.

In 2001, aback a sextape broadcast about Chicago featuring what appeared to be the accompanist and a adolescent woman, it didn’t assume to aching his reputation. In the aforementioned way an arrest can addition the artery cred of a gangsta rapper, the absolute band abandoned fueled the persona he was already establishing. Because he had branded himself as candidly sexual, the docuseries suggests, the accusations that accept amidst him accept arguably agitated beneath shock amount for the boilerplate person.

“One of the things about R. Kelly, not clashing Woody Allen, is that he’s ambuscade in apparent sight,” dream hampton, authoritative ambassador of Surviving R. Kelly, said in an annual with Noisey. “‘It Seems Like You’re Ready,’ and ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number’ is him affected his bloodthirsty behavior in his lyrics.”

In 1994, R. Kelly was absolutely actually ambuscade in apparent afterimage aback he stood in the blurred accomplishments for the artwork of Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number, the admission anthology by his protege, collaborator, and then-wife Aaliyah. In the aboriginal 2000s, adverse 21 counts of adolescent chicanery afterwards a added video had surfaced—this time allegedly featuring R. Kelly assuming sex acts with and urinating on a minor—the accompanist adopted the alias “The Pied Piper of R&B,” afterwards the adventure of a artist who lures accouchement from their town.

The adolescent chicanery accuse did little to avert the aisle of his career. “Ignition (Remix)” was appear 2003, anon afterwards his indictment, accepting his accessible album, The Chocolate Factory, the top atom on The Billboard Top 200. The Chocolate Factory came out in February 2003, beneath than a ages afterwards he accustomed an added 12 accuse of adolescent chicanery in a January 2003 arrest. He went on to advertise 532,000 copies, advance out 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in its aperture week.

R. Kelly’s declared corruption of young, affectable atramentous and amber girls followed a pattern.

After bottomward out of Kenwood Academy High School during his chief year, R. Kelly allegedly connected acquaintance the campus while visiting his old music teacher, Dr. Lena McLin. Application his actual amphitheater to recruit adolescent boyish girls who were ambitious choir was the alpha of a arrangement in which he allegedly preyed on the dreams of adolescent women from Chicago’s South Side neighborhood.

The declared victims, some of whom were complex with Kelly as aboriginal as the 90s, detail a activity of ascendancy and isolation. Lizzette Martinez, one of those women, claims in the docuseries that in 1994, aback she was 17, R. Kelly bedfast her to a auberge allowance and appropriate her to access permission to complete simple circadian tasks, like bistro or application the bathroom. Martinez appears in a 2018 BuzzFeed News piece, and her annual of his behavior in the docuseries is constant with the affidavit of three women in the aboriginal article.

In the aboriginal BuzzFeed News piece, Jim Derogatis appear on an declared “cult” the accompanist was active out of his Chicago and Atlanta homes: “Three above associates of Kelly’s abutting circle—Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee—provided capacity acknowledging the parents’ affliction fears,” he wrote. “They said six women alive in backdrop busy by Kelly in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs, and he controls every aspect of their lives: dictating what they eat, how they dress, aback they bathe, aback they sleep, and how they appoint in animal encounters that he records.” The women in catechism ranged in age from 18 to 31.

Jerhonda Pace, who met R. Kelly alfresco the courthouse during his 2008 adolescent chicanery trial, says she became sexually complex with the accompanist aback she was 16. Pace came advanced in a abstracted 2017 BuzzFeed adventure and shares a agnate annual of authoritative behavior in the docuseries. In 2009, Pace says, she alien the accompanist to 17-year-old Dominique Gardener, addition fan she met online. Pace says the two adolescence began active in Kelly’s Chicago home, and admitting they managed to acquaint with anniversary added in stealth, application their phones—a corruption of the abode “rules,” according to Pace—she was never able to collaborate with Gardener in the house. (Pace, who bankrupt the acceding of the non-disclosure acceding and adjustment she active in 2010, larboard six months afterwards affective into Kelly’s home. The capacity of that adjustment were abundant by BuzzFeed News. Gardener doesn’t activity her affidavit in the documentary, but her escape aftermost May from a auberge allowance in Beverly Hills, accomplished by her mother Michelle Kramer, was captured on during the filming of Surviving R. Kelly. Kramer says Gardener was active with Kelly for nine years.)

“When you balk him or catechism him, that’s advised breaking the rules,” claims Pace in the docuseries. “The No-Eat annual is somebody who ‘disobeys Daddy.’ That’s aback he decides to abjure you.” One bearding above agent quoted in the docuseries corroborates Pace’s annual of mistreatment, adage that already a adolescent woman was bedfast to a room, she would generally go two to three canicule afterwards food. “I started to apprehension the arrangement of how the girls were handled in the house,” they said. The antecedent BuzzFeed address capacity behavior that is constant with the accounts declared in Surviving R. Kelly.

R. Kelly’s declared use of abreast as a anatomy of abetment was not consistently obvious. In 2015, aback she was 17, Azriel Clary was arrive onstage at an R. Kelly concert she abounding with her parents in Orlando. Her parents, Alice and Angelo Clary, say she was ushered through a aback avenue to the blooming room, breadth the 48-year-old accompanist claimed he could advice Azriel’s singing career. Afterward this antecedent encounter, Azriel connected affair with him and eventually began active in his home. The Clarys say they haven’t apparent their babe in about three years; the aftermost time they heard from her, they say, was on her 18th birthday. Her adventure is an archetype of the attenuate means R. Kelly was allegedly able to use his environment—in this case, an arena—to his advantage. Because Azriel was answerable to biking backstage alone, her parents agenda in the doc, she was able to collaborate with the accompanist unsupervised.

A cardinal of factors in the adolescent chicanery balloon contributed to R. Kelly’s acquittal.

In February of 2002, Jim Derogatis, afresh a announcer for the Chicago Sun-Times, accustomed the added bearding cine in the mail and angry it over to the police. In June of that year, the accompanist was accusable on 21 counts of adolescent chicanery and arrested in Davenport, Florida; he spent one night in bastille afore actuality appear on $750,000 bond. Seven months later, he was arrested again, this time in Miami, afterwards Florida badge apparent an added camera absolute 12 nude images of underaged girls. A Florida adjudicator absolved the Miami accuse due to an actionable hunt and seizure. According to Chicago Sun-Times acknowledged announcer Abdon Pallasch, who appears in Surviving R. Kelly, adolescent chicanery charges, clashing approved abduction charges, are difficult to prove if the tapes aren’t dated—and they weren’t. His activity and career connected as normal.

Six years anesthetized afore R. Kelly would face his day in a Chicago cloister for the 2002 charges. “No one can anticipate of a case breadth it’s gone by year afterwards year like this,” says Pallasch. “It’s in R. Kelly’s absorption to adjournment this as continued as possible.You abundant rather accept a 21-year-old babe on the angle than a 14-year-old on the stand.” The adolescent woman prosecutors believed had appeared in the aboriginal sextape banned to affirm in the case—even afterwards a dozen bodies articular her as the adolescent on the tape.

When the balloon began, it was accounted that R. Kelly’s acknowledged aggregation approved to pin Carey Kelly, his adolescent brother, as the man on the tape. “He never said it out of his mouth, but his acknowledged aggregation did,” Carey says in the docuseries.

After Carey declared the accompanist a “pedophile” on a radio show, he says, the accompanist and his aggregation offered him money to abjure his statement—an annual corroborated by Bruce Kelly, the earlier Kelly brother. “And [R. Kelly] said, ‘If you do this degradation with my attorneys, I will accord you [Carey] $100,000 and a one-record arrangement deal,’” Bruce recalls in Surviving R. Kelly. Carey says he beneath the deal. R. Kelly’s aggregation denies alms a payoff. Afterwards a seven-and-a-half hour deliberation, the accompanist was acquitted of all accuse because afterwards the affidavit of the babe in question, the jurors weren’t abiding if it was the aforementioned babe on the tape. “But cipher could accede if it was her,” John Petrean, a juror told the Chicago Tribune afterward the balloon in 2008.

“We had apparent photos of her at added times and she seemed like a adolescent girl. It seemed like the babe on the band was abundant added developed,”

Carey isn’t the abandoned actuality to adduce that the accompanist offered him money. In 1996, Tiffany Hawkins, who met Kelly aback she was 15-years-old, sued the accompanist for “suffering claimed injuries and affecting harm” as declared in the antecedent advertisement by Derogatis in 2000. According to the suit, Hawkins alleges she had sex with Kelly and added boyish girls. She eventually acclimatized out of court. The aforementioned is accurate of Tracy Sampson’s civilian suit, which states Kelly had an “indecent animal relationship” she says became authoritative afterwards they had sex aback she was 17. Sampson’s case was acclimatized out of cloister in 2002.

Men in R. Kelly’s abutting amphitheater were acquainted of his declared behavior.

Throughout the six-hour docuseries, we’re alien to the men who were a allotment of R. Kelly’s abutting circle: above claimed abettor Demetrius Smith, above babysitter Gem Pratts, music ambassador Craig Williams, and brothers Carey and Bruce Kelly. Both Pratts and Williams anamnesis seeing R. Kelly amble about places frequented by teenagers like Kenwood Academy, McDonald’s, and malls. Williams describes Kelly’s flat as accepting a camp atmosphere, breadth some adolescent women would be relegated to a lounge area, while addition would be in the bed in the average of the studio. “I didn’t analysis I.D.s or ask for I.D.s, but you could acutely see these were babies,’” Williams said, abandoning a time he saw Kelly cuddle what appeared to be a adolescent babe in his studio.

Demetrius Smith, Kelly’s above claimed assistant, accepted he was a attestant to the 1994 bells commemoration amid 15-year-old Aaliyah and 27-year-old Kelly. “He affiliated Aaliyah. I was in the allowance aback they got married,” Smith tells the docuseries. In Surviving R. Kelly, Smith and above accomplishments accompanist Jovante Cunningham, who met Kelly aback she was 14, aggregate their accounts of what happened amid the two singers over two decades ago.

“We were all laying in our bunks and the curtains are open, everybody’s communicating, laughing,” Cunningham says, canonizing a moment on the alley with the singers. Cunningham describes the abutting abode of the bout bus and emphasizes the abridgement of privacy. “When the aperture flew accessible on the bus, Robert was accepting sex with Aaliyah.”

Smith alleges while they were on tour, Kelly came to him in a agitation at a Miami bout stop. “Robert mentioned to me that ‘I anticipate she’s pregnant.’ That bankrupt my affection appropriate there because I absolutely believed him aback he said that he wasn’t messing with Aaliyah […] Already he told me that, I was at a accident for words.” With this knowledge, Smith admits to Surviving R. Kelly he artificial abstracts advertence Aaliyah was 18-years-old for the couple’s makeshift wedding, which took abode in a auberge allowance in Illinois.

“I’m not appreciative of that—I had affidavit artificial for them because Aaliyah was underage,” Smith recalls as he accouterment uncomfortably in his chair. “Aaliyah looked afraid and scared,” he said. “I capital so abundant to grab Aaliyah and allocution to her. I capital so abundant to allocution to her because she gave me a attending like she capital me to allocution to her.” According to the docuseries, Aaliyah was paid $100 to anticipate acknowledged action, although Aaliyah’s acreage denies this claim, amid others fabricated in the film. R. Kelly has neither denied or accepted the bells affidavit amid him and the backward singer. “Well, because of Aaliyah’s passing, as I’ve consistently said, out of account for her mother who’s ailing and her ancestor who’s passed, I will never accept that chat with anyone,” he told GQ in 2016.

The allegations didn’t aloof appear from underaged women.

Surviving R. Kelly is an cutting attending at R. Kelly’s world, but as the alternation progresses, it becomes added bright that he wasn’t aloof targeting adolescent women. Both Kitti Jones (who came advanced to Rolling Stone in 2017 and BBC’s R. Kelly: Sex, Girls, & Videotapes aftermost year) and Asante McGee, two women interviewed in the doc, anachronous the accompanist in their 30s, and eventually confused into his homes. Both Jones and McGee accomplish claims of brainy and concrete abuse, apery the affidavit of R. Kelly’s ex-wife from the series’ added episode, Andrea Kelly, apropos her own adventures with the singer; the two women additionally advertence actuality “trained” and clean-cut by him sexually. In the documentary, McGee revisits the Atlanta home breadth she lived with him in 2016 afore he was evicted aboriginal aftermost year, and gives a bout of what she calls The Atramentous Room—a abode that she considers one of the best sexually aspersing apartment of the house.

The allegations surrounding R. Kelly aren’t singular.

When Aaliyah and R. Kelly appeared on a 1994 adventure of BET’s Video Soul cutting analogous Mickey Mouse outfits, Leslie “Big Lez” Segar, one of the show’s host, cut beeline to the chase. “Everybody seems to anticipate y’all are either adherent or boyfriend, or cousins. Let’s aloof set the almanac straight.” The singers laughed off the inquiry. “Well no, we’re not related,” said Aaliyah. “We’re aloof actual close. This is my best friend.”

The actuality that Segar was allurement a 27-year-old man and a 15-year-old babe if they were dating on civic television should accept aloft added red flags. Afterwards that year, VIBE appear the couple’s artificial alliance certificate, and the apple agitated on. By that time, the adumbration of earlier macho musicians and their underaged muses had already been normalized for decades.

It’s a adventure that cuts beyond curve of brand and race. Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley may accept been bedrock and cycle sex symbols in the 50s, but were dating boyish girls in their claimed lives. At one point Surviving R. Kelly shows the atramentous and white photos that romanticized those unions, as Ann Powers wrote in 2015 for NPR. Lewis wed his 13-year-old accessory at 22 years old in 1958. A year later, Chuck Berry was arrested for unlawfully traveling with a 14-year-old aback he was 33 while Elvis Presley began dating a 14-year-old (Priscilla Beaulieu), although he was ten years her senior.

“We accept all these examples of grown-ass men messing with teenagers,” authoritative ambassador dream hampton told Noisey. “What we accept with R. Kelly—and we abstruse this anon afterwards the marriage—was all these lawsuits that started advancing out afterwards the annulment. We bound abstruse this wasn’t ‘I fell in adulation with my boyish brood this one time.’”

R. Kelly angrily denies the claims presented in Surviving R. Kelly. Noisey accomplished out to the artist’s aggregation for added animadversion and we’ll amend this allotment if we accept a response. Lifetime has additionally said that they angle by the documentary. “’Surviving R. Kelly’ is a six-part documentary alternation exploring R. Kelly’s claimed and able history, showcasing the survivors who are arising from the caliginosity to affiliate their choir and allotment their allegations of abuse,” says Kannie Yu LaPack, a adumbrative for the arrangement in a account provided to USA TODAY. “The documentary additionally tells the belief of families who are currently still aggravating to get their girls home.” According to LaPack, the capacity of the documentary accept been “legally vetted and corroborated.”

Movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp accept apparent the animal delinquency cases in the music industry which would contrarily go unreported. Generally times, victims don’t appear advanced with their belief of animal advance as a aftereffect of the stigma of shame. According to a 2005-2010 address from the Justice Department, 64 percent of animal advance victims in the US didn’t address their incidents out of abhorrence of retaliation. For over two decades, no one believed the adolescent atramentous girls speaking out adjoin R. Kelly. Still, for a assertive bearing of R. Kelly fans, the adventure the docuseries unravels feels abundantly personal. His genre-spanning music is angry to a alternation of activity contest aural the atramentous association and pop ability at large. Graduations from preschool to academy accept been articulate to the tune of “I Believe I Can Fly.”

“If an alone is accouterment commodity to the society, as music, we’re added acceptable to compartmentalize the abrogating behavior and abbreviate it as a way of accepting what they are contributing,” Dr. Jody Adewale addendum during the docuseries. The beyond catechism is, with all of the accusations laid out in advanced of us, what do we do now?

This commodity originally appeared on Noisey US.

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